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The Big Bout

Posted on 25 Jun 2018 @ 8:36pm by Lieutenant JG Xynys Seltriss & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: MD 6

Yvette had set up the holodeck for the boxing match between Marine Lieutenant Patton and Lieutenant JG Seltriss.

In the middle of the room was a ring with a padded floor. Around the outside was seating for the spectators.

Yvette herself was dress in a referee's uniform. She tapped her comm. badge and informed the competitors that everything was ready for the bout.

Jack had been sitting in the holographic locker room with Meatball. Schiano would be serving as Jack's corner man for the bout with the Gorn. "Meatball I have a confession, I am a little nervous. I have not boxed since the Academy." Jack rose and started hitting the speed bag.

"Youze nervous... Dat is too funny Blackjack. Just pretend he is an enemy combatant and engage. Besides this is Thrilley at Langley it ain't exactly a title bout, it's not Rumble in the Jungle. Although I got 5 bars of gold pressed latinum on you. So don let me down... Do it Jack, Do it..." Schiano rose and turned on a song called Eye of the Tiger it always got him fired up so perhaps it would work for Jack.

Trey heard the music and started to shake his head. "Jarheads." he rolled his eyes as he entered Xynys' prep area. "Ready to dethrone a Kingsman?" he chuckled.

Xynys held out her hands for boxing tape and let out a laugh. "One punch and the Lieutenant will be on the floor," Xynys grinned. "Hopefully this time I won't get phasered before the fight begins." She thought back to her last attempt to enter a fight with Miracle on Tehran station and the confused Starfleet science officer who shot her in the back.

Trey grinned as he began taping. 'Let's hope not!" he laughed.

"You're a wreckin machine..." Schiano's voice could be heard shouting from locker room. "Alright, alright that's enough we don't want to burn you out. Listen I did some research into the Gorn. They are upper body strength, stay away from his right. But their vision has a gap in it, so lead with the left." Schiano's last minute instructions to Jack.

Jack put on a boxer's robe it was green with the logo of SFMC on the back. "Right I'm ready... Now we wait for the intros"

Xynys looked down at her gloved hands and slammed them together. "I'm ready to get this show on the road," She said. "Just one good punch. That's all the human is going to need."

"Show the SFMC who's boss!" Trey said. "Don't let him outflank you." he laughed.

"If I start dropping my guard, call me on it, Trey," Xynys hissed, taking a few practice swings at the air.

"I'll definitely be watching him, Xynys." he said.

In both locker/dressing rooms could be heard the roar of the crowd and the voice of the announcer. "Hailing from the Planet of Gorn ... The Opponent Wrecking Machine ... Xynys. The Defeater of many opponents far and wide from across the Galaxy. And the Challenger hails from Sol 3... The Kingsman! An up an coming contender for the Intergalactic Boxing Championship Title..." Announcer voice fades into the roar of the crowd and resumes to be heard. "The bout will start in five minutes. In the meanwhile, find your seats and enjoy the lovely dancing ladies from Risa's Xeno-Caberet."

After the announcer's voice had died down Patton began to speak. "Well this is it. I would be lying if there weren't a little nerves."

Meatball laughed out loud "Jack-o listen win or lose this is going to be a fight for the ages. The Engineer verses the pride of SFMC. All youze gotta remember is to avoid his jab these Gorn have a wicked jab. But they have no footwork, so stick and move baby. Dats the key. Let's go get em Jack... Ohh Rah..." His voice grew louder and more impassioned as he spoke and louder still as he kept chanting "Ohhh Rahhhh"

Slowly Jack's responses got louder to match his corner man. So they both were screaming and Jack was ready. "You're a wrecking machine..." came Schiano's voice as they ran from the locker room.

Xynys emerged from the dressing room wearing nothing besides the traditional boxing shorts and the red gloves strapped to her hands. Her people lacked the distinguishing characteristics between males and females of warm-blooded species. To the untrained eye she looked like a larger version of her male counterparts. She entered the ring and once more slammed her fists together, signaling her readiness for the fight.

Patton entered the ring and made a show of doing some footwork around the ring. He took the robe off and was wearing green boxing trunks with the SFMC logo on them and Marine green boxing gloves. He looked at the Gorn and smiled as he too slammed his fists together.

With both fighters having signaled their readiness, Yvette stepped into the middle of the ring and called them over to her.

"Okay, I want a clean fight, now shake and return to your corners and come out fighting when the bell sounds." She said.

Xynys approached the middle of the ring with her gloved hand extended. "I'd say nothing below the belt, but that might limit your reach too much," She hissed.

Patton reached with his gloved hand and touched gloves with the Gorn. He smirked "Nice a height joke... We will see who is taller when you are laying flat on your back." He punched his fists together and went over to his corner.

"Probably still me," Xynys muttered, backing up into her corner. She raised her fists, ready to start the fight.

The bell rang signaling the first round.

When the bell rang Jack stepped tentatively toward the center of the ring. His initial strategy was to beat the larger Gorn with footwork. Typically a large opponent could not keep up with moving feet. So Patton decided to employ out boxing strategy. Staying away from his opponent and making her reach. As he circled the Gorn he found his opening and tagged her three times in pattern, jab, jab, right cross step away.

"OH RIGHHHT! Dats it stick and move..." Meatball's voice could be heard over the sounds of the match.

The punches landed with a dull thud against Xynys's side and left a radiating pain in their wake. "You'll have to hit harder, Jack," Xynys hissed, sliding forward to close the distance with the Marine. She feinted with her right hand and slammed her left arm forward, hoping to land a single, powerful punch on the man's face.

Jack instantly chastised himself, he fell for the oldest trick in the book and knew it. When she feinted left he moved to dodge what he thought was a punch coming from his right side. But in doing so his face collided with the meaty fist of the Gorn's left. The sheer power in the punch was like a jackhammer. He felt the residual pain spread through his cheek.

Jack managed to recover quickly and danced back a few steps. He took a quick step in and unleashed a volley of lefts and rights ending with an uppercut.

"That's the way, Xynys! Shake it off." Trey said, really getting into this. "Mind your guard and give it to him!"

Xynys absorbed the Marine's blows. She dropped her guard to plant another punch on his jaw, but a surprise uppercut smacked her chin and sent the Gorn staggering back with stars in her eyes. She threw a wild punch to get the Marine on his heels, swinging wide with her right arm toward his side.

Jack saw the wild punch coming a mile away. He bobbed back two steps to avoid the blow. He quickly stepped in with a flurry of body shots to the Gorn before she got her guard back up. In all three body shots landed on their target and the rest did nothing as they were blocked.

"Right Jack-o now youze got her. Go for the kill. Eye of the Tiger... Do it Jack... Do it..." Schiano screamed from Jack's corner as he banged on the mat. From his vantage point it seemed that the Xynys was powerful but a little slow on footwork. Jack just had to beat her on speed. That plan seemed to be working for now.

Xynys continued to absorb Jack's blows rather than attempt to block them. She wasn't fast enough or small enough to step out of the way. The punches began to take their toll, sending sharp, stabbing pain up and down her sides. She needed to land another punch on the Marine and get some breathing room. She pulled her right band back just like before and telegraphed the same feint-punch that worked seconds ago. This time, however, the right hand carried through to Jack's head.

The overconfidence got him. Jack was hammering away on the Gorn trying to get her to go down, so intent was he that he did not see the right hand coming to his head. Jack reached back for a left, a left that he never delivered as he saw stars and his vision clouded for a moment. The punch was so forceful that Jack took two steps back and stumbled to a knee as he tried to clear his vision.

Yvette stepped into the ring and paused the fight. "Jack I would like you to return to your corner and be examined by a doctor before we continue the fight." She said.

"I'm okay... I'm fine..." Jack shouted but refs being refs he had to go to the corner and was deemed okay to fight. The punch caught him off guard is all. When the fight resumed Jack took two quick steps in and feinted right. He swung with his left and connected hard with Xynys' temple. He followed that up with a right to the jaw.

Xynys didn't stumble back when the first punch connected with her head or the second landed on her jaw. She looked bleary eyed to Yvette and held her arms close to her face trying to block Jack's blows.

Jack capitalized on the situation. He knew the only way to win at this point was to press the offense until the ref stepped in. He began a flurry of blows alternating between the Gorn's head and body.

Yvette signaled for the end of round bell to sound. The bell rang and when the fighting didn't stop, she stepped into separate them. "Jack, the round is over, don't make me knock you on your ass." She said.

Jack stopped the flurry of blows once Yvette got between them. He stepped back into his corner and sat onto the stool. "You're doin' it Jacky boy you're doin' it. Just watch that hook it seems that she has a whallop behind the hook." Schiano said as he raised a bucket and handed Jack a water bottle.

"She hits like a hammer it is quite invigorating. I just have to find a way to get her down. I think the combos are working, every time I go for a combo she seems to not see it coming." Jack said as he took some water. Cancielleri walked over and checked Jack's wounds. There was a large bruise over Jack's eye, Brian cut it open performing an old boxing trick called bleeding the wound. It released the swelling.

Xynys lumbered back to her corner and slumped down onto her stool. Her breathing remained steady despite the flurry of activity. "I just need one more hit," She grumbled. "And then he'll go down."

Trey nodded, ready with water bottle. "Yeah. When you connect, it knocks for a loop alright." he smiled. "Just watch his combos, Xynys. He's doing his "Marine thing" he said. Doing the air quotes.

Xynys took the water bottle awkwardly into her gloved hands. She squished around a mouthful of water and spit out a bloody mix into the bucket at her feet. "Would be easier if I had a tree branch," She said, thinking back to the first engagement between a human and a Gorn centuries ago.

Jack stared at the Gorn across the ring. Win or lose he knew two things. The first was there was a reason that the Gorn were feared and Jack was learning that first hand. The second was that he would go into combat with Xynys any day of the week.

"Are we going to end this?" Xynys called out.

"Round 2, ready when you are ref..." Jack called back from his corner.

"Okay, Round 2." Yvette said and signaled for the bell to ring.

Jack sprang from the corner with his fists up in a defensive stance. He started this round a little different than the first one. He still kept the speed up as that seemed to be one of her weaknesses, however, this time he rounded to the left. He went for the opening. He quickly landed two body shots with the left and a hay-maker with the right. He smirked, he had her number and now it was time to use it.

Xynys absorbed the flurry of blows and kept her arms close to her chest. She began to cede ground, scooting back into her corner step by step.

Jack kept the pace up as he stepped forward when she stepped back. She was backing into her corner, he had to be careful or he would be rope a doped. With each step he would land a couple of more blows. He alternated the location based upon her blocks, she blocked the face he went for the body and vice versa.

"Yes Jacko... Yes you got her now... Do it..." Schiano's thick accent could be heard over the crowd.

With Jack punching up to land blows on her, Xynys saw an opportunity. Now focused only on bombarding her with wallop after wallop, he had let his guard down. She dropped her guard, subjecting herself to a flurry of blows on her face, and delivered one final punch to the Marine. Her arm swung back and planted an undercut on his gut below his flailing arms.

With an audible ooph the punch to the gut was landed. Jack took two steps back and had a wake up moment. He realized that in his efforts to land as many blows as possible he let his guard down and she ran through the opening. He quickly put his fists back up and dropped into a guarding stance. He had to re-work his strategy. She just wouldn't budge, she wouldn't go down. He decided to let her come in on the attack and play a defensive game until he could find the opening.

Yvette signaled the bell for the end of the round. Keeping her face neutral, she thought. Looks like Jack has his work cut out for him.

Xynys lumbered back into her corner, arms dangling from her sides. She thought she had landed the finishing blow, but the human refused to go down. "They're tougher than they look," Xynys hissed, casting her unfocused gaze on Trey.

"Eh, Marines." he said. "But he's weakening. I can tell." he offered. He gave her the once over. "Land one more good hit and he's out." He grinned.

Patton stepped back into his corner and sat on the stool. Sticks and Meatball repeated the ritual that they had done at the end of round 1. "I don't get it Meat, she just takes a pounding and keeps coming. She doesn't even show signs of injury. What do I do?"

"You keep going Jacko you keep pounding. Do it... You're a wrecking machine." Schiano responded as he handed Jack a bottle of water.

"Round 3." Called and signaled the bell.

The sharp pitch of the old Earth naval whistle interrupted the computer generated din of a roaring and cheering crowd. All hands this is the Captain. We have received new orders from Starfleet Command. Shoreleave is suspended and all personnel are recalled from Langley Station and Lyshan Colony. Senior officers report to the Observation Lounge in ten hours. Farragut out.

When the words from the Captain came through the speakers. Jack was relieved and angry. Angry that he couldn't go for the win but relieved that the punishment that he had been taking would be over. He walked out to the center of the ring smiling and he raised one gloved fist to Xynys as he signaled her to come to the center of the ring.

When the Gorn came to the center of the ring. Jack touched both gloves to hers. The traditional way boxers shook hands. "Great fight and you hit like a hammer. You can watch my six any day of the week." Jack smiled and gave her a hug continuing the boxing tradition of good conduct.

"Next time bring a cannon," Xynys hissed in the Marine's embrace. "You can take more hits than I thought. Almost as tough as my ex husband."

After the Captain's words, the audience began to leave the holodeck. Yvette had mixed feelings, she was said that her shore leave was over, but she also looked forward to what challenges a new mission would bring.

Trey rolled his eyes at the Captain's announcement. But duty was duty. He held the ropes so both combatants could leave the ring. "Excellent fight. Both of you." he smiled. He gave the "thumbs up" to Xynys

"Thank you for being in my corner, Trey," She said, descending from the ring. She looked up at Yvette. "Thanks for keeping it honest."

"You are most welcome, Xynys." Yvette said.

Jack gave Robert a big hug as he left the ring. "Thanks brother..." he said. "Anytime bruddah, next time we git her down." Schiano said with a smile and then added "But right now duty calls."


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