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CAP - Part 1

Posted on 09 Aug 2018 @ 6:59pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Area of Contention
Timeline: MD 8 2020 Hours

:: IC ::

Miracle moved her Runabout to the lead position as the two headed out away from the Endeavour to head on a different vector than the Endeavour around the field of debris. Both Danube's wove an erratic weaving course to make it harder to target as they flew CAP. Miracle quietly talking with the other pilot to coordinate tactics and maneuvers. Her ears were perked, showing she was paying attention to those inside her Danube if they wanted to speak with her or direct her to points of interest for farther study.

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson sat at the tactical station of the shuttle. It was something new for her, manning a station that is. But she set to her tasks as they were written in the handbook. "Shields are raised and holding. All weapons are armed but on standby." She reported.

Yvette skimmed though the sensor data that flowed across her board.

"Miracle, could you get us a little closer to one of the freighters, I need a better scan?" She asked from the Co-pilot's seat.

Miracle nodded and eased the Danube closer to one of the badly damaged freighters that was a drift at the edge of the debris field. "Squeeah." She acknowledged Erin as she asked Yvette. "Anything of interest?"

The other Danube stayed out father running their own scans and covering Miracle's Danube.

Runabout Willamette to Lieutenant Swiftpaws, we're on your wing.

"The normal by-products of anti-matter decay, but there's also evidence of a strong magnetic force. My hypothesis is that the freighter was struck by a focused anti-matter beam."

=/\= "Squee," =/\= Miracle responded to the Runabout Willamette as she nodded to Yvette. It was nice flying with others. "Anything yooz wanna get a closer look, Squeak up." Giving Yvette a cheeky grin. "Anything on Tactical, Corporal?"

"No Ma'am. Shields are raised and weapons on standby." Erin called from her console. There were small beads of sweat forming on her brow. She was not ready for this, "Sparks" Inferson was trained in weapons, in killing. Not in bridge/shuttle operations or how to be an officer. She was trying her very best to keep it together and all in. She gave a deep sigh and thought keep it together Sparks you can do this.

Then final puzzle piece dropped into place for Erin. "These scans show that the enemy employs a sneak attack to pen their enemy in before unleashing their big gun. I recommend both shuttles proceed with extreme caution. They made short work of a starship, they can make even shorter work of us."

Miracle glanced at Erin, Taking note of the sheen on her. "Easy does it, Sparks." Using her Marine nickname like she had overheard the other marine using when addressing Erin. Dropping the formalities of Officer/Non-com/Enlisted barriers. Trusting that when orders did begin to fly, everyone would snap to.

"Tactical is like guard duty with much better scanning equipment, and really long range weapons at yooz disposal. If yooz have to fire, don't hesitate or wait for permission. Just be sure what yooz shootin at. Iz got yooz back." Miracle glanced once more at Erin. Gave her a wink of encouragement as she back to her helm scanners as she flew.

Runabout Willamette to Swiftpaws, we've detected life signs and a distress beacon in a mass of debris bearing one-eight-four mark one-two-six. Endeavour reports her transporters cannot acquire a lock.

=/\= "Acknowledged. Willamette. Iz moving into position." =/\= Miracle responded as she swung the Runabout around to get into position. =/\= "Set up a Transporter Relay with the Endeavour." =/\=

"Looks like our survey mission, just became a rescue mission." Yvette said. "Miracle, get us in as close as you safely can."

The words of encouragement pulled Sparks together, she realized why Jack got along with this crew more than any other Starship crew he had worked with. She smiled at the Lieutenant, but it was the report of life signs that pulled her back to the task at hand. It didn’t sound right, weapons like these pirates were using would leave no life. “I am arming all weapons, shields are standing by to be dropped on your command.” Erin glanced over at Yvette “Ma’am I have seen this before. It is opossum… What I mean to say is that it is a distinct possibility that those life signs are false echoes being generated for our benefit. They want us to move in for the rescue and then they can move in for the kill. Recommend communications link with the survivors if possible before moving in, we have to at least attempt to verify.” Erin spoke with the intensity of a Marine, all doubt gone from her voice and her actions.

"Prudent thinking, Corporal." Yvette said. She then activated the comm. system. "To any survivors on the freighter, this is Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir of the Federation starship Endeavour, please respond."

May -- repe -- vivors -- frei -- Cant -- berry -- assistance -- repeat -- We --

Miracle liked the way that 'Sparks' sounded and the way she spoke up. She quickly alerted Willamette of what was suspected and the course of action taking place. Miracle brought the Runabout in close for a good scan, Nodding to Yvette to begin the intense scan to confirm the life signs that was picked up.

Yvette adjusted the sensors to try and get a better image of the survivors. "I'm picking up several lifesigns originating from the same location as the message." Yvette said. "Corporal, suit up, you and I are going to investigate. Lieutenant, if this turns out to be a trap, don't stick around."

"Iz gotcha backs. Take Transporter Beacon Locks with yooz both." Miracle spoke as she placed the Runabout on station keeping. She moved over to the transporter controls. "When yooz ready." Nodding to the two-man transporter pad just behind tactical and to the left of it.

Checking the seals on her space suit, Yvette made her way on a pad.

Erin suited up and then packed a SFMC bug out pack. In the pack she placed the beacon locks as Swiftpaws had requested and a number of various Marine issue weapons. She looked at Yvette smiling like the cat that ate the canary. “A lady should be ready for all occasions. Now that I have my evening bag we can get going.” She stepped on the pad next to Yvette.

"I agree wholeheartedly, Corporal." Yvette said as she slipped her EMP gauntlet over her gloved hand. I was used to erase digital data, but it could also be used to stun opponents as she'd done on the Leopard.

Turning to Miracle she said. "Energize."

Miracle nodded and worked the controls after making sure she had a transporter lock on them. She watched them disappear in the beams of the transporter pad. She whispered, "May the Great Mice keep yooz two in their protective paws."

Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws
CFO; USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/2nd Officer/Acting Chief Security Officer
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist The Kingsmen, USS Endeavour


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