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With Great Honor

Posted on 29 Aug 2018 @ 7:30pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Between Season 3 and 4

Note: This was done as part of the promotion for Yoshi Minawara, Task Group A CO

The mission to explore the unidentified alien vessel had just launched, and as was procedure for maneuvering around pre-warp civilizations, short of an emergency, the shuttle would be silent for the foreseeable future. This left Yoshi to wander back towards the bridge while considering his discussion with Isabella. There was enough to go wrong with being this close to a species with artificial satellites, but added with the fact he wouldn’t be able to monitor the shuttle’s progress toward a potential enemy made him even more concerned. Still, there was nothing the man could do aside from stand aside and let his crew work, truly the hardest part of being a Commanding Officer.

Pacing for his walk was thrown off as his comm badge chirped away at him, and announced that there was in incoming subspace transmission for him. “Computer, use random node connection to make tracing harder, and route the call to my ready room.” Last thing he wanted was an incoming call to accidentally tip someone off that they were watching as well, and by constantly jumping the transmission from Federation communications beacon to communications beacon, it would make it look like there was just an odd bit of background radiation, to anyone not looking too close. An old trick he’d used when he was still floating around the galaxy looking for forgotten alien hardware.

In his ready room less than three minutes later, the Captain sat at his desk and straightened his uniform, and keyed commands into the table, causing a display to manifest just above his desk, one of the ongoing perks of the holoemmiters that were planted through most of the ship. On the display, the Vesta Project logo appeared as the computer worked out the node connections, and awaited confirmation on the other end.

The project emblem stuttered for a moment and disappeared in the blink of an eye. In its place the face of Gregory Farragut snapped onto holographic display. Behind him were the beige walls and tall, narrow window indicative of the Nebula-class starship ready room and its closely related cousin, the Galaxy Class. “Captain Minawara, I hope I’m not interrupting anything critical?” Greg leaned back in his chair and regarded the Vesta’s captain with a curious gaze.

“Not at all Sir,” replied Yoshi, his face settling into a smile. “We are undergoing silent running operations, a bit of an odd situation on our end. I'll have a report in the next few days I am sure, something interesting. I will apologize in advance, since we're trying to reduce our visibility, our connection may have issues. What can I do for you?” It was unusual to hear from Task Force 72’s Commanding Officer, and it had piqued his interest.

“I look forward to reading it.” He paused and glanced down at something off screen. “Captain, how would you rate your performance over the last six months?”

With a laugh that seemed to lack any humour, the Captain responded with “Well Sir, my last six months and yours have been very different.” He leaned back in his own chair and his face hardened a little. “Our events in the Delta Quadrant, while not without incident, were pretty straight forward. I would like to believe I did what was in the best interest of Starfleet and the Federation. Since our skip ahead to this time, I would probably say that my performance has been within standards, though the adjustment to the position I am in has taken some time.” ‘Here it comes,’ he mused to himself, ‘the undressing I expected after the loss of 0101.’ “I haven’t had much time to reflect on it, if I am being honest sir, too much to do as of late. May I ask if there is something specific in mind?”

“Not yet,” Greg answered. “You managed to keep your crew together under incredibly difficult circumstances. Your colleagues in the Task Force speak highly of you, despite your recent absence. And I would be remiss if your reports didn’t raise eyebrows around here.”

This brought a smile to the Captain’s face, which bordered on a smirk. “What can I say sir? If you give me a chance, I will make for interesting history. Although I feel this one may lead to a far less interesting report than those past.” Leaning forward, Yoshi, his smile remaining as a more genuine one. “I am glad the Task Force has spoken highly, I do regret my absence. And missing your promotion, if I might add,” he said, referencing the changes of Command during which the Vest had been missing. “Congratulations, I might add.”

“Thank you. It was unexpected, as most good things are,” Greg said with a quiet laugh. “I won’t drag this out any longer, Yoshi. This isn’t just a courtesy call. It’s more interesting than that.” He looked at something off screen and then back at his terminal. “I have never been accorded this particular distinction before, but I’m proud to have the opportunity to offer you recognition for your efforts.”

A confused look crossed the Vesta’s Captain’s face. He had finally convinced Jupiter Station to remove his name from one of the Warp Theory labs, and he had mild flashbacks to that discovery. “Oh?” he settled on as his response, far shorter than anything else that came to mind.

“Captain, it is with pleasure that I confer upon you the rank of Commodore and all the privileges that it carries,” Greg said with a broad smile. “Welcome to the flag officers club, Yoshi. You’ve earned it.”

The confused looked passed into dumbfounded. For most this would be been a moment of celebration. For Yoshi, he suddenly had a rush of confusion and he slipped up with a “Shit, I’ll have to change my uniforms.” He paused and looked at the Admiral. “I mean, thank you sir, I…” There was a saying that Engineers were terrible at accepting compliments, and this was a clear indication. “No, I mean it, thank you.”

Greg chuckled at the sight of the flustered officer. “Just don’t get your squares confused for pips in the morning,” He said, tapping at his collar. “Don’t show up as an ensign on your first day.”

This time the Captain, no Commodore, laughed. “I will do my best, sir. I’ll make sure the show up all proper and polished. While I have you here though, is there anything you might need from the Vesta when we are done here?”
The smile faded from Greg’s face. “Have you heard from Captain David of the Yorktown? We lost contact with her over a week ago, and we haven’t been able to locate her. She was last reported near the badlands.”

“The Yorktown?” replied Yoshi, dragging a hand up from his desk and causing a display to appear. “Excelsior Class, refitted not all that long ago. Shouldn’t have any issues in the Badlands…” He scanned over the ship, and any related reports as quickly as he could. “No, I can’t say I’ve heard from them, and a week is an odd time for a ship to be lost without contact. Their last reported become communication is not far from us, a day or so at maximum warp, or a short hop at QSV. We can set a course as soon as we’re done here, aid in any way we can.”

“Just what I wanted to hear, Commodore,” Greg said with a snap of his fingers. “We’re several days away at conventional warp speeds. Venture into the Badlands only if absolutely necessary. We’ve lost you to the Delta Quadrant one too many times already.”

“Vesta is more than a pretty face, she can hold her own in the Badlands if we have to go in. And besides, we have the whole issue figured out, so we’d be back in a few weeks at most,” Yoshi replied, settling back into a more calm demeanor. “I do, however, promise to be careful. We’ll wrap this up in the next few hours, and be on our way.”

“Excellent. Find our old girl, Commodore. Captain David and his crew are counting on you,” Greg said.


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