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What Do We Have Here?

Posted on 03 Jul 2018 @ 9:49am by Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Cargo Hold, Endeavour
Timeline: After Debriefing

Alidar stood at the entrance of the cargo hold, taking a brief survey of the wreckage as he waited on the ships' Chief of Intelligence. So far he could rule out most of it. What really mattered to this investigation would be the scorch marks on the outer hull and the blast patterns. The rest was likely a result of the ship's core breaching. Still, a group of pirates should never be able to blow up a Federation starship, even one that had been decommissioned.

Yvette entered the Cargo Bay, PADD in hand. "Found anything yet, Commander?" She asked.

"Not yet," Alidar responded. He had yet to trust the Vulcan fully, but over time he had learned to respect what Yvette brought to the table. The Romulan First Officer nodded toward the pile with scorch marks, "We might have more luck there."

Scanning the debris with her tri-corder, Yvette found what she expected to, evidence of phaser and photon torpedo use, but also something further. "It appears I was correct, I've got what appears to be the result of condensed anti-matter beams. This is not the kind of technology that is easy to come by, Commander." She said.

"It is not, being banned by all governments," Alidar agreed. His eyes turned to the Vulcan, "Very expensive. More than an organization such as this could ever hope to purchase."

"Then they may have a wealthy backer." Yvette said.

"Agreed," Alidar stated. "However, that will come later. We need to discover a way to help counter this. Those weapons are unstable and can cause unexpected side effects, which is precisely why they have been outlawed."

"Magnetic fields are used to contain anti-matter on vessels and Starbases, perhaps we could use them in some way." Yvette suggested.

"Maybe through a rotating shield?" Alidar asked. It sounded a bit wrong, but many artificial magnetic fields were caused by rotation and electricity.

"Perhaps," Yvette began. "But we'd have to calculate the most useful shield frequencies, we can't just randomise them like you would to combat the Borg."

Considering things for a moment, Alidar spoke, "We have seen more illegal since the fall of Romulus." Glancing toward the Vulcan, he continued, "I can forward some of our modifications. Of course, the technology is slightly different but there could be some aspects that translate."

"That would be most useful, Commander." Yvette said.

"Then I will leave you to this as I contact home," the Romulan replied.


Commander Alidar tr'Seroht
First Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/Acting Security Chief
USS Endeavour


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