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How Many Marines Does It Take

Posted on 05 Sep 2018 @ 3:55am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: XO's Office, Deck 1
Timeline: During Investigation Phase


The XO's Office was quiet, which suited Alidar. A Romulan serving as a First Officer aboard a Federation starship was a rare sight. So rare, in fact, that most of his time had been spent in classified meetings to catch him up on procedures on information that would otherwise have been withheld from a regular exchange officer.

The solitude gave him a moment to reflect on his current situation and what brought him here. It was at that moment that his door chime sounded. Alidar turned his chair a bit to better face the door. "Enter," he called out to the door.

After his meeting with the Commodore, Jack thought it prudent to visit with the XO. So after informing The Kingsmen that they were reassigned, he helped his men get situated in quarters, and replicated the uniform of the choice for the Endeavour.

Jack felt compelled to get to know the Romulan, as well as learn exactly what was expected of him and his Kingsmen. Although he would never admit to anyone it took Jack a moment to find the XO’s office as the Nebula was one huge ship. Blast these space borne cities, Jack thought.

When he finally found the office he simply rang the door chime. He tugged at the tunic of his uniform, something else that Jack Patton had to get used to, wearing a ship board uniform.

When the call came to enter Jack stood to attention. "Commander sir thank you for seeing me. I thought you would be the next best stop after being reassigned. Sir."

"Ah yes, it isn't very often that a Marine obtains a bridge position aboard a starship," Alidar began. As he gestured with his hand to the open seat as an offer to sit, he added, "That is something that we both have in common."

Both of them were in worlds their previous lives would never have placed them. Alidar was a Romulan and were it not for Hobus, he's be commanding his House's flagship waiting to inherit his Senate seat after he had made a name for himself. He wondered what sort of ambitions Patton had once held.

"Very true sir. But something every Starfleet officer aspires to. In truth I am more worried about my men then myself. They are used to being on the go and fighting. Not so much sitting around waiting for orders. Is there any advice that you can give as to keeping them busy. What would be expected from them, particularly when we are not on mission." Jack found the Romulan to be well curious, he wondered about the cryptic statement that they had something in common. At first he wasn't going to say anything as Jack thought it not his place. However, on second though... "Sir if I may ask. What do we have in common? While a Marine serving on the bridge is not often heard of. The XO on the bridge is always heard of." Jack smirked when he finished asking his question.

Alidar couldn't help but give a slight smile and huff of a chuckle. "An XO isn't unheard of, but a Romulan is rare in Starfleet, let alone being an XO. Me being a Romulan and you being a Marine group us both as a bit of an oddity."

Shifting in his seat slightly, Alidar got back to business. "My advice is to stay sharp and to help sharpen the Starfleet personnel aboard the ship," he replied. Knowing that he had not exactly answered the question, Alidar thought it better to answer with an example. "Before the Dominion War, my people stayed behind their borders while only occasionally testing our neighbors in small skirmishes. We had a massive buildup in arms and technology to keep us at least on par, if not ahead of our neighbors. Most of that buildup sat unused for decades, in some cases over a century. However, we trained constantly and remained ever vigilant. If there ever came a day when we were called into action, we would be ready. Just look at what happened with Shinzon, complacency gets you caught unaware and your own people die."

Realizing that his example went a bit longer than he'd intended, Alidar cut it down a bit. "We could start with our combat certificates, ensure the crew meets combat regulations. Then we can work on a little cross-training. You have combat medics who could use some refreshers and pilots who could log some flight hours?"

Jack nodded, and he saw where Alidar was going with this. "You are looking for synergy, not adversaries. That is quite refreshing. In my long experience with the Corps it has always been Marines do Marines and Fleet does Fleet. However, what you are suggesting is more of a blur or a blend between the lines." Jack chuckled "Sir, I love it afterall if this ship is destroyed we all go with it Marine and Fleet alike. To answer your question yes my men could use refresher courses all around. There is also some Marine technology that your people can and should get cleared on." The smile on Patton's face stretched from ear to ear.

“That is good to hear,” Alidar responded. “If you could send a list of those Marines who are in need of certain training, I can do the same with the Starfleet personnel. We can schedule time for training once we determine the extent of the task at hand.” Not really one to smile, Alidar was very pleased. “That is if that is satisfactory?”

"That would be perfect…” Jack smiled. “Sir I think you will find that we Marines may have our own jargon and our own way of doing things but we get the job done. On behalf of the Kingsmen I would like to thank you and by extension Commodore Farragut for this opportunity.”

"It is a historic opportunity," Alidar responded in a classical Romulan manner. Submitting himself to the classic Human gesture, the First Officer stood and stretched out his hand for a handshake. In classic Romulan bluntness, he added, "Do not let it go to waste."

"Trust me sir we won't." Jack rose as he had a lot to tend to with getting the team settled in. However, protocol dictated that he wait for the dismissal before leaving.

Alidar fought a smirk. The Marine before him behaved like what he was used to, disciplined and followed protocol. Those in Starfleet seemed to be more lax that their counterparts within the empire. "You are dismissed," the Romulan confirmed.


Cmdr. Alidar tr'Seroht
First Officer
USS Endeavour

1st Lt. Jack Patton
USS Endeavour


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