Great Mice Day II

Posted on 08 Apr 2019 @ 8:47am by Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws

Mission: Skyjacked! 4X02
Location: USS Endeavour

It was down time as the Endeavour was drifting slowly on a preset course. Miracle with nothing to do as she had finished all of her reports and sent them up the chain o' command to be read or trashed as may be.

She stood in her quarters, refreshed from a shower, wearing fresh clean clothes as she looked out the viewport at the stars, lost in thought and enjoying the view.

With nothing to do and a bit of down time. Miracle gave thought to the upcoming 'Great Mice' day. She could do the holodeck routine again, but something was missing. She thought of the days back when she was miceling and how it was special to her. Gifts, feasts, gathering of the family from far and wide to reminisce in catching up with family happening.

She gave a small smile as she thought of passing out gifts to her fellow mates. "Squeee.." Softly spoke and settled before the console and began her invasion of personnel records to get a feel of the crew to provide a nice gift that would be treasured or used.

" gift is the one that everyone will use at least more than once.." Her mothers voice spoke softly in her mind as she read personnel files, being careful not to pry into restricted areas, staying into public domain.

Miracle leaned back in her seat and looked out the viewport as she turned off the computer after exiting the personnel file. This was harder than she could imagine in finding something as a gift and that will be useful.

Then it came to her as she looked at her footlocker. A department colored vest with many pockets designed to hold equipment of their profession.

Miracle smiled as she was looking forward in producing the professional vests for fellow crewmates and friends.

Miracle turned on the computer and gotten the body measurements from the computer and transferred them over to a PADD. She then settled back in her seat again and began to sketch out vests that was simple in design and fit comfortably over the uniform. She hummed softly as she worked, enjoying the time spent. Once she got the basics down and general layout of the pockets, began to size them for specific specialized tools of the trade that fit the person that was going to get the vest.

She worked late into the night, finishing them up. With a critical eye, she had the replicator make the vests out of the appropriate materials that promoted safety and protection for the new owners of her vests.

The Great Mice Day Came with the sameness of rituals that must be observed. When that was done, Miracle scampered back to her quarters and picked up the stack of gifts she would hand out to her fellow Officers.

Medical Bay (Infirmary):

Once vest were wrapped in simple floral paper and a pretty ribbon bow on it. She slipped through the corridors and levels of the ship. Coming to the Infirmary, she waited till the nurse at the nurse station, left the spot unattended. She slipped in and made her way through to the Chief's Medical Officers office. She noticed the door open a crack. She tossed the present into the room, hearing it hit and scatter stuff on a table? Desk? Chair.... She fled quickly, whiskers twitching at the chemicals in the air.


Miracle walked in, like she owned the place at having seen a few of the Engineers down in the shuttle bay working on her shuttles and Auxiliary crafts. She strode up to the Chief Engineer's office. The door open upon sensing her approximate closeness. She tossed the Engineer's Gift (pocketed vest) onto the pile on the Chief's desk. She smiled at a few Techs who watched her. They in returned, smiled and went back to what ever they was doing.

Intel :

This was going to be a tough nut to crack. But there was always a willing crew member to assist. After proving the package was safe and 'bug' free, The Intel Officer took the package and delivered it to the Chief's Office.

Marines Section:

Everybody knew Miracle here as she was the Source of their off-ship transport and sometime willingness to look the other way when bringing a few unauthorized extras aboard the ship for personal consumption and trade amongst the other troops.
She moved through the section, greeting and teasing each other on her way to Jack's office. The Clerk on duty held the door open and watch her place the gift on Jack's desk and leave.


Miracle scampered into the Science Section under the pretense of getting updated Astronavigation charts for helm and the ship's over all navigation computer. Swinging by the Chief Of Science, Ema Ourielle's, vacant office. Close enough to trigger the door to open, she tossed the package onto an empty chair in the office as she passed by. She waved to a few officer looking at her curiously. She moved up to them. "Iz need the latest on space hazards and any new things Iz should plan for?"

"I'll get right on it." Spoke the one that she addressed.

"Check the nav computers. It may save you a trip here." His partner spoke up.

"Good idea! Let mez know when yooz do." Miracle smiled up at the taller person. Then she was gone.

Random Corridor:

Miracle felt good about her actions and the bounce in her steps was evident. She had found the missing ingredient that made Great Mice Day complete. And quieting her mother's voice in her head.. for awhile at least.