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A Tale Of Two Theas

Posted on 08 Oct 2018 @ 7:46pm by Ensign Theodora Diasakos & Lieutenant Thea Davenport

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Lounge

Thea Davenport stood in front of the replicator trying to figure out what she wanted to order. She wasn't really hungry but thought since she had taken a break from sickbay she really should eat something to keep up her strength. Things had been super busy and she knew she needed the brainpower. Selecting a bowl of ravioli, she turned around to look for a table.

Theadora sat alone at a corner table, she pushed the contents of her Greek salad absently around her plate, with her folk. Her thoughts were on Adele and Aurora. She missed them, they were her family after all. She promised Jim she'd protect them. Now they were light years away on the Yorktown. Scuttlebutt said the ship had been lost, but she held out hope they were still alive.

"You look terribly down, may I sit? I could attempt to cheer you up a bit though my skills at speaking aren't up to my listening skill standards."

"Sure, take a seat. I'm Thea Diasakos, A and A Officer." Theadora said by way of greeting.

Thea smiled warmly. "Thea Davenport, chief medical officer. Though I certainly don't know everyone on this ship or I would have been aware of the name."

"Same here." Theodora. "Nice to meet you, Doc. If you really want to listen to my worries, its about my wife and daughter. There on another ship and I miss them terribly." She said.

"Oh?" As promised Thea was not a great conversationalist though she was good with listening. "Why are you worried about them?"

"They are on the Yorktown and the ship is missing." Theodora said.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. But surely the ship will be found shortly. You shouldn't lose hope." She wished she could come up with something better to say, about how may escape pods there were or how sturdy excelsior class starships were.

"Look at me, I thought myself strong, but here I am sobbing to a total stranger." Theodora said.

"Oh strength has nothing to do with how well you hold it in. It's about how you can let things go and still survive. However, in this case, losing a starship completely is very rare. I'm sure the Yorktown will be found, and your family safe."

"I just wish I could just talk to them." Therodora said. "Aurora, my daughter is a security officer and my wife, Adele is a geologist. We lost Aurora's father, James nearly 5 years ago and I married Adele in order to help out."

Thea bit her lip lightly, "You will, as soon as they are able they will send a message. I am sure." She pondered a bit of a distraction. "Do you like chocolate? I'm told it has properties to soothe the soul but I'm afraid I have not tried much of it."

A bit miffed by the change of subject. "Chocolate? Yes, I like the dark chocolate with peppermint." Theodora said.

Thea rose from her chair, "I will be right back." She returned a few moments later with a large bar of chocolate. "Don't eat that all at once. Now, tell me about your daughter."

"Aurora's amazing, she's been through a lot, but she always seems to have a smile for everyone. Before she was born, the doctors found a potentially lethal error in her DNA, so they took some of my DNA to fix the problem, so genetically she has three parents. I see a lot of Adele in her, both physically and behaviorally, I see her father Jim in her sometimes, and I like to think she takes after me in some regards." Theodora said.

Thea grinned. It had been her experience that a lot of parents thought their children took after them, even when the evidence suggested otherwise. "I'm sure she does. What is her position on the ship?"

"She's a junior security officer, but she also has a science background, thanks to Adele and myself." Theodora said with a slight smile. It was good to be able to talk to someone about this, she had yet to make any friends aboard.

"So no doubt she's resourceful." Thea pointed out thinking that if anyone would survive a disaster it would be someone who could assess the situation from both a security standpoint and a scientific one.

"Well she did once survive almost alone on a Federation colony during the anarchy of an attempted corps d'├ętat." Theodora said finally trying the chocolate.

"Really?" Privately Thea thought that perhaps this girl should find a nice desk job. But what would be the fun in that. "Some people are so much braver than me."

"And me, in that she takes after her birth mother." Theodora said.

"And you'll be glad of that when you get to see her again. I don't believe I take after anyone in my family," Thea responded, now that she thought about it.

Theodora smiled again. "So what are your family like, then?" She asked.

"My mother passed away but my father is still alive. He's human, mother was Kriosian." She reached up to the side of her face and rubbed off a bit of makeup revealing light brown spots along her temples and down the side of her neck. "I'm an only child. I don't have any children and I'm not attached to anyone. I suppose it's rather sad."

"I'm sorry to hear about your mother's death and the fact that you have noone." Theodora said. "If you like, you can count me as a friend."

Thea gave her a small smile. "Thank you. Don't feel to sorry for me, after all I choose my profession and the way in which I don't attach myself to people."

"I can understand that, my mother is a civilian doctor and when I used to help out at her practice, she'd tell me that was the hardest part of her job." Theodora said.

Thea smiled again. "Well, I've taken enough of your time. I should probably get back to sickbay. Let me know when you hear from Aurora."

"I will, thank you for listening to me." Theodora said.

"Anytime," Thea gave a genuinely warm smile and then bowed slightly before walking away from the table and back towards sickbay.

Theodora finished her chocolate and returned to her quarters, feeling better, now she'd shared her worries and made a new friend.

Lieutenant Thea Davenport
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavour

Ensign Theodora Diasakos
Archeologist & Anthropologist Officer
USS Endeavour


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