USS Endeavour
NCC 73654
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Bridge   The Bridge is the nerve center of the starship. All of the primary control systems for controlling and command the Endeavour, or any Federation vessel, is found here.
Observation Lounge   Aft-facing briefing room reserved for meetings of the ship's senior officers and department heads.
Ready Room   The Captain or Commanding Officer's personal office situated adjacent to the bridge.
Corridors and Jeffries Tubes   Standard corridors of a Nebula-class vessel.
Officers' Quarters   Officers quarters offer privacy and comforts not afforded to enlisted personnel.
Enlisted Quarters   Bunk beds and common areas for enlisted personnel.
Ten Forward   Located on the forward rim of the saucer section, this lounge does not discriminate against patrons Starfleet or otherwise.
Mess Halls   Common areas for officers and crew of the Endeavour.
Weight room   Dedicated physical fitness facilities ensure the health and well being of the crew while on assignment.
Holodeck   Holodecks provide entertainment and training opportunities for the ship's officers and crew.
Armory and Security Office   Primary security office and one of the many armories scattered throughout the Endeavour.
Brig   Individual holding cells and containment areas.
Starship Operations   Offices and labs for the Chief of Operations and starship operations specialists.
Marine Detachment Offices   Marine Detachment facilities include a dedicated armory, equipment room, briefing area, and offices for detachment command.
Main Sickbay and Medical Facilities   The primary medical ward contains the Chief Medical Officer's office, a surgical bay, and several biobeds for treatment and recovery.
Transporter Room   Transporters provide the primary means of ferrying personnel to and from the ship.
Stellar Cartography   Stellar cartography provides specialized facilities for scientific and military operations.
Main Engineering   The beating heart of every Federation starship is found in Main Engineering.
Intelligence Offices   The ship's chief intelligence officer's office is found here as well as a secure 'clean room' and a work area for intelligence analysts.