Season 4 The Barbary Corsairs

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With attention turned toward the Romulan Relief Effort, piracy has taken hold of the critical trade lanes between the fledgling Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets. Emboldened by the absence of Starfleet and Federation security forces, pirates and separatists have launched increasingly daring raids against Federation and Cardassian merchant vessels. Two weeks ago a pirate organization known as The Corsairs destroyed four Federation-flagged transport ships and severally damaged the USS Leopold. In response to the brazen attack, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Endeavour into the region.

The Endeavour’s mission is threefold: (1) Protect critical aid convoys destined for Cardassia, (2) determine the source of the pirate attacks, and (3) neutralize the pirates’ base of operations. To aid in its mission, Starfleet Command assigned a detachment from the United Federation of Planets Frontier and Trade Authority (UFP FTA) to assist the Endeavour’s crew in the investigation and interdiction. Two FTA patrol cutters (USS Jaguar and USS Puma) have been tasked to supplement the Endeavour’s efforts in the sector.

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Included Missions

Skyjacked! 4X02

Post Count: 3

The Endeavour arrives at Zidell Shipyards days after the daring pirate raid. With nearly a dozen ships stolen and two patrol cutters destroyed, the crew find themselves on the hunt for the perpetrators. With few leads, the Endeavour sets out to chase down the attackers and put an end to the raids plaguing the sector.

Crisis on the Frontier 4X01

Post Count: 226

Two weeks after the dramatic conclusion at Terok Kal, the crew of the Endeavour enjoy a welcome and much needed respite at Langley Station. Rumors on the station suggest a treaty of alliance with the Cardassian Union is in the early stages of negotiation. As incentive for cooperation, the Federation increases development assistance shipments to Cardassia. While shoreleave winds down and the Endeavour’s long overdue resupply concludes, tragic news reaches the Starbase. A convoy has been destroyed and its Starfleet escort crippled. The Endeavour is ordered out of drydock and dispatched to the increasingly lawless frontier between Cardassia and the Federation.