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Best Possible Speed

Posted on 18 Jul 2018 @ 7:04pm by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson & Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Thea Davenport & Lieutenant JG William Hendrix & Lieutenant JG Ema Ourielle & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & Lieutenant JG Michael Deveroux & Sergeant Major Raylan Ch'Tol
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Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Main Bridge and Others
Timeline: MD 8 1900 Hours

Captain's Log, Supplemental. The Endeavour leaves Langley Station behind unguarded. The Vancouver remains in drydock with her captain determined to make her spaceworthy within the week. The estimates from Chief Engineer Hendrix make me doubt her enthusiasm. We're traveling at high warp to the site of the ambush. I can only hope that we do not fall prey to the same trap that left the Vancouver in shambles.

:: Main Shuttle Bay ::

Miracle was in the shuttle bay, overseeing the modifications of the several of the Danube's class shuttles. Fitting them with rollbars and heavier weapons pods. Clearing out the backs of them to haul fully equipped Boarding Party Troops. Sometimes she was in the way or not as she moved between the two shuttles going to be used as Force Multiplier for the upcoming encounter.

Miracle was feeling the high rush of adrenaline from the pre-combat jitters that made her really hyper as she scampered and bounced around the two shuttles. Mugs of orange slushies of various levels of now melting drinks littered the area as she set one down and immediately forgot about it. Only to make another to feed the high demands she was placing upon herself as she poked her nose over shoulders; took readings of her own; ran around to burn off the nervous energy; tested each systems when given the word that the weapon system was installed. She checked the payloads of each pod. She filled the air with squeaks and squeals. Even her voice was annoyingly squeaky as she harangued the tech working and those that were standing by to load the torpedoes into the pods.

Schiano walked into the shuttle bay on assignment from Jack. "Heyo Lieutenant da calvary is here. I have been sent to give you an assist. Whatever you need? So direct away..." He said as he walked over to the Mousian.

Miracle blinked when Schiano appeared and distracted her momentary. She blinked and was back in action again. "Yooz need to over see troop compartment for theyz ride safely with yooz gear..." She pointed into the back of the closest Danube, "Don't forget the otherz one!"

She pointing to the one sat next to it on ready pads with techs and shuttle personnel scrambling over them to make sure they were ready and arming them. She then handed him a 3/4 full mug of Orange Slushy and scampered off. Yelling at some poor crewmen, who had the misfortune of catching a breather in her presence while waiting for their cart of torpedoes to be loaded into the weapon pod on the second shuttle.

Schiano set to work on the orders from Miracle. "As youz wish El T." With the way she sounded, if Robert did not know better he would have thought that she was from New York like him.

Miracle gave Schiano a tail tip wave as acknowledgement, disappearing into the milling organized chaos of personnel doing their jobs with professionalism of their best craft and skill.


Jack manned his station on the bridge. With his new responsibility as Chief Strategic Operations Officer, he felt it was the best place for him. Currently he was getting a report on all of assets in the area. On another screen he was getting readings from his team. They were knee deep in their assignments.

In Jack's opinion this was the best way for a Marine unit to operate. They had particular jobs to do when the orders came in. When there were no orders they should be helping wherever they could. Showing that Marines were more than beating doors down.


"Lieutenant Deveroux, how are you proceeding?" Raylan asked. She and the Lieutenant were among the engineers finishing installation of the magnetic hull plates.

"This section should be done within the next hour, Sergeant Major." Michael said with his slight southern drawl.

"Acknowledged, I'll inform the other teams of our progress." Raylan said.


Yvette was in her quarters preparing for the away mission. Her gear was laid out on her bed.

She's just picked up her phaser, to check the power pack, when her door chime sounded.

"Enter." She called.

Erin stood outside the quarters outfitted in her strike gear. She felt out of place but she took jack's suggestion literally. She packed the most compact but highest yield explosives and weaponry. Funny she was still in the dark as to the nature of the away mission. When the command came she stepped in the quarters and came to attention.

"Lance Corporal Inferson reporting as ordered ma'am"

"At ease, Corporal. What do you know about the mission?"

Erin came to ease. "All I know is what the First Lieutenant told me. He said I was to report to you for an away mission, and that I should pack light but loud. Other than that I have no idea. I know that there is a big weapon out there and it needs to be destroyed."

"We are to destroy ship mounted anti-matter weapons while they are active. Lieutenant Swiftpaws will bring us in close, we will then beam aboard the vessel where you will deal with the weapon, while I keep the crew off your back. Understood?"

Erin smirked the Commander just asked her to do what she does best. "Yes ma'am! Let's kick the tires and light the fires"

"Indeed." Yvette said.

"Ready to leave when you are ma'am" Erin responded perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

Yvette grabbed her gear and led the way to the shuttle bay.


"Lieutenant Ourielle, anything on sensors?" Farragut stood up from his chair and walked to lip of the command dais.

Ema scanned the sensor readout on her console quickly before answering. "Nothing out of the ordinary, sir," she answered briefly. "I've got anti-matter residue and some starship debris on long range at the site of the attack, but that's to be expected."

"Do you detect any stray tachyons?" Alidar added to the line of questioning. While highly unlikely, his Romulan nature forced him to check-out every possibility. With the amount of damage to the last patrol, Alidar did not want to see the Endeavour fall prey to this band of outlaws.

Ema double checked the readouts for signs of the faster-than-light atomic particles. "Nothing so far sir," she said looking back to the Romulan. "Do we think these pirates have gotten their hands on cloaking technology?"

"If they have anti-matter weaponry, anything is possible, Lieutenant," Greg answered.

"Agreed," Alidar stated. "We don't want to rush into an ambush without some idea of the capabilities our our adversary."

Ema turned back to the science console and adjusted her scanners a bit. A few additional keystrokes and she also set the relays to alert her if any tachyons were detected during their flight to the pirate's last known location.


Miracle sat at the helm of the Danube she was going to fly, running a full diagnostic on each system. She glanced through the side viewport at the Danube next to hers. She saw the other chosen pilot busy at work doing what she was doing. These may not be full blown fighters, but they still carried a powerful punch and enhanced with the pods.

The other pilot looked up and at her, making eye contact with each other. Each a new element to each other and both seasoned fighter pilots. He retired from being a fighter pilot for the more cushier job of flying the bigger ships. He hoped he still had his edge of what made him survive past encounters. He loved this crew and crazy Mousian Pilot that was his boss. He slowly nodded to her and got a nod back. He hoped she could live up to her name without getting him killed. Then it was the life he chose, even it took the ultimate sacrifice.

After the nod, Miracle looked away giving a soft prayer to the Great Mice for every ones success in bringing down these vile enemies that preyed on others.


"Bridge to Lieutenant Swiftpaws, status report." Farragut turned to face the back of the bridge and the senior staff assembled.

Over the combadge came, =^= "Squeee! Twooah Danube are ready to fly. Awaiting additional crews and troops for boarding." =^= Miracle reported with quiet professionalism with an underlying predatory excitement. =^= "Bridge has two back up pilots as needed once the encounter begins." =^=


Trey was in his quarters, quietly thinking to himself when his chronometer beeped. Being former FTA he just couldn't let pirates operate, as he'd chased his share when he first started out.

He go up and wasted no time on getting to the bridge, where he manned his post


After getting Lt Swiftpaws stowed and ready for launch, Schiano waited as the teams boarded their shuttles. He told Reaper and the others that he would keep a light on for them. When he gave Reaper a hug he whispered that the Rifleman should bring them all home safe. Reaper nodded and took his place on the shuttle.

"Gunnery Sergeant Schiano please report to the Bridge." Jack's voice came over the speakers. Meatball was never on the Bridge, so this must be rather important, he took off at a jog.

Robert "Meatball" Schiano walked onto the Bridge and was amazed at how quiet, yet tense it was. He crossed the Bridge to the Strat Ops station without saying a word. "Reporting as ordered sir" he whispered to Jack.

Schiano stood behind Jack at the Strat Ops console. Jack had ordered his old friend there, with all of the people that were going to be away from the ship. Jack wanted his EVAC expert within arms reach. It would be easier to get the plans to the Captain should the be needed. "Meatball, monitor the away team's progress and comm channels." Jack told him. "Sir yes sir" came the Marine response from Robert.


Bill was stood at the pool table console in Engineering, running various simulations through it. He was trying to find an optimal field frequency for their little plan before the components had been locked into plates. He was on his thirteenth simulation of the last half hour. So far, the original projections they'd come up with still stood as the best.

"You struck me as the type who would rather be down here than on the bridge," Xynys hissed, joining Bill at the pool table. She set a cup of coffee down on the station and nudged it toward him.

"Thanks." Bill said, picking up the drink and swigging it "It's not that I'd rather be here, it's just... I helped come up with the external anti-matter containment idea. If this goes south, it's on me. I'd rather not see that."

"You didn't lie about it, did you?" She asked.

"No, I was brutally honest." Bill replied "It's not a good idea. It's just the best of the bad ideas."

"I'll take your bad idea over another Engineer's good idea almost any day of the week," Xynys said.


"Alright, bring us to a halt at the edge of the debris field," Farragut said to the Ensign manning the conn.

Bridge Helm pilot, Joey Fonterello gave a "Aye, Sir!" As he moved the ship closer to the debris field at an angle and looping around the perimeter of the field of debris.

"Lieutenant Ourielle, what are we looking at here?"

"It's like we expected, sir," Ema began. "Cargo containers, hull plating, the remains of various ships. Mostly freighters, some attack ships." The science officer paused and rechecked the readings on the monitor.

"Captain, there are several escape pods among the debris as well. It seems we have survivors, sir. I have life signs."

Farragut looked over at Alidar and cocked an eyebrow. "Should I even ask?" It felt like a trap, and the Endeavour had been fooled before more than once in the last six months.

Always suspicious of a trap, Alidar stated, "If you intend to rescue them, take every precaution to ensure we aren't bringing aboard our our destruction.

"Right, that's our cue. Ensign Trey, prepare the shuttle bays and loading docks to receive escape pods and salvage," Greg said, stepping down into the bow of the bridge.

"Yes sir. On it." Trey said, his fngers dancing over his console. He muttered his checklist. "Doors, ready to go. Environmental...check." he said. "Also prepping to transport, just in case, Commodore." he said

Farragut glanced up at the ceiling habitually before calling for the ship's new Chief Medical Officer. "Bridge to Sickbay, Doctor Davenport what's your status?"

Thea had triple checked that she and her staff were ready should they be needed. Every instrument was placed exactly where it should be. Medical kits were packed and ready to go should they somehow be needed. "My staff and I are ready and waiting Captain," a twinge of adrenaline ran along her spine.

"Prepare to receive wounded directly to Sickbay and in the shuttlebays and loading docks. Lieutenant Ourielle and Ensign Trey will coordinate with your department," Farragut explained. He stared out at the field of broken, twisted debris and shook his head.

"Yes Captain." Thea answered already moving. She sucked in a breath and looked at her staff, giving them the briefest of sympathetic looks before the chaos started.

Jack looked forward at the field of debris and the battle formed in his head. In his mind's eye he could see the ships in their dance of fire and evasive. As it unfurled in his mind, he remembered the survivors. "Dr Davenport I am sending you Corporal Holt and Sergeant Cancielleri. They are Corpsman and trained in emergency medicine. They are under your command for the duration of this situation." Jack tapped his comm badge "Joker, Sticks report to Lieutenant Davenport in Sick Bay on the double."

Greg settled back into his chair and signaled the Runabout. "Bridge to Lieutenant Swiftpaws, launch from shuttlebays at your discretion."


Miracle looked over at the other Danube and gave a nod as she raised her hand and gave the hand signal to fire up the Danube and head out on CAP. Miracle watched the other Danube ease out into space and soon followed. =^= "Wez clear and going on CAP. Linking up our sensors with the Endeavour." =^=



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