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Feint! Parry! Riposte!

Posted on 22 Oct 2018 @ 10:57pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Lieutenant JG William Hendrix & Lieutenant JG Ema Ourielle & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Main Bridge and Others
Timeline: MD 8 2300 Hours Following "Nerve Center"

First Officer Martin Killian of the raider frigate Star Hunter looked at his Captain seated in the center of the old, 23rd century style bridge. The bridge was a mishmash of modern Starfleet LCARS and old blue and green computer terminals. From his position at the communications station, he had a direct view of the Captain and the viewscreen. The image of the Nebula-class starship and a swarm of shuttles and runabouts filled the monitor.

"Skipper," Killian began. "All hands report ready to attack. Mortenson in Engineering reports the new anti-proton weapons are ready for your command." He sneered at his Captain, eager to give the high and mighty Starfleet types a beating.

Captain Voss returned Killians sneer with one of his own. "Excellent. Signal the decoy to cut transmission. Time to make them panic..."

Yvette monitored the Tactical sensors, but the debris made it difficult to get any precise readings.

Miracle sat at the helm on the bridge in a lazy sleepy manner, looking busy as she looked over various preprogrammed maneuvers from attacks to evasive maneuvers. She was happy that everyone had returned safely to the Endeavour. She still had two heavily armed Runabouts; Rogue River and the Willamette; on the Ready Pad in the main shuttle bay with crews standing by.

Thea arrived on the bridge and looked or a place where she would be out of the way. A few hours sleep didn't come close to a full night but it was better than nothing. She picked a station and sat down, fully ready to move if someone needed the spot.

The bridge behind her was coming alive with more activity and Ema glanced over her shoulder to see Thea stepping off the turbolift. As she was turning her head back to the panel in front of her it began a quick, high-pitched beep. One of the automated monitors she had set was going off. "Captain," she said, spinning the chair of the science station to face the ship's CO, "the sensor echo has been deactivated and the buoy is powered down."

Greg drummed his fingers on the armrest of his chair. "I'd call that damned suspicious, Lieutenant, to use a technical term," Farragut said. "Run a high intensity scan of the system. Let anyone out there know we're looking."

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"Commander, take us to yellow alert," He added, looking at Alidar.

With a nod, Alidar pressed the yellow command on his chair's mini-console. The bridge lighting along with the LCARS displays changed to reflect the change is status. "Standing at yellow alert," the Romulan acknowledged to his Captain.

At the sound of Ema’s report Jack began to evaluate all possibilities. “Make sure you add neutrinos to the list of things that you are scanning for. If my hunch is correct the ship we are looking for is outdated, possibly hobbled together from various technologies. This would most likely include a cloaking device, but an outdated one. Those outdated cloaks always leaked neutrinos.” Jack suggested and then turned toward Schiano who was next to him. “Meatball get down to the Throneroom, get The Kingsmen ready for boarding, and/or repel boarding party actions. Coordinate with Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir and augment anything that she may need.”

“You got it Blackjack” Schiano replied and turned on his heel, entered the turbolift and was gone.

Miracle's ears perked at the sudden conversation that filled the bridge. Her lazy sleepy manner hadn't changed. She followed the various conversation and sent an alert to the crews awaiting orders in the shuttle bay.

Thea realized her eyes had been closed and she snapped them open, nearly falling out of her chair as she did so. A yawn broke through followed by a squeaky sound coming from her vocal cords. She inwardly slapped herself awake and sheepishly responded, "Sorry All."

"It is understandable, Doctor." Yvette said. "We are all tired from the day's events."

"Tired and looking for answers," Greg muttered.

"Helm! Take us into the system - maximum impulse!" Voss barked, slamming his fist down on his chair. "Open fire when we are within weapons range." These Starfleet types would learn their lesson one way or another.

The Endeavour's sensors and tactical array lit up with alarms and wails for attention. At the edge of the system, a vessel appeared on the ship's sensors: an unidentified civilian vessel.

"Report!" Farragut barked over the cacophony of alarms.

"Captain, a civilian vessel has entered the system. It is currently on the edge of the system, I am unable to identify its name and class at this distance." Yvette reported.

Jack glanced at the sensor track he would work the problem with Yvette as best as he could. Without additional information it would be hard to plan a counter strategy, however, Jack Patton was not someone who would be caught with his pants down. For the time being he would content himself as he divided his attention between the sensors and tracking the rescue mission.

With all the ruckus on of the alarms and various loud noises, Miracles ears flattened to cut down on the obnoxious noises.
Still Miracle had the relaxed poise, with deft movements, she let the ship drift away from the debris field, so that who was running the scanners could get a better reading on the unknown bogey.

"Open a channel Commander," Greg said. "Lieutenant Swiftpaws bring us about."

With the debris and old ships scattered around the area, the sensors would have trouble detecting any particular target for weapons, let alone a simple narrow beam comm request. Instead, Alidar opened a wide broadcast channel that would go out to everything in the area. It would then be narrowed once the civilian vessel returned a signal. He then gave Greg a nod, indicating that the channel was indeed open.

"Wez clear," Miracle responded same time that Alidar nodded, for she had the ship clear of the debris field when Greg gave the order to bring the ship about.

"Unidentified vessel, this is the USS Endeavour. State your intentions in this system." Greg waited for a response. Seconds ticked by and none came. "Unidentified vessel, you have entered our defense perimeter. You have thirty seconds to respond or we will open fire." He slashed his hand across his throat to signal Alidar to mute the channel.

"I need a fully analysis and tactical assessment people, what is coming at us?" Greg wheeled around to look up at the assembled staff.

"Launching sensor probes to improve sensor sensitivity." Yvette reported.

"Receiving data now. Sergeant Schiano is aboard the runabout and has taken command of the rescue operation." Jack said from his console.

"Arming phasers," Alidar stated as he began tapping the tactical console. With an unidentified ship approaching, he felt it would be a dereliction of duty to not be adequately prepared for things to go wrong.

Thea sucked in a breath. She hated this part. She supposed no doctor was ever comfortable in a possible battle situation. At least there was no chance of her falling asleep any longer.

Miracle shifted in her seat, looking more alert as her paw like hands flew across the helm console bringing the ship up to speed. "Ship is at speed..." Maybe she was jumping the gun on the anticipated upcoming combat. But she wasn't going to be caught slacking.

"We are within weapons range, Skipper!" Killian reported. His fingers hovered over the weapons controls, ready to unleash their potent antiproton weaponry on the Starfleet cruiser.

Voss glanced down at the small tactical display embedded into his command chair. The Nebula Class vessel was advancing on their position slowly with her shields raised and weapons on standby. No doubt her arrogant commander thought a civilian vessel was no match for them. They would soon learn otherwise. "Target her secondary hull and fire."

Killian sneered and punched in the targeting data. The lights dimmed momentarily as the antiproton weapons charged. They drew enormous amounts of power and drained the ship's shields and secondary systems, but the power output was worth it. So far, no Starfleet vessel had been able to put up a fight. His terminal chirped once the weapons were ready. "Firing!"

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A blast of purple energy struck the Endeavour's secondary hull, punching straight through her shields and penetrating the outer hull. The whole ship shuddered under the initial volley. Lights flickered and power conduits ruptured across the Endeavour. Greg was thrown backward. His head collided with the armrest of his chair with a sharp crack and crumpled onto the floor.

Yvette hung on to her console for support and returned fire. There was nothing she could do for the Commodore, so she concentrated on the damage reports that were coming from several decks. Firing again, she targeted the poloran emitters.

Jack was thrown for a loop, and by loop he went up and over the Strategic Operations console. When he rose to his feet he saw the Commodore and tapped his comm badge. "Medical teams to the Bridge." He grabbed a medical kit, and tended to Greg's wounds. "Commander if you institute defense pattern gamma 7 you get more from the shields and bring all of our weapons to bear.

Yvette nodded her acknowledgement to Jack and initiated the pattern. Phaser arrays lashed out the attacking vessel and waves of torpedoes battered its shields. If they were lucky the attackers shields would collapse under the sustained weapon's fire.

Thea shook herself off the floor and managed to make her way to the Commodore and Patton. "I've got it," she mumbled, brushing loose hair out of her face. The violent shaking had tossed her as well but she appeared to be unscathed. She looked at the tricorder readings and pressed a hypospray to Farragut's neck. Hopefully this wouldn't somehow undo the surgery she'd just performed on him only days before.

The Endeavour continued to buffet under the assault of the unknown vessel. The energy weapons passed right through her shields and slammed into the ship's hull. The volley of return fire struck the civilian vessel and forced it to break off its attack and use the debris field for cover.

"Commander, we have reports of hull fractures on Deck 5. I've sent repairs crews to the area." Yvette reported.

The damage that the Endeavour took from the enemy ship, Miracle wrinkled her muzzle in disgust with the current status of the Endeavour which prevented her from using three quarters of the pre-planned maneuvers she had programmed to use. She muttered, "Mint as well do a tactical withdrawal."

Miracle let the civilian ship use the debris field as cover as it also gave cover to the Endeavour. She maneuvered to give more time for engineering crews to do repairs.

Now that the Endeavour was relatively safe, Yvette asked. "How is the Commodore?"

"A closed linear skull fracture." Thea responded. "But he'll be okay, after a couple of days of observation and rest." She had already healed the fracture.

"Thank the Gods." Yvette replied and returned to her station.

Jack returned to his console. His jaw dropped slightly agape as he saw the damage that the enemy weapons had done to the ship. "Sir I have activated the Kingsmen to augment the engineering and security teams throughout the ship. We can't take much more of this. I recommend we activate the extra defensive measures." Jack did not like that they were untested but they were better than nothing.

Alidar had picked himself off the floor by the time Jack gave his report. He did have a noticeable gash on the side of his face, his green blood left a smear on his sleeve as he wiped his face.

Now that Greg had been taken care of, Alidar took the chair. "Bring us about, all phasers and torpedoes at the ready," he ordered. Turning his face a bit toward Jack, he added, "I think that the time is right for your, extra measures."

"Weapons at the ready, Commander." Yvette reported.

"Target anything vital, engines and weapons systems, attack pattern Alpha-Gamma-Gamma," Alidar ordered. "If anything becomes aggressive, fire at will," Alidar's voice carried the coldness of a Romulan. It was a normal Romulan technique designed to distract the aggressive party away from the real threat. "Patton, you are free to use your counter-measures."

"Aye, sir." Yvette replied as she locked in a targeting sequence.

"Squeeeee…." Miracle growled softly as she used the room to build up speed. "Aquiring ram .. Iz mean combat speeds!" Miracle upped the Deflector output and shoved a large piece of debris at their opponents ship. Then dove under the Debris once it was up to speed, heading towards the Armed Civilian ship. Lining up upper phaser banks as she flew the Endeavour, plowing into the debris field, sending it scattering in all direction, under the Armed Civilian ship that fired on them. "Ourz turn..." Her eyes was lit up with an inner fire of combat as her paws fingers flew over the helm console. Soft clicking as her claws tapped in commands rapid fire with just enough breaks in between for the Endeavour time to respond.

"Skipper they're making an attack run at us!"

Voss spun around in his chair to face his first mate. "Target their impulse engines and signal the Ajax to join the battle!"

Weapons fire rocked the Endeavour once more. A volley of energy weapons slammed into the Nebula-class vessel's propulsion systems, burning through the outer hull and the protective shield that encased the starboard impulse exhaust.

Jack took a look at the formation of the enemy. He shouted over the alarms and the sparks that flew from various consoles. "Recommend attack pattern Patton theta nine. We can hit them in two places at once."

"Attack pattern, acknowledged." Yvette said as she entered the matching firing pattern.

To be continued in Part 2

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