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Far From Home

Posted on 29 Oct 2018 @ 8:58am by Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Ten Forward, Deck 10
Timeline: Sometime

Quietly sitting in one of the corner tables, Alidar sat nursing a glass of replicated Romulan Ale with synthohol. His eyes drifted through the starlines outside the viewport roughly toward where the Romulan Empire was barely holding itself together. Some days he struggled with himself, and this was one of those days. He worried for his people, and thought that he was wasting his time out here instead of being back home.

Thea patted herself on the back, she'd done a good job of meeting with the crew and not seeming too strange, at least she thought so. It really wasn't any of her business what anyone else thought of her, she reminded herself. She entered the lounge without looking around and headed straight for the bar to order a lemonade. Then, drink in hand she looked for an empty table. And while there were some, there was also a table that only held the ship's first officer who looked quite depressed for some reason. At least Thea that thought's what he looked like. Romulans always looked a bit depressed in her opinion. She approached the table carefully. "Hello."

Quickly shaking himself out of his thoughts, Alidar nodded toward the new arrival to his table. "Jolan tru, doctor," the first officer gave the regular Romulan greeting. "Is the Sickbay arrangement suiting you?"

"Yes, it's very nice. Do you mind if I sit? You're the second person I've come across lately that look as if they have a rain cloud floating above their head." Thea hoped she had used the saying correctly, it was Human after all and something she'd picked up at the academy though rarely used.

"Please, have a seat," Alidar motioned toward the open chair. His eyes regarded the doctor as she sat. "Forgive me, I was preoccupied with thoughts of home. I got a message from my sister," he indicated the PADD next to him. "Apparently our father is involved in some high level discussions in the Senate Forum that are not going well."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Thea really wasn't sure what else to say. She didn't know what the negotiations involved and didn't really feel it was her business to ask. So unless he offered up the information, all she could do was lend a sympathetic ear.


"I never would have thought of rerouting the sensor data throw the tertiary buffer in order to get a better image." Yvette said as she and Jack entered the Messhall.

"The more you reroute an image through the buffers the sharper it gets. It is like when you keep scrubbing something the cleaner it would get. But enough shop talk..." Jack's voice trailed off as he noticed the XO's mood. "Hmmm wonder what is on his mind."

"We should ask him, the happiness of the XO is essential to ship morale." Yvette said heading towards Aldiar's table.

Jack followed Yvette over to the table and took a seat. He set his tall mug of coffee, which bared the logo of the Starfleet Marine Corps on the table in front of him. "Hey Commander why the long face. Things aren't that dire yet." Jack punctuated his comment with a smile.

"It is nothing, I was only preoccupied with thoughts of home, Lieutenant," Alidar responded. While regretful about being away from the Empire during it's time of need, Alidar was not sure if he wanted to announce his concerns to the growing group.

"Perhaps, if you share what is bothering you, it may help to alleviate your concerns." Yvette offered.

Thea folded her arms on the table and waited patiently for Alidar to explain further. "Surely there must be someway we can help?"

Giving a reluctant sigh, Alidar leaned forward. His eyes scanned the room out of habit to ensure that the Tal Shiar agent was not present. Bringing himself out of old habits, he replied, "Just some trouble in the Senate, arguing with each other over nothing, unwillingness to compromise."

Looking out the viewport once more, Alidar finally stated what was really bothering him. "I should be there."

"Commander, we could see about getting you in touch with someone in the Empire, so you can give your testimony in front of the Senate remotely." Yvette suggested.

"I doubt my testimony would mean much to the debate, my father is the Senator," Alidar replied. "I would be of more use on the Bridge of my family's Valdore-class warbird, getting supplies where they're needed or patrolling trade routes." The real problem was that he was homesick, deep down he knew that he was doing the right thing. The letter from home only served to bring these feelings to the front.

"You could take a leave of absence to visit your family. Do you not feel you are needed here? Because I'm sure that's not the case." Thea asked him, her head slightly turned. Thea had not been around the XO much since coming on board. "Executive Officers are highly valued in the fleet."

"No, I am needed here," Alidar pointed out. "My position with the Federation is more important to my people than one more starship Captain patrolling a trade route." Looking at the people at his table, he admitted, "It is merely a bit of homesickness."

"Is there anything we can do to help you with this homesickness?" Yvette asked. "I'm familiar with some aspects of your culture."

Jack had been listening to everyone chat while he ate. But he agreed with his colleges there was no reason that Alidar could not help and be with his people, while remaining on the ship to attend to his duties. Besides Jack was the kind of man who solved problems for other people. "Commander if you feel the need to assist your people there are a few things that can be done from here on the ship. You can use your influence as a Commander in Starfleet to see if the fleet would help, or you could simply call home as it were. The communications array on the Gimli is designed for exceptionally long range communications and it could be made to transmit untraceable."

Jack took a sip of some coffee that he had and then realized that there was most likely something more than the issues in the Romulan Empire. "If you are missing your home then there is the holodeck..." He added by way of suggestion.

"Perhaps," Alidar nodded. The Holodeck was something that he had not quiet developed a strong feeling toward, he would always reach a point where his immersion was broken due to remembering that it was all fantasy created by replicators and computer programs.

It was at this time that his commbadge chirped with a request for his presence. "I must be going," Alidar nodded to his table guests. The distraction of the commbadge gave him a chance to regain his thoughts and push down the negative feelings. He left the room as a cold Romulan officer.

Jack followed protocol and rose when Alidar left. A smirk crawled across his face as he sipped his coffee. "Lieutenant, Commander I have a plan for a special operation. One that is of the utmost import and top secret. You ladies in?"

"Absolutely." The doctor said speaking up finally.

"Completely." Yvette replied.

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