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The Plans The Thing

Posted on 05 Jun 2018 @ 12:48am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: The Throne Room - Deck 11
Timeline: MD 008 1100 Hrs

Jack had asked Lieutenant Swiftpaws and Commander Beauvoir to join him in his office. He thought that a plan of action was needed lest they have a similar fate to the Vancouver. He was reviewing the assets that were in the area and therefore available to the Endeavour should they need it as he waited for their arrival.

Yvette walked into the Marine control room, affectionately known by the Kingsmen as the Throne Room. She had a PADD in her hand. She cme to Patton's office door and activated the door chime.

"Come on in..." Jack said and when Yvette and entered he smiled. "Commander Beaivoir welcome, make yourself at home. Is there anything I can get you?"

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Vulcan Spice Tea, hot." Yvette said taking a seat.

Miracle scampered through the ship, entering the Marine control room. She looked around. "Squeee?" And one of the Marines pointed to Patton's office.

Miracle scampered over to the designated door and rang the announcer chimes.

"Come on in Lieutenant Swiftpaws." Jack called over his shoulder from the replicator. When she entered he continued "I was just getting some refreshments for our meeting. Can I get you anything?"

"Orange slushy," Miracle nodded to those present. She moved to the vacant seat and settled in it.

Yvette smiles as Miracle enters.

Miracle returned Yvette's smile with one of her own as she accepted the Orange Slushy from Jack. "Squeak." She took a sip, swallowed and sighed. "squeee.." Then her tone changed to business as she set the orange slushy on a side table and pulled out a data pad.

Jack sat behind his desk and tossed a PADD on it. He had mulled over various scenarios for about two hours now. "So we need to figure out two things. The first being what the hell happened to the Vancouver and the second how do we avoid it. In relation to the first question the attackers had to of had something that rendered the defensive and offensive capabilities of the ship useless. That is the only way that I can figure that they were able to overcome a ship like the Vancouver. Thoughts?" He sipped his coffee, caffeine had a way of making Jack see things that he didn't before.

"The attackers were using anti-matter weapons, that stripped the shields from the Vancouver, without the shields, conventional weapons were able to inflict significant damage." Yvette said having examined the available data.

"Right anti-matter weapons and there is no known defense for those. So I guess it is time to get inventive." Jack thought for a moment and then snapped his fingers. "What if we charge the hull with electromagnets? An anit-matter weapon projected in a beam can be bent by magnetism. Theoritcally, the weapon would go through our conventional shields but hit the magnetic field and bounce away." Jack was not a scientific man, but the idea sounded good at least in his head.

"If wez had visuals of the attacking ships. Shoot on sight to kill without mercy nor give quarter." Miracle spoke softly without emotions. "Iz plan on not giving them a target to shoot at. At least not a stationary one. Everyone here relies on shields too much and ship stand still to slug it out. Everyone knows that. Even ourz enemy and outlaws. Find a sure fire way to defeat the shield matrix. Even the biggest ships of the Fleet are a weak to the smallest craft that moving quickly."

Miracle paused and took a drink of her slushy. "Wez take a few armed shuttles drop them off a light year or two away from Vancouver demise location. Use the Endeavour as bait to draw them in. Hit them from behind with the armed shuttles. Ourz Force Multiplier. Wez use their weapons against them."

"Magnetic fields would work as they are used to contain antimatter on ships." Yvette said. "Also the armed shuttles could be used to even the odds."

Jack thought for a moment, he remembered a planning session very similar to this one during the last mission. It seemed that Lieutenant Swiftpaws went for a shoot first ask questions later kind of strategy. Jack for his part went for a thinking man's game. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir was a balance between the two. This is good to know about these officers. Jack thought as he formed his next question. "The question is would Engineering be able to get the magnetic plates on the hull quickly. That is no small feat that we would be asking them to do."

Miracle looked thoughtful, "Wez would have to drop from warp to test them. The Magnetic plates or emitters would interfere with the warp subspace bubble. Dropping uz from ftl." She finished speaking and took a noisy slurp to get at the dregs of her slushy. "Maybe drop from warp to allow the Engineers to work. Cause they would have very little room to work in. Not to mention being pummeled by micro-meteorites at speeds doubled of ships speed. The deflector has just so much coverage of the ship, even at high output."

"Indeed. We should conscript crew with engineering training from other departments to lend a hand. Jack, your first sergeant is an engineer, is she not?"

"Quite so, a combat engineer trained to improvise. I will have her reassigned temporarily. Right, so we get engineering staff to work on the plates. All the while we draw up tactical plans for a multi vector attack incorporating shuttles. The downfall to the shuttle plan is their weapon, that weapon needs to be neutralized or it will tear the Endeavour and the shuttle apart." Jack leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment it always helped him think. When he opened his eyes he took a sip of his coffee.

"We could fit the shuttles with countermeasures, similar to the Chaff used by Terran atmospheric fighter craft." Yvette suggested.

"The Danubes wez carry can be fitted with a 'Roll Bar' that can carry heavier weapons, to include micro-torpedo pods. A very versatile shuttle." Miracle nodded in agreement with Yvette as she spoke.

After hearing the other two officer's suggestions Jack smiled and snapped his fingers. His brain did what it did best, synergy. "That WILL work... If we take a Danube refit it as you both specified, in addition we augment the shields and add an SFMC remote demolition charge. We can send a group of Marines ahead on the Danube to lure the attackers toward us. During that lure we take out the main gun and high tail it out of there. Once the main gun is gone it is a fair fight. The hull plating will be a failsafe in case we can't take out the main gun. That should just about do it" He leaned back in his chair this time elated, he loved it when a plan came together.

"Iz will fly one of the Danubes, since Iz know how fight small ships against other ships. Nuttin but the best for the best. Mez Second will handle bridge helm." Miracle busily tapped in commands on her data padd and sent them off to begin the prep of the Danubes shuttles they was going use as force multipliers in the upcoming battle. "Yooz wanna ride co-pilot with mez, Yvette? Good chance to gather intel on these weapons first hand." Looking up at Yvette.

Miracle had a nasty cold gleam in her eyes as they were ice cold. She was looking forward to stretch her combat flight wings. It had been ages for her to do some real flying and fighting.

"Of course, Miracle, I'd be honoured." Yvette said.

"Agreed, but take Lance Corporal Inferson with you. She is my weapons and demolitions expert. If anyone can take that big gun out it is her. Anyone else you want on what could amount to a suicide run." Jack picked up his PADD and began to compile his notes on their meeting. "I will take this plan to the Captain for final approval. But I would agree with Lieutenant Swiftpaws we should get started anyway."

"Agreed." Yvette said, she was interested in finding out more about this weapon and where it came from.

Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws
CFO; Endeavour

Lieutenant Commander Beauvoir
CIO/2XO; USS Endeavour

First Lieutenant Jack Patton
MCO/SOO; USS Endeavour


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