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Endeavour's Folly

Posted on 18 Nov 2018 @ 8:36pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Lieutenant JG William Hendrix & Lieutenant JG Ema Ourielle & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Main Bridge and Others
Timeline: MD 8 2330 Hours following "Feint! Parry! Riposte!

Previously on the Endeavour...

"Skipper they're making an attack run at us!"

Voss spun around in his chair to face his first mate. "Target their impulse engines and signal the Ajax to join the battle!"

Weapons fire rocked the Endeavour once more. A volley of energy weapons slammed into the Nebula-class vessel's propulsion systems, burning through the outer hull and the protective shield that encased the starboard impulse exhaust.

Jack took a look at the formation of the enemy. He shouted over the alarms and the sparks that flew from various consoles. "Recommend attack pattern Patton theta nine. We can hit them in two places at once."

"Attack pattern, acknowledged." Yvette said as she entered the matching firing pattern.

And Now the Conclusion...

Another vessel appeared on the Endeavour's sensors from within the debris cloud. A surplus Cardassian patrol vessel darted out from behind a wrecked freighter and charged straight at the Endeavour firing a barrage of anti-proton and disruptor beams. Most of the shots went wide, striking chunks of broken hull plating and abandoned cargo containers. Two found their mark and connected with the Endeavour's secondary hull. The ship shook and the lights dimmed momentarily before snapping back into place.


Thea pressed a hypospray to the Commodore's neck and held her hand over his chest. When he opened his eyes, she said quickly. "You sustained a skull fracture which I repaired. If you remain in this position I'll allow you to observe and instruct but I'm not finished and I don't want you moving around on me."

"Meatball, hunker down and get the rescue teams out of the line fire. This might be a while." Jack said into the open comm channel. =/\="Acknowledged Blackjack. All rescue vessels will fall back to coordinates 3567 mark 4.=/\= Schiano's garbled voice came over the barely held together comm channel. Jack put the coordinates into his "big board." The big board was a large computer screen at his station that showed the movement and location of all assets in the area. It was then that he saw the newcomer to the battle. "We have a new bogey. Entering the battle on vector zero-six-niner. It is a Cardassian patrol vessel. We need to give them something else to shoot at. We are slowly becoming outgunned."


Clinging onto her station as the ship rocked, Yvette returned fire. According to sensors, the attacking vessel appeared to be a modified Hideki class patrol vessel.

The Hideki class was a small, agile vessel, but as such its power output was also small. The weapons of this vessel must really be eating into it.

She had a plan. She just had to wait.

As the patrol vessel fired, Yvette fired too.

A quantum torpedo hit the anti-proton emitter just before the vessels shields could be reestablished, destroying the weapon.

"I tire of this game," Alidar stated, staring at the view screen as through his eyes alone could destroy the vessel. "Commander Beauvoir, fire quatum torpedoes, full spread. Fire phasers at engines and any weapons systems." His goal was to take the attacking ship out of the fight. If it was disabled they would have prisoners, if it was destroyed they wouldn't. Either way, it would be one less threat.

"Aye, sir." Yvette replied firing all weapons.

The weapons impacted the smaller vessel, eventually its shields buckled under the sustained torpedo impacts.

Next Yvette used the phasers to destroy it's remaining weapons and disable its engines.

"Enemy vessels is disarmed and disabled, sir." She reported.

"Christ on a cracker..." Farragut groaned, reaching for his head. "What the hell is happening? I need a status report." He tried to sit up but Doctor Davenport's stern gaze made him think twice.

"No, time. I'm detecting a potential warp core in the disabled vessel. I suggest we move to a safe distance, I believe it was triggered intentionally, sir." Yvette reported.

"Move to minimum safe distance while maintaining phaser fire on the primary target," Alidar ordered. It was an attempt to keep the first vessel's shields up, therefore rendering their ability to beam the potential suicide bombers off of the secondary target impossible. "Perhaps calling their bluff will end this charade."

"Good choice," Thea replied to the Commodore's attempt to move on her. "Commander tr'Seroht is perfectly capable of handling things. This is a courtesy, you'll not be returned to duty for the moment, but at least you will know what's going on."

Jack cocked an eyebrow as he looked at the sensor readings from Yvette's last attack. He was fairly impressed and saved the attack pattern into his own database labelled Beauvoir bravo nine. "Our rescue vessels and away teams are standing by at the retrieval coordinates. Meatball is requesting the all clear so he can begin bringing everyone aboard."

Miracle placed the Endeavour to where it was safe from the ship that was going to self destruct and in a position it would be fatal to the main enemy ship if it lowered shield.

"Sounds like it's your call, Commander," Greg quipped while looking pointedly at Lieutenant Davenport.

Giving the Commodore a short nod as he considered his options. Turing toward Jack, Alidar replied, "Bring in the shuttles, they should have our shield frequencies in order to come through without lowering shields. I want them back before that ship creates a small nova." Turning toward the viewscreen, "If either ship makes any sort of movement or attempt at a rescue operation, help the self-destruct sequence with a full spread of quantum torpedoes and phaser fire."

Greg slowly sat up and leaned against the cushion of his chair. "Status of the Endeavour. How many casualties?"

"There are hull breaches on Decks 5, 7, and 13, but SI fields are holding. There are 10 dead or missing and 33 injured, sir." Yvette reported.

Jack nodded at the XO. "Aye sir we will get everyone back on the double." =/\=Meatball get your people back the mothership on the double. This will be a hot landing repeat hot landing.=/\= Jack spoke into the comm channel. =/\=You got it Blackjack. Keep the porch light on for us.=/\= The increasingly garbled voice of Schiano rang out through the static.

Jack sent out the orders to the shuttle bays to have all emergency personell on standby. He turned toward Alidar. "Eveything is at your command. My teams estimate eight minutes until all rescue craft are aboard."

"Right, sounds like it's in your capable hands, Commander," Greg said, forcing himself to his feet. He swayed and caught himself on the armrest of his chair.

Thea reached out for the Commodore, "Let's get you to sickbay."

"Very good," Alidar replied. "Once the shuttles are aboard, take us out of here." It wasn't an order that he was particularly fond of giving, but there was very little choice. His ship was severely damaged and they finally had a chance to escape the trap.

Over the next few minutes Jack monitored and directed the comm traffic of the returning shuttles. About six minutes later the comm system chimed up and Schiano's voice came through clear as day. =/\=Alright El T everyone is present and accounted for, the bay doors are closed and locked tight. Let's kick this pig...=/\= Jack smiled at the words of his friend.

"Commander you heard the man. We are ready to move. Commander Beauvoir you are going to want to send some security teams down to the shuttle bay. Schiano has his hands full with everyone." Patton suggested.

"Will do." Yvette said as she sent security officers down to the Shuttle Bays.

There wasn't much to do and Miracle knew this was a losing fight if they stayed any longer. Once the word came that shuttles were secured aboard the Endeavour, her paws flew across the control board and soon the Endeavour was steaking into warp away from the area. She didn't wait for orders and put the ship on a direct course to the nearest Starbase or Federation Outpost that had the facilities to repair the Endeavour. "Eta 5 hours, 42 minutes." Miracle let Commander tr'Seroht know.

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