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Prisoner Follow Up

Posted on 24 Mar 2019 @ 6:03pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Petty Officer 1st Class Zirra Kajat

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Holding Cells
Timeline: Prior to Arrival at Zidell Yards

Yvette entered the Brig. "Has our guest said anything yet." She asked PO Kajat, who was on Brig duty.

"No, she's been as quiet as a Terran rodent." The Gorn security guard replied.

Walking in with a PADD in her hand, Thea had been studying up about the prisoner though she was a little confused as to why she had been called. Surely a counselor would be a better fit for any kind of interrogation unless this person was injured. She certainly hoped they didn't think she would allow them to harm the person.

"Think the Gorn will scare me? Not if it's wearing a Starfleet uniform." The prisoner scoffed at the trio of Federation officers without getting up from her bed. "I want my advocate."

Thea looked at the other two and shrugged. "Does anyone know why I was called? Is she injured?"

"For when the Gorn breaks my bones, right?" The prisoner spoke up.

"Surely not." Thea frowned, looking at the others outside the cell. "No one is going to harm you."

"Whatever," The Vulcan woman huffed. "So what's the plan here?"

"Well, I thought I'd start by removing your finger nails and go from there." Yvette said deadpan. "The Doctor is here to make sure you stay alive long enough for us to get the intel we require."

The Vulcan woman in the holding cell gave Yvette an eye roll and slumped down onto the cot built into the wall. "Really? With the Doctor just standing right by to watch?"

"No, not really, but since you're a terrorist we do have some leeway when it comes to the methods we can utilize." She then turned to Zirra. "Petty Officer, restrain the prisoner." Turning back to the prisoner. "Let's see what intel we can extract from a mind meld, shall we?" She asked.

"Commander!" Thea snapped. "You know Starfleet won't allow such treatment, and so does she."

"Doctor, you are here as a courtesy, if you continue to interfere, I will have you removed." Yvette said.

Thea scowled but clamped her jaws shut. As long as they only threatened to harm the person and didn't actually touch her she should stand it. But, she didn't have to like it and would sit there fuming for the foreseeable future.

Jack took a moment on the way to the brig to get a bowl of Plomek soup for the prisoner. He figured that Yvette would play the "bad cop" role at the CIO, so he would be the "good cop". He stepped into the brig as the scene unfurled before him.

"Open the cell" Jack said to the PO at the console. "Now listen here miss. I know that Vulcans are rather partial to Plomek soup and I have a nice hot bowl here for you. If you don't do anything funny you will have a nice hot lunch any nothing bad can come from that. We clear." He spoke in even friendly tones, however, Jack put just enough edge in his voice to let the prisoner know that he meant business.

"I don't buy it Starfleet - you didn't torture during the war and you certainly won't do it to a Federation citizen," She glared at the Marine Lieutenant and folded her arms across her chest. "So either get serious or provide me with an advocate."

"This is getting serious. I simply thought you might be hungry. Now if you care to tell us your side there may not even be need for and advocate." Jack spoke and smiled. He was trying to ingratiate himself to this prisoner. The idea was that you caught more flies with honey.

"My 'side?'" she repeated. "My side is trying to make a living out here when the Federation abandoned us!"

"How very convenient," Thea said, trying something of her own despite being told to shut up only minutes before. "First you're a Federation citizen when it suits your needs, and now you're an orphan when the Federation requires you to follow the rules. Which is it?"

Tensions seemed to be running high in this room. Deep within him it amused Jack that the Marine was going to be the voice of reason in this room. "You say the Federation abandoned you so you had to make a living. Okay fair enough, but does making a living entitle you to break laws. No unfortunately it does not. So here is the deal, you tell us what we need to know and in return we will see what we can do about getting you on the straight and narrow. The first question I would think is who helped you make this living?" Jack leaned back in his chair as he spoke calmly and evenly. He smirked for a moment. "Logic does dictate the good of the many."

"Both and neither," The Vulcan T'Lara answered Thea. She continued without looking at the green-shirted Marine. "I do not need to be saved or rehabilitated by Starfleet."

Jack thought it best to seize on the Vulcan's own words and try to get through that way. "Then what exactly would you call yourself?"

"People. People trying to get by," She answered. She let out a heavy sigh and shook her head. "You're sending all these supplies to the Cardassian Union and everywhere else but leaving us to fend for ourselves. You have forced us to take what we're owed."

"A vigilante? Robin Hood? Robbing the rich to feed to the poor? Once you cross that line, where does it end?" Thea asked, knowing she was supposed to be keeping quiet.

"When we aren't struggling just to keep the replicators working and the power generators operational. That's when it ends."

Jack ran his hand through his hair. He had an idea however, it would take some convincing on his part to get the Commodore to go with it. For now he thought perhaps to simply run with it. "I will tell you what, we can have a Marine team with your people in minutes. This would be able to suss out some of the issues that you are having with replicators etc. However, we are going to need something in return. We are going to need a name of someone above your head." Jack leaned back in his chair as he waited to see if the woman would take to the quid pro quo scenario.

"Replicators and repair equipment," T'Lara countered.

"I already said you will get a team to work on your replicators and equipment. However, I am not giving the order for them to transport until you give us some information. Quid pro quo T'Lara. I give you my word you answer some questions you will have your repairs." Jack said he knew that repairing replicators would be fine without clearing it with the Commodore. If it wasn't then the information garnered would be valuable enough to make it worth while. Especially if it saved lives.

T'Lara looked to Yvette, T'Lara raised an eyebrow. "Does he have this authority, Commander?"

Locking eyes with the Vulcan, Yvette simply said."Yes."

Jack was stoic as he waited for the answer. Truth was he made the decision to give her two minutes and then he would take the deal off the table. He had played the strategy game long enough to know that the fact that T'Lara even asked about his authority meant that she was leaning toward giving in.

"What do you want to know?"

Jack looked over at Yvette and gave her look that told her the floor was hers. He had done his job and got the Vulcan to see the logic in the situation.

"Where did you obtain the weaponry you used in your raids?" Yvette asked.

T'Lara rubbed her hands together. "We didn't seek them out. An intermediary of sorts came to us. Offered the weapons for several bars of latinum per vessel."

"And you didn't find this strange?" Yvette asked.

"Strange? Yes," She answered. "But we needed weapons - and I suspect you weren't going to provide them."

"You suspect correctly." Yvette replied. "But you could have petitioned the Federation for aid." She said.

"I will spare us both the semantics of that hypothetical conversation," T'Lara sighed. "What else do you wish to know?"

"How can we find this benefactor of yours?" Yvette asked.

"We have a signal that we use to request additional material," She answered. "But if it came from me, it is unlikely to produce the result you desire. We think he operates out of Alcor IV."

Now that was something that peaked Jack's curiosity. "Who would it have to come from?" He said as he leaned forward.

"The leader of our cell, but you killed him," She answered.

Well that was a nice key piece of information Jack thought. "Tell me when the leader of your cell is killed. Who takes their place?" If they were a typical terrorist cell the adage that when you cut off one head another takes it's place should hold true, Jack thought.

"A human - Francisco Hernandez - I believe he was not at the raid where you captured me," T'Lara answered. "He is a former Starfleet Officer and may be sympathetic to your efforts. He was involved in the raid on your shipyard."

Jack cocked his eyebrow and glanced over at Yvette. As far as the Marine was concerned they had everything that they needed and could go to the Captain.

"Petty Officer, get the prisoner anything she needs." Yvette said. She's then turned to Jack, Lieutenant, you're with me." She said getting up and leaving the Brig.

Jack rose and nodded to Yvette in acknowledgement of her request. However, before he left the room he turned back toward the Vulcan woman. "I will send Marine engineering teams to assist in your repairs. You have my word." Then he turned on his heel and left the Brig.


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