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The Plan's The Thing

Posted on 15 Nov 2018 @ 5:05am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: The Throneroom - USS Endeavour - Deck 11
Timeline: Two Hours After Far From Home

After the conversation in the Mess Hall with the XO Jack was troubled. Not that there was anything wrong in his life persay. Just that a man he respected seemed troubled and longed for his home and his people. In situations like this the Marine relied on what he knew best, planning and strrategic operations. To that he end he asked Yvette and Thea to come for visit in the Throneroom.

He sat at his desk staring at the picture of his ancestor as he pondered what could be done to help Alidar. It was the arrival of the ladies that snapped him out of his revelry. He waved them through to his office. The members of the Kingsmen for their part were a little shocked to see the two women but they politely said hello as the women passed.

"Ladies have a seat, take a load off." He decided that as this was not official business the informal would be best. "It seems that we have a disheartned XO and in my professional opinion that is bad for morale. So I was wondering if either of you knew exactly what might cheer him up?"

Thea had never heard that expression, despite being raised on Earth. She pondered all possible meanings before sitting down. "I'm afraid I don't know him well. I'm fairly new to the Endeavour and it's not as if we meet for drinks in the lounge. But I'm willing to entertain suggestions. I'm not sure how to cure homesickness when one can't simply hop on a transport and return home."

Yvette sat down. "Although I don't know Commander tr'Seroht well, I am aware of some Romulan festivals, perhaps we could recreate one for the Commander." She suggested.

Jack turned toward the ladies and snapped his fingers. "Jeeze, where are my manners? Before we continue can I get you ladies anything?"

"Vulcan spice tea, please?" Yvette said.

Thea shook her head. "No I'm fine."

Jack retrieved a coffee for himself and the refreshment as requested and then sat down at his desk. "Romulan festivals like what? I mean other than the festival of family I do not know much about any festivals for Romulans. The festival of family would be a no go here because it would make him miss his family back home more than he already does."

"How about Eitreih'draed, the Romulan festival of life?" Yvette suggested.

"What does that involve?" Thea reached down to rub her right knee, she'd stepped wrong on it earlier that day and had not had a chance to check for damage. It was certainly sore.

While Jack spoke Romulan he was entirely unfamiliar with their holidays. "What is that? What does it entail?" As he spoke he noticed Thea rub her knee. "Hey doc if you want I can have Sticks take a look at it."

Thea shook her head and gave him a small smile. "I can walk on it fine, I'll look when I get back to sickbay."

"It is a celebration of a Romulan's achievements to date. A prayer to the Ancient Ones and the individual's ancestors, and ends in a feast." Yvette explained.

"That sounds like it would be perfect. We could arrange for an honor gaurd and perhaps have the Commodore recite a list of his achievements here in the fleet. I doubt we would be able to get access to see anything that he may have done back on Romulus." Jack sipped his coffee as another question occured to him. "Whatever we arrange how do we keep him away, make it a surprise?"

"Lovely. I would volunteer to keep him busy. I'm sure I Could come up with some crisis in sickbay or arrange for something to happen that needed his attention." Thea looked hopeful. She'd never thrown a surprise party for someone, mostly because she didn't have a lot of friends. Many people found her odd so she was particularly eager to help out with this.

"Perfect I will see what I can drum up in terms of accomplishments. Commander would you consult the Commodore and get his blessing. Once we have all of that done we can proceed." Even though this was to an event for fun and to raise the XO's spirits. Jack approached it as any other op. Strategy and planning was needed,

"Of course." Yvette said. "I'm sure he'll be willing to help."

"Perfect." Thea smiled broadly. "Let me know if there is anything else I can help with."

"Alright, now to get some research done on Romulus. It is going to be hard to program the holodeck without knowing what it is supposed to look like." Jack responded as he rubbed the stubble on his chin. "Let's meet again tomorrow and discuss what we have. We can shoot to have the event next week."

"Sounds good." Thea rose and started toward the door. "I really hope this helps him."

First Lieutenant Jack Patton
Strategic Operations Officer/CO The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Thea Davenport
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer/Acting Security Chief
USS Endeavour


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