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The Round Table

Posted on 04 Jul 2018 @ 6:43pm by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano & Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri & Corporal Alicia Reilly & Lance Corporal Brian Zapata & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson & Sergeant Major Raylan Ch'Tol & Corporal Rick Holt

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: The Throne Room - Deck 11
Timeline: MD008 1500 hrs

His meeting with Miracle and Yvette was followed up my a meeting with the Captain. Now it was time to brief the Kingsmen on the mission and the plan of action. To this end Jack summonsed the Marines for a briefing. Unlike other briefings this was a mission briefing for Marines so there were no refreshments or any frills except some pitchers of water. He had punched up the plans for the augmentations to both the Endeavour and the Gimli. The specs for the enemy's anti-matter weapons were brought up as well. Jack sat at his place with his back to his office as he waited for the Marines. This was his favorite part of a mission, the calm before the storm.

Over the course of the next ten or so minutes the Kingsmen gathered and took their seats. The briefing table that they sat at was unlike any other in Starfleet. It was a round table, Jack had it made when the assignment was made permanent. He felt that all were equal at a briefing, no ranks, just ideas. It was a concept that Jack took from Arthurian legend.

Once the team was assembled, Jack punched up all of the data that there was thus far. "Our biggest hurdle is that right there. Their big gun, it is an antimatter weapon capable of rendering shields useless," he explained.

"Anti-matter weapons, where did they get them?" Raylan asked.

"That is an excellent question Pioneer and one that cannot be readily answered at the moment, unfortunately. However, after speaking with Lieutenant Swiftpaws and Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir we have some options on how to circumvent them." Jack began to bring up the specs on the plans that he and the other two officers had developed.

Raylan thoroughly studied the specs before saying. "These ideas appear to be adequate, but they will take a while to implement."

"Agreed but we don't have a while. We need to get it done in a day maybe two." Jack replied.

"Dats impossible..." Schiano chimed in. "Well now I wouldn't say that Meat. If we all pull double shifts and work with the fleeters we can get it done. The big question is what firepower are we authorized to pack. It is going to take a big gun to take out a big gun." Inferson interrupted Schiano.

"This plan is like gambling, with lives instead of chips. One slip up and we all die. I dunno I don like it..." Reilly's Irish accent rang true in the throne room. "My thought is an undercover strike team."

"Interesting idea, Big Red, but that will probably take more than two days to set up." Raylan said.

"I dannae think so. We have us and I believe this tub carries and Intelligence Department. It should be able to get done rather quickly and with less risk I may add." Alicia replied.

"In that case maybe we could use both plans." Raylan suggested.

Patton stood and looked at Alicia. The look that he got back from her spoke volumes she truly believed in this plan. Jack knew that it had a ninety nine percent chance of being shot down by Farragut but Jack wasn't going to tell her that. "OK Red get it on paper in official briefing and I will take it to Farragut. As it stands now we are going to have to divide and conquer. Sparks you are to report to Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir for an away mission. Pack light but pack large. Pioneer you will be on loan to Engineering tasked with working on a protection from the big gun. Meatball I need you to work on the exit strategy I need a plan to get a shuttle back in an emergency, and a plan to get a strike team back. Any questions so far?" When Patton handed out assignments he made sure that there were no arguements.

"Understood, Black Jack." Raylan said.

"Sticks, Joker I want the two of you working with medical and science. I want ways to counteract the anti-matter radiation. Methods to keep anyone and everyone safe from an anti-matter weapon. Joker, gather some data about how these pirates could be preventing the self contamination as well." Jack smiled as he turned to the one member left in his team that did not have an assignment yet. "Reaper you prepare to do what you do best. Work with Security and be ready to assist in repelling boarders. As well as the possibility of joining boarding parties."

"Got it. Be ready to kick a&@ and take names." Reaper responded smiling.

"Medical. And data. Got it. Sickbay and science will be my next stop, ell tee." the corporal replied.

"Right ladies and germs if there is nothing else we all have jobs to do. Any questions?" Jack said as he stood at the table.

"Joker asked me, if I could ask you about having chocolate cake next briefing." Raylan said.

Joker grinned and nodded. "We're growing Marines."

"With Romulan Ale frosting." Jack quipped back. "Now I believe you motley bunch have jobs to do. Whose men are we?" Jack posed the question that was posed at the end of all the Kingsmen briefings.

"Kingsmen!" Raylan called leading the chant.

"Kingsmen!" the rest of the unit called out in unison.

"Then get to it. Dismissed!" Jack called as he turned to his office. There were a number of things that he needed to go over before the bridge shift.


First Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine Commanding Officer/
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Endeavour

Sergeant Major Raylan Ch'Tol
Marine First Sergeant
USS Endeavour

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano
EVAC Specialist
USS Endeavour

Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri
USS Endeavour

Corporal Alicia Reilly
USS Endeavour

Corporal Rick Holt
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Brian Zapata
USS Endeavour


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