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Posted on 02 May 2018 @ 8:04pm by Lieutenant JG Xynys Seltriss & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Holodeck 2, USS Endeavour
Timeline: Prior to Mission 4

Having been through a lot lately, Yvette decided to spend some of her leave experiencing a holoprogram, she had recently discovered.

It was named the Thermal Pools of Rybell 3. A planet in Rybell System with crystal forests and thermal mineral pools.

Believing this to be a sufficient way to relax, she contacted, Miracle, the first friend she made when she joined Endeavour,and invited her to join her.

Yvette was now waiting outside Holodeck 2 for Miracle to join her. She was dressed in a green one-piece swimsuit with a towel around her waist and a shirt of a thin material over her shoulders.

Miracle came scampering up the corridor in her usual fashion. She was open to new experiences and she liked Yvette. And part of her shipboard community that went past the professional level.

Miracle was wearing her usual black cargo pants and black loose fitting t-shirt over her two piece yellow bikini.

"Squeeeea- hi!" Miracle sang out as she came to a sliding halt next to Yvette. "Iz hope Iz haven't kept yooz waiting."

"No, not at all." Yvette said with a smile. "Shall we?" she asked.

"Lead the way!" Miracle returned the smile with one of her own full of warmth. "Whots on the agenda?" Figuring by the way Yvette was dressed, would be something doing with a beach or lake.

"Thermal pools and cold drinks, I thought we could both use some relaxation." She said activating the door and entering the holodeck.

"Squoooo.." In delight as Miracle followed Yvette into the holo-deck. She looked around her in amazement at the magical like transformation of the holo-deck. " Most definitely."

To Miracle, it was like stepping through a portal from the ship into another world without the smells that would accompany such a beautiful scenery. Ears swiveled picking up the soft nuances of sounds of nature.

"Such a nice spot yooz picked, Ye-Vette." Miracle murmured as she followed Yvette deeper into the holo-deck.

"Thank you, I found it in the database, the natural pools range in temperature 31-39 degrees Celsius, but there is also a swimming pool at 25 degrees nearby, if the heat gets too much for us." She explained as the walked though grounds that retained much of their natural beauty."

Miracle looked around her as she followed Yvette. Her ears swiveled to keep the opening towards Yvette as she listened. Temperatures were hot, yet at a comfortable range.

"Which one is yooz favorite?" Miracle turning her attention fully on Yvette. Eyes twinkled with merriment and warmth of friendship. "Iz hope to get the mud out of mez fur."

Forgetting that this was the holo-deck. This technology still amazed her as it seamed god-like to her. Miracle looked around in awe as a nagging feeling itched the back of her mind that something wasn't right. But she was relaxing as the heat from the various bubbling mud pools radiated out. "Squak!" in surprise as a glob of heated mud flew from an exploding bubble to land on her furry arm. She flicked the cooling mud off her furry arm onto the side of Yvette's Torso.

"I will try the 35 degree one." Yvette said. She was about to head towards the pool, when the mud from Miracle's arm hit her. She pretended to be angry, before her face broke into a smile.

The cargo doors leading into the holodeck groaned open and admitted Xynys Seltriss to the simulation. "Sorry I'm late," The Gorn called out. She wore a crimson loose-fitting robe that ran from her neck all the way down to her ankles. She stopped at the edge of the pools and looked around the collection of baths surrounded by beautiful crystals jutting into the sky.

"This is beautiful, Yvette!"

"Yes, it is." Yvette agreed as she dropped her towel and bag, and waded into one of the pools.

She sighed with pleasure as the heat of the pool washed away her stress.

Xynys wasted little time removing her robe. Unlike the other women, she was physically indistinguishable from her species's male counterparts. Still for modesty's sake and the comfort of her crewmates, she wore boxers to cover herself. "How are you two doing?" She asked, looking from Miracle to Yvette with a broad, toothy smile.

"I did not know how much I was in need of this." Yvette said.

The Gorn settled into same hot pool as the intelligence chief. As the heat washed over her scales, Xynys let out a long, hissing sigh. The warmth was almost as good as being back on Cestus III or Earth's high deserts. "I could start every day with a bath like this," She hissed, stretching out her legs and draping her arms across the lip of the pool.

"I concur." Yvette said.

"So...I hear someone got a promotion this week," Xynys hissed with a knowing, albeit toothy, smile.

"Yes, you hear correctly, I am now a Lieutenant Commander and the Endeavour's second officer." Yvette replied. She had served as a second officer before, but this was different, she was beginning to feel at home here.

"Congratulations Commander!" Xynys said. "So what do you plan to do to celebrate?"

"Thank you, I am celebrating now." Yvette said.

Miracle had relaxed, letting the heat that radiated off the heated mud pools. She blinked a bit and hurried to remove her outer layer of clothing to reveal her bikini. She stepped into the pool of bubbling mud with the others. It felt weird to be getting muddy in order to relax. It felt good as the heat relaxed and loosened muscles that she didn't realize that was stiff with tension. "Yooz will do an excellent job at being Second Officer." Miracle smiled softly at the Yvette and nodded to Xynys.

"Is this stuff easy to get out of your fur?" Xynys asked, cocking her head at the Mousian.

"No. Its a pain in the tail." Miracle spoke softly. "But it'll be worth it since Iz amongst friends." She looked like a walking dripping mud ball with a tail, feet and hands. She flicked some warm mud at Xynys and Yvette. Eyes a twinkling with merriment.

A clump of mud hit Yvette in the face. She wiped it of and stared at Miracle, before picking up a hand full of mud and threw it in the Mousian's direction.

-Spolt- The soft warm mud hit inside of Miracles ear, causing her to shake her head. The shaking of her head sent mud spraying off her like a sprinkler, sending mud all over the place. Once the shaking started, it traveled down her body, sending loose mud flying. When she got done shaking the mud off of her; her fur stuck out in little groups of spikes.

Xynys yelped as the mud went flying through the air. The clod of warm muck landed with a smack on her nose. She tried to wipe it off but the mud on her hands only made it worse. Mud streaked across her scales, evidence of her attempt to clean her face. Her efforts were in vain as Miracle sent flecks of mud flying in all directions. In retaliation, Xynys smacked her open palm into the pool. A spray of mud flew in Mousian's direction.

Miracle started to squeak/giggles at the efforts of Xynys in cleaning the mud off her nose till a wave of mud doused her again.

Yvette smiled at her two friends enjoying themselves.

"By the Mother, I needed this," Xynys said with a hearty laugh. "Thank you for setting this all up, Yvette."

"You are most welcome." Yvette said.

What passed for a mud ball with feet, hands, ears and tail, nodded with a delightful "squeak!" and another explosion of flying mud.

"This'll take months and months to get outta my fur!" Once the mud had settled, revealing spiked furred Miracle sounding upset, but was belied by the tinge of merriment in her voice; the smile and twinkle in her eyes that she was enjoying herself. "Last time Iz got this way when I crashed mez bike into Brown's Bog!"

"Brown's Bog?" Xynys asked.

"Similar to this, only instead of rocks, vegetation. A swamp, another word for bog." Miracle spoke scratching at itchy spot on her, knocking even more mud off of her. Her voice soft with a tinge of sadness.

"Were you able to recover your bike?" Yvette asked.

"Or did it get consumed by the bog?" Xynys added.

"I was able to get mez bike back." Miracle spoke, relaxing in the warmth of the soft mud. "Iz had to reset the chain on it till the mud was cleared from the chain. the mud dried quick and the sprockets would not catch the chain like theyz suppose to. Made for pedaling pretty irksome." She nodded sagely.

"The Endeavour's corridors are long enough on Deck 9 and 10 to warrant a bike," Xynys hissed with a chuckle.

"Squoooo... But not wide enough for it. Even though it would come in handy if power was very limited." Miracle thoughtfully spoke. "Iz move pretty fast as Iz. By the time Iz gave warning, Iz would have to stop till room was made for mez to pass."

"Might have been enough room on a Sovereign class," Xynys surmised. "They have those wide wide corridors running down the ship's central axis."

Miracle turned her attention to Yvette. "Oh Squeee.. Congrats on yooz promotion to Commander. Have yooz ever ridden a bicycle?" Giving her friend a smile.

"Thank you, Miracle." Yvette said. "I have ridden an ancient motorcycle on my uncle's farm."

Miracle eyes lit up to the mention of the motorcycle. "Iz would like to ride one. Iz read about them in Earth's History. Iz bet that was fun with the wind caressing yooz."

"Yes, it was." Yvette said with a smile as she remembered the experience.

"Maybe we can make some time at our next shore leave?" Xynys hissed.

"Of course." Yvette agreed.

"Squea.." Miracle nodded as she got out of the mud pool. ".. Its a date. And hate to run. But mez time is running short. Got big meeting with Department." She headed towards exit and was amazed when all of the mud dissolved into nothing from being in the room of high magic.

"How did crews keep themselves entertained without holodecks?" Xynys mussed, watching the mud evaporate from Miracle as she left the room. She looked to Yvette and smiled. "Congratulations again, Commander."

"Thank you, this was most enjoyable." Yvette replied.


Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/2nd Officer
USS Endeavour

Lt. JG Xynys Seltriss
USS Endeavour


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