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Rescue Mission

Posted on 04 Oct 2018 @ 9:54pm by Lance Corporal Erin Inferson & Commodore Gregory Farragut & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Damaged Freighter

Yvette and Erin materialized in what appeared to the freighter's cargo bay.

The room was mostly empty, there were just a few broken containers and other debris.

Endeavour to landing party, status report.

"This is the landing party, we've found evidence that the cargo has been stolen. We're on our way to the Bridge where we detected the lifesigns." Yvette reported.

Keep us posted, Commander. Sensors momentarily detected a Talarian vessel at the edge of the system, but it vanished when we transmitted a friend-or-foe request. Stay frosty, Commander.

When Erin materialized her Marine training kicked in. In moments she had the cargo bay swept and secure. She placed a small circular device in the middle of the bay and activated it. A small square appeared on the visor of her helmet. This device was a live feed into her visor. She could now see if anyone would come or go from this room. “Cargo Bay is secure. Looks like someone beat us to the booty.” She said with a chuckle. After Yvette’s exchange over the comm channel Erin shouldered her rifle and took point as she headed for the bridge.

"Let's hope none of the pirates stuck around." Yvette said as she followed Inferson into the corridor that was bathed in red emergency lighting. She wondered why a Talarian vessel was in the area.

Transporter signal detected.

The ship's computer cut through the silence and startled T'Kan out of her light slumber. The Vulcan woman eased herself out of her pilot's chair and stumbled toward the security station at the back of the primitive civilian bridge. "Where did the signal originate?" She asked, studying the flickering displays.

Cargo Hold 2

"Here to finish the job?" She mused.

Erin stepped on the bridge first with her rifle shouldered. "I am Lance Corporal Erin Inferson of the Kingsmen USS Endeavour. We are here to help." She announced in her clearest most commanding of voices. All of this was new to her, that is rescuing as opposed to demolishing. Sparks was out of her comfort zone and she tried hard to make sure that no one knew that.

Yvette followed the Marine onto the Bridge, watchful for potential attackers. "How many of you are there?" She asked.

"I am the only survivor on the bridge," T'Kan answered calmly. She raised an eyebrow at the Marine. "You have arrived to late to be of help, Lance Corporal."

Erin lowered her rifle and her face changed from intense concentration to a look of anger. “Well we are here in time to save your butt aren’t we.” She was going to say more and thought the better of it. She simply walked the bridge perimeter to secure the room as was protocol. Better let the Commander do the talking to this one. Erin thought.

Yvette didn't like the Vulcan's lack of gratitude either, but let it go for now. "I'm Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir, we can discuss our tardiness later, when we are in more comfortable surroundings, for now grab whatever possessions you require, because we're leaving in 5." She said.

"I have all that I require," T'Kan answered without even so much as a glance around the Bridge. "Have you searched the rest of the Ivanhoe for survivors?"

"As the Bridge is the only place with functioning life support, it is unlikely there are any other survivors, but to make sure, we will search, after you are safe." Yvette said. Then placing an emergency transporter armband on T'Kan's arm. "Rescue team to Cap, one to beam up."

As the beam enveloped the Vulcan, Yvette connected a data storage device to the vessel's main computer, so it could download any useful data for later study.

"Corporal, let's see if we can find any other survivors." She said.

"Yes ma'am. But I believe it is safe to assume that there is no one else on this ship alive except for us." With that said Erin shouldered her weapon and headed out the door and toward the engineering deck. "Main Engineering would be the next best place to hide as it is the second most secure." Erin spoke as she advanced down the corridor.

"I agree, but we must be through." Yvette said as she followed the Marine.

Endeavour to away team, status report.

"Away team to Endeavour, we discovered a single survivor on the Bridge and evacuated them. We are currently checking the rest of the vessel for further survivors." Yvette reported.

Understood, Commander. Keep us informed. Sensors do not detect additional life signs, but I leave it to your discretion to search the rest of the ship.

Erin led the way to Main Engineering she kept a vigilant eye out for any survivors that might be in the corridors. However, she found none this rescue mission had gotten very strange to her mind. In short order they arrived and Erin stepped in and performed a perimeter sweep with swiftness and ease. Upon her first pass she found no one. However, her second pass revealed a crewman hiding in an access hatch. “I am Lance Corporal Erin Inferson from the USS Endeavour. We are here to rescue you, please stay calm and we will get you out.” She shouted through the hatch door, which would not open.

“Oh, thank whatever gods you believe in that you are here. I am waiting it is not like I have any place else to go.” The female voice that responded was wavering with pangs of fear.

"This is Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir, how did you get yourself locked in there?" Yvette asked as she scanned the hatch with her tricorder.

"The power went out and when I tried to rewire the door the circuits shorted out!" The voice called out. "Please! Get me out of here!"

"Okay, shield your eyes, I am going to try and cut the hatch open." After adjusting the setting on her phaser, she began to cut into the hatch.

As Yvette cut the hatch open Erin took the initiative and got her medic pouch out. She was no Sticks but she could patch up cuts and bruises. Erin had a very uneasy feeling the longer that they were on this ship. It felt like a set up, but if it was they were going to have to walk right into that trap. Injuries always trumped uneasy feelings.

Yvette thought that something didn't add up. 'Why did the Endeavour not detect this survivor?' 'The ship's warpcore was adequately shielded, so it shouldn't interfere with sensors.' 'Only one way to find out.'

When she'd finished cutting her hatch loose, Yvette turned her phaser back to heavy stun, before using her gloved hand to remove the hatch and free the survivor. "You can come out now." She said.

Erin followed Yvette's lead as she shouldered her rifle. Sparks was not sure what was going through the officer's head but she was no fool. If the officer was weary the grunt should be extra weary. Erin thought.

A burst of phaser fire greeted the Starfleet officers. The shots went wide and scorched the bulkhead behind them. "Put your weapons down!" The woman was crouched behind a desk turned onto its side. It didn't offer protection other than obscuring her from view.

Yvette put down her weapon and signaled Erin to do the same.

Palming a power pack, she used her electrical to overload it. She then threw it at the desk.

Against her better judgement Erin lowered her rifle. As much as Erin wanted to return fire and do everything a Marine does best. Yvette was in command and orders were orders. She may have lowered the rifle but she kept her finger on the button as it were.

"You too Marine kick it over here!" The woman peered over the table and pointed her phaser at Erin.

While the attacker was focused on the Marine, without a word, Yvette used her suit's inbuilt tricorder to trigger the overload.

There was a loud bang and a bright flash of sparks as the overload triggered. In that instant Erin knew what had happened and her training took over. She used the explosion as the perfect cover and distraction as she dropped into a forward somersault. She tumbled to the location that the bogey had been using as cover. Erin arrived just as the woman was starting to regain her senses. She placed the muzzle of her rifle to the woman's head and spoke slowly but steady. "It would be my pleasure darlin'. Now I do think it would be your pleasure, and best interest to drop your weapon and rise to your feet so the nice lady over there can talk to you. Any sudden moves and your atoms will become one with the bulkhead."

The woman sneered at the Marine and tossed her phaser aside. "I'll talk when I'm aboard your ship. Not a moment before."

"El C You're the one in charge here. But I think locking her in the Brig might help us get to the bottom of what happened here. What are your orders?" Erin replied as she kept the rifle trained on the woman. She was of a mind that this woman had the answers that would solve this puzzle.

"Keep her covered, Corporal, while I secure her for transport." Yvette said as she clamped restraints on the woman's wrists.

"Fuck you," She hissed.

When she was finished she activated her comms. "Rescue Team to Endeavour, we have a prisoner for transport to the Brig." She reported.

"Understood, Commander. We'll have two security officers standing by. Transport at your discretion," Greg replied.

"Prisoner secured, transport now." Yvette said.

Once the prisoner had been enveloped by the transporter beam, Yvette took a last look around and then addressing Inferson, said."Let's get out of here, Corporal."

"Yes Ma'am! Now on your feet before I have to sling you over my shoulder." Erin grabbed the woman by the shoulder and pulled her to her feet.

"Endeavour, we're ready to beam aboard, when you are." Yvette reported.


Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer/Acting Security Chief
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour


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