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Cap - Part 2

Posted on 31 Aug 2018 @ 8:48pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & Corporal Alicia Reilly & Lance Corporal Brian Zapata & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Rogue River (Miracle's Runabout) & Debris Field
Timeline: Concurrent with "Nerve Center"

:: IC ::

Miracle pulled two Marines from troops that were riding in with them to the front. She gave them quick course on tactical, and transporter operation. "If theyz, Lieutenant Beauvoir and Corporal Inferson call for help. Immediately beam them here."

She looked at the taller Marine at the transporter with serious intent. Her voice soft with authority and hidden threat. "Otherwise follow theirz commands in the rescue of survivors. Iz have coordinated with the Willamette to set up transporter relay with us to the Endeavour. The filters are in place to prevent any weapons from getting to the Endeavour that isn't ourz own. Yvetter and 'Sparky' will be returning here."

The Mousian Liteutenant approached Big Red and Reaper and began to issue orders. The two Marines could not help but smile. They had never met Swiftpaws and her accent was a dead ringer for Meatball and this simply made the two Marines chuckle.

Brian Reaper Zapata was used to kickin butt and takin names not operating a transporter. However, the Lieutenant’s crash course made it seem simple enough. All he had to do was monitor the comm channel and do what he was told. Something he knew all too well how to do. “Yes Ma’am we get them home ma’am.” He responded to his orders.

Miracle looked at the Marine at Tactical. "These are yooz orders. Don't hesitate to fire when there is an obvious hostile threat to this craft and this operation. Yooz have the weapons at yooz disposal."

Alicia had a seat at the tactical station, it was something new to her to operate a bridge console. Once more it was something to do. She was getting a little antsy. She took quick stock at what the console did, and how to perform the needed functions. When Swiftpaws mentioned not to hesitate to fire Alicia smiled as that was something she knew all too well. “Yes mum. An call me Big Red” The Irish woman smiled and set to her task.

She looked at the both of them, smiling warmly at them both. "Iz know this goes beyond yooz job description." Giving an arm wave to takin the Runabout. "Everyone knows wez a team and have to do things out of ourz specializations a time or two. Iz countin on both of yooz to do yoozself proud, The Core (Marines) and Uz."

Miracle went to pilot's area and settled down in her seat. She began to scan for other anomalies. She got busy confirming the transporter link-up relay with the Endeavour.

"Lieutenant Swiftpaws, this is Farragut. Our transporter system is tied into yours. Transport the away team at your discretion," Greg said over the comm channel.

"Squeakies!" Miracle responded back in delight over the comm channel, back. "Lieutenant Beauvoir and Corporal are checking out the survivors as we squeak. Wez have a good transporter lock ourz."

"Excellent. Sensors detected a Talarian freighter at the edge of the system, but we lost track moments ago. Be prepared to pull the away team off of the freighter," Greg continued.

At the mention of Talarians Alicia took it upon herself to scan the freighter. As she thought none of the damage was consistant with Talarian weaponry. “Ma’am, this freighter was without a doubt attacked. However, it was not attacked by Talarians. I recommend that the Endeavour handle the Talarians and we remain to finish the job. If you beam that the team back people will die ma’am.” Alica hoped that the El T she was working with would agree with her.

Miracle in close to the Freighter. She was sensor blind to anything at great distance. "Maintaining station." Miracle replied back, even though she was itching to get into the action. Her first job was to safety to her Away Team. Even as she glanced up through the forward viewscreen and was a bit fidgety. She glanced back at Alicia and gave her a nod. "Wez will grab as many as wez can when the time comes. Red."

Miracle bounced out of her seat and moved to the side of Zapata. "These controls are to widen the transporter beam out area. With the two transporter locks in center." Pointing them out to Zapata.

"Anything bio-organic will be transported. If Yvetter and Sparky separate creating two different target areas. Let mez know immediately." She looked up at Reaper.

"This screen here yooz noticed with the steady two green dots is ourz Away Team. These other white dots are the survivors." Pointing out the screen with the moving colored dots on them.

Lieutenant Swiftpaws, status on the rescue mission.

Reaper's booming voice chimed up in response. "It seems that the survivors are huddled on the bridge. The Away Team is making their way there with all due haste. We are standing by to retrieve everyone. It seems that the freighter is stable for the time being. However, there is no life support anywhere save for the bridge."

Miracle scampered the short distance to her seat, "Away Team on Freighter. No word back from them." Miracle blinked as if she forgot something and she knew it. The Deer in the Headlight syndrome. "Iz get on it immediately." She replied after a short pause back to the source that the call came from.

Understood. Keep us posted, Endeavour out.

Now it was the waiting game with two Runabouts. One awaiting for the Away Team and the rescue of the Freighter Survivors. The Willamette farther out was keeping an eye out for threats that would endanger the rescue operation.

Runabout Rouge River, this is Willamette we've detected another distress call at the edge of the debris field. We are moving to investigate. Will you be alright by yourself?

Lieutenant Swiftpaws
CFO USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Brian Zapata
Rifleman The Kingsmen, USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist The Kingsmen, USS Endeavour

Commodore Farragut and Miscellaneous NPCs


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