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A Real Joker

Posted on 15 May 2018 @ 3:49am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Corporal Rick Holt

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Stretegic Operations - Langley Station
Timeline: MD 07 1300 Hrs

Jack sat at the computer terminal and pinched the bridge of his nose. He had been at it for a solid four hours now and was getting no where fast with Cardassia. They claimed that all records of the antimatter weapons were destroyed during the liberation of Cardassia Prime. He sighed deeply, he knew two things at the moment, one he could use a break and two he could use some coffee.

He rose from the console and was heading for the door. A good stroll around the promenade and a stop at the cafe should do the trick.

Rick was in the café, laughing it up with a couple of his buds celebrating the celebration of his best friends promotion to Sergeant. "You know your buying, right Rick?" the newly minted sergeant said, poking Holt in the ribs.

"I don't think so, Sarge. Highest rank buys. That's Military tradition!" he said. A lance corporal threw his hand up. Rick didn't leave him hanging. "Besides, you own me for getting Captain Pranger off of your butt with that paint grenade."

As Jack walked the promenade thinking of how he could learn more about these weapons. He spotted a man he recognized by service record alone. One of the new transfers into his unit was sitting with some friends. He smiled and thought to himself well no better distraction then inducting someone. Jack walked over to the cafe and over to the table. "Pardon me gents, mind if I join you."

Rick looked at Sergeant Baker with a look that said "Looks like you're off the hook." He then turned to the newcomer, a Lieutenant. He straightened up. "The more the merrier, sir." he said.

There was a fleeting moment where Jack wanted them all to snap to, after-all he was a superior officer. However, the words of his ancestor rang in his head. "Get to know your men as they are, not as soldiers and you will lead better." George Patton would say. So Jack sat down and ordered a Rachtijino. "Say your Corporal Rick Holt, if the face matches the service record that is. Looks like you are one of mine now, that is if you can pass muster." Jack said with a smirk.

"Guilty I guess, sir." Rick said. "Pass muster sir?" he said, perking up. He never shied away from a challenge. "Interesting." a look of curiosity forming.

"Well Corporal we are the Kingsmen, we are the best of the best. So like everyone else in my unit you have to prove yourself. But if you would like we could do this later, and I will leave you to your friends." Jack said with a smirk.

An andorian corporal jabbed rick in the ribs. Which Rick grimaced at. Rick flashed him a look. "Dang it Shev!" Baker laughed. "Go for it man. It's not everyday you get picked to join the best."

"Cant argue with that. I'm yours, sir." Rick said

"Very well, come take a walk with me." Jack stood up and picked up his drink. He started to walk around the promenade. "So Corporal, your record says you are a Corpsman. Well I already have one of those, but your experience in Biology is what has my interest. You see for the first time in it's history the Kingsmen are being assigned to a ship. With that comes the unknown. I need a Biologist... What do you think of that?"

"Biologist, huh?" Rick said. "A chance to flex another muscle than medical does sound appealing sir." he added, rubbing his chin. "Sounds like a challenge. And I never shy from those, sir!"

"Good, now tell me what are your intentions with corps? That is to say do you want to be a career Marine or will you leave us for fleet the first chance you get. I also want to tell you that the Kingsmen are not just a choice unit. We train constantly when not on mission." Jack said as he placed his hands behind his back and kept walking.

"I may have a science background sir. But I'm a Marine through and through. Family has been dating to the MACO's. Besides. I like green better than that teal." he smiled. He didn't intend to get that loose in his tone but he couldn't help it.

"Also, I'm honored to be considered I wanna say. As to the constant training. I like to keep busy so I welcome that."

"It is that family lineage that attracted us to you. It is quite similar to my own family's long military history. Our motto is Frater Fratrem In Mortem Et Vitam Vobis, Brother to Brother, Yours in Life and Death." Jack said as he pointed to the patch on his sleeve. "This is more than a motto for us, it is a code of ethics, a way to live. I may be the CO of this unit but when those doors are closed we are equals contributing in all ways. It is these contributions that help me lead and in turn be led. What do you think of that?" Jack placed his hands behind his back and took a couple of steps forward down the promenade.

"I love the sound of that, sir." he smiled. "I love that equality notion. Makes for a more cohesive unit."

"Quite so, however, when a decision is reached and orders given that is where the equality ends. Do you have any questions thus far?" Jack nodded as they walked.

Rick fully understood. "None at this time, sir." he said.

"So your file and your friends say you are quite the prankster. Tell me why humor?" Jack responded curtly.

"Short answer, for the fun of it. Seriously though it happened at parris island. This guy was a class a pain in the butt. He pranked everybody, and I mean everybody." he began. "Including our DI. The thing is he was never caught." Rick began.

"So the platoon got together to get him back. No one wanted to lead, so I took point. His name was private Perdue and he hated Andorians. So we painted him blue and stuck antenna to him while he slept." he laughed. "Now I use it to help brighten my buddies day."

Patton was amused by the story and chuckled. "I see the need or humor and for morale of course. My own handle was given because of the way I boost morale. However, you do understand that there is a time and a place for everything, I am sure."

"Naturally sir." Rick said.

Jack smiled and turned to face Holt. "Well I think I have heard enough." With his right hand he punched himself in the chest and placed the hand on Rick's left shoulder. "Brother to brother, yours in life and death." Jack held the tableu for moment and the lowered his arm. "Go get your gear and report to the USS Endeavour. Welcome to the Kingsmen... Joker"

"Yes sir!" Rick, now dubbed "Joker." replied

Jack smiled, "I will see you in the Throneroom aboard the Endeavour 0900 tomorrow morning."

First Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO/Strategic Operations Officer
USS Endeavour

Corporal Rick Holt
Field Medic
USS Endeavour


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