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Do Wrong To None

Posted on 16 Sep 2018 @ 12:44pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri & Corporal Rick Holt

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Concurrent with "Nerve Center"

Brian and Rick had been sitting in the Throneroom when the order came from the bridge. Both men grabbed their field kits and proceeded to Sick Bay. Upon arrival Brian realized he had no idea who Lieutenant Davenport was, however, he noticed a woman wearing Lt rank pips in teal. The two men approached her, came to attention, and Brian spoke as was protocol. "Staff Sergeant Cancielleri and Corporal Holt reporting as ordered. Ma'am!"

"Oh good," Thea responded very casually. "Don't stand on ceremony." It was one of the things Thea actually loved about saving people, it didn't what your rank was to the person who needed saving. "I'm Thea, or Doctor Davenport if you absolutely insist."

Brian smiled warmly “In that case Doc I’m Sticks and this is Joker. Where do you want us? What do you need?” In the brief moment that followed, Brian wondered what this doctor would think of his old methods.

"Triage, treat people. I'll be taking the worst cases," She rubbed the back of her neck, it was already stiffening up. "Just help where you can, I'm not shy about letting people into my workspace. If you can save a life it's totally worth it to me."

"No problem Doc." Sticks motioned for Joker to grab a bio bed as he did the same, and started setting up a triage station. He turned back toward Thea and looked a little awkward. "In truth Doc we are not sure what to do before the wounded get here. We are used to just be there when the injury occurs." He smiled "So I guess you are new to the ship."

"You would be correct," Thea paused and then chastised herself for doing so. She needed to be working and not chatting.

Doctor Davenport, this is the bridge. How are we doing down there?

"We are ready captain," Thea's voice sounded more confident than she actually was. But until the wounded started arriving she didn't know exactly what they would be facing and whether they were prepared or not.

"I've got one!" Crewman Elsa Zhang stumbled into sickbay with a barely conscious Andorian male in a burned and tattered civilian jumpsuit hanging from her shoulder. "We've got another four or five coming in on anti-grav gurneys." She dragged the man toward the nearest biobed and tried to force him onto the table.

"Gentlemen," Thea responded, helping the man down on the bed. "If you could help get the others in. We're about to get busy." Some doctors lived for the adrenaline of saving a life but knowing someone was injured and in pain actually made Thea sick to her stomach. "It's all right, I'll give you something for the pain," she scanned him first to make sure he wasn't damaged internally.

Brian nodded at the Doc, and turned to the door. Two humans wearing tatters were being ushered in by Endeavour security personnel. He sprung into action, “Joker take the right I will take the left.” Brian motioned for security to get the men onto the beds. A quick tricorder scan revealed severe plasma burns to the torso, and a broken right femur. He reached down without looking into a pouch that was strapped to his right thigh. This was Sticks’ medical drop pouch, from it he pulled a dosage of a mild sedative and filled a 10 gauge syringe. Within seconds the needs was in the patient’s arm, the plunger pressed and the screams of agony were subsiding. This is what Brian trained for what he lived for “Nurse get me the osteogenic stimulator. Doc this man as third degree plasma burns, vitals are stable, I have sedated him and will be taking care of his broken leg. Tag Yellow repeat tag yellow…” Brian set to work on the man’s leg a look of intensity in his eyes.

"On it, Doc." Joker said He rushed over and helped a bed tech with a worse looking caitian. He took one side as the crewman took the other. They were loosing their grips. It was far easier to just let her fall. So, supporting her of course, they did.

One whip and you could tell what was the matter. "Sticks. Throw me a burn kit!"

Brian tossed the med kit over then looked toward the next patient.

"Doctor, triage teams report another batch inbound - blunt trauma and severe lacerations." Zhang raced over to the doctor clutching her medical tricorder. "What do we do with the ones here?"

"If the patients are stable enough to step away for a few minutes, then do so." Thea called over the noise that was starting to increase in sickbay. "Until we've determined the condition of the new patients."

"Okay...I think I can do it," Crewman Zhang affirmed with a sharp nod.

The doors to Sickbay opened and three more patients arrived. Two Andorians and a Trill covered in field bandages soaked through with dark blue and crimson blood.

Brian saw the new arrivals and gave a quick scan to his patient. He saw that the patient was stable and could wait for the doctor to be ready. Using hand signals he signaled Joker to take one of the Andorians and that he would take the Trill. Brian saw the blue and crimson color of the blood and knew that the Trill was in trouble, blue blood meant lung damage.

Brian prepped another series of syringes this time he administered something for the pain, and a mixture of adrivent and proventilin to help with the lungs. He removed the dressings and went for the old fashioned direct pressure approach to slow the bleeding. The biobed’s scanners kicked into action showing that the Trill was suffering from a collapsed lung after they took a chest injury. With his free hand Sticks told the computer to scan the lifesigns of the symbiote. Seconds later they showed stable, to which Brian breathed a sigh of relief. “Doc I need you…” Brian shouted as he lifted one leg onto the bed for leverage to slow the bleeding. “We have a joined Trill. The patient took a chest injury which collapsed the left lung. Vital signs are fluctuating, the symbiont is stable at the moment but if we can’t get the lung working we lose both. What’s worse is the bleeding will not slow down. Tag Red, Repeat Tag Red. Immediate surgery needed. “ Brian kept the pressure on as he waited foe Davenport or any other doctor to relieve him.

Thea turned her patient over to one of her nurses once she was fairly certain he was out of any immediate danger. She rushed over to Cancielleri. "What are his isoboramine levels?" Her number one priority was to save the life of the symbiont and though he'd said it was stable she had to make sure. She made eye contact with a couple of members of her staff and they began prepping the patient for surgery.

"Crashing!" Zhang interjected. Monitors started blaring as the Trill's vitals plummeted. "Internal bleeding in the chest cavity. Doctor, what do we do?"

Thea moved quickly to sanitize her hands. She didn't believe she could use a cardiostimulator because of the symbiont and because he was bleeding internally and she needed to fix it before any cardio stimulation would work well, but she desperately wanted to save the patient. She grabbed a laser scalpel. "This is unorthodox. Have a dermal regenerator ready and some more plasma. Thea pressed a hypospray to the patients neck and took a breath as she started to cut through the skin. As soon as she could get through the rib cage she placed her hand inside and began squeezing the heart with one hand. "Regenerator," Thea said holding her hand out.

Brian saw what the doctor was doing and realized that she had backed herself into a corner. He stood next to Thea. “Doctor we are going to have to tag. I will keep his heart pumping by hand, you take care of the rest. You will not be able to stop the bleeding and save the symbiot with one hand.”

Thea nodded. "Fine," she said crisply, trying not to lose her focus on the rhythm.

“Ready… three… two… one… SWITCH” Brian called out and as soon as Thea’s hand was clear he reached into the man’s chest and squeezed his heart gently.

Thea removed her hand immediately and began to fix the internal damage while keeping an eye on the symbiont's life signs.

"Symbiont life signs are beginning to stabilize," Zhang reported. "But the host's vitals are still erratic."

Frowning, she continued what she was doing, unless she'd forgotten something. Stretching her brain to the maximum, her head pounded as she tried to recall what she might have missed. She checked the board . . . there wasn't anything. Why wasn't this working?

Brian kept the cardiac massage up while Thea worked the rest of the patient. His eyes were glued on the biobed readouts and he saw a possible issue. "Doc, it is the patient's platelets. The internal bleeding is not clotting so every time you close a wound up another opens. This patient needs an infusion of platelets. The question is from who..."

Thea sighed. "I believe mine will suffice. Despite having evolved on different planets Kriosians have a remarkable resemblance inside and out to Trills. She called to one of her nurses to draw them from her body as she was busy still regenerating tissue and skin for the patient.

"How many units, ma'am?" Zhang wheeled the portable transfuer into place and began attaching the needleless leads to the injured Trill. She wrapped a hypo-cuff around the Doctor's arm.

"Two," Thea replied. "I can replenish it faster than humans. Pass me that stool please." She settled herself upon it so she was still able to work.

"Two units...transferring now." Zhang initiated the blood transfusion and watched the crimson dark red fluid start to fill the transparent plastic tubing and flow into the cuff attached to the Trill's arm.

Thea took a deep breath and just let it happen. It would mean she might be a bit weak but she was pretty certain no other harm would come from it and she desperately wanted to save this person.

Brian watched in amazement as he pumped the Trill's heart. Ever interested in medicine he loved the opportunity to watch a doctor at work. For the moment he hoped that the doc would be able to save the Trill.

"Vitals stabilizing...I think...yes!" Zhang reported excitedly. "BP normal...rhythm returning to baseline."

Sighing, Thea let out a huff that could have been a sob if she'd let it go on long enough. Now that things seemed to be improving her emotions were creeping in, or it was the plasma loss, she wasn't sure. "Let's close him up."

Zhang nodded at the doctor and eyed the transfusion cuff. "We can handle the closure, Doctor." She shut down the pumps and removed the devices from the patient and Davenport.

“Umm is it safe to stop…” Brian said with a smile. Brian was amazed at what the Doctor had done. He too had let out a sigh of relief when the report of the patient’s improvement came through. “Brava Doc, Brava” he added.

Thea nodded, very pleased with the outcome. One life didn't make that much difference in the universe but it made a difference to her, as corny as that sounded, she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Come on, we still have others to save."


Lieutenant Thea Davenport
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USS Endeavour

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