Skyjacked! 4X02

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The Endeavour arrives at Zidell Shipyards days after the daring pirate raid. With nearly a dozen ships stolen and two patrol cutters destroyed, the crew find themselves on the hunt for the perpetrators. With few leads, the Endeavour sets out to chase down the attackers and put an end to the raids plaguing the sector.

Part of Season 4 The Barbary Corsairs

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Mission 0: Gremlins

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Timeframe: April 19th, 2391 - April 26th, 2391.

Location: On route to Science Station Messer.

The Endeavour is tasked with the delivery of supplies to a research station close to the border of the Neutral Zone. It is the ship's first mission and majority of the posts are about settling on the ship. That is until Engineering get into trouble with some creepy crawlers...

Primary Objective: Supply.

Secondary Objective: Search and Rescue.

Part of Season 1

Mission 1: Fighting Gravity

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Timeframe: April 27th, 2391 - April 30th, 2391.

Location: Planet Nyarra (subspace)

The USS Endeavour gets the order to investigate the disappearance of the USS Marin, as they are the closest search and rescue vessel in the area. Last contact with the Marin was three days ago, during their search of a few missing probes near the Ohron cluster.

Mission Objective: Search and Rescue

Part of Season 1

Mission 2: Trouble in Paradise

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When the ship finally gets back to normal space they have a lot of things to take care of.
After barely preventing the ship from falling out of orbit and crashing to a planet, the ship is in need of repairs. And what will happen with the Endeavour's command team?

In the meantime the crew gets a short, well deserved shore leave to catch their breath after all the pain and misery caused by the last mission. But what is happening on the planet? Will the crew get a real chance to get some peace and quiet? Or is it just the silence before the storm?

Part of Season 1

The not so Wild West

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The Endeavour's self appointed morale officer has decided that the crew needs to learn more from each others culture. The first episode he comes up with is a Wild West story from Earth.

Part of The Holodeck

Mission 3: Unto the Breach

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The Borg have begun an invasion of the Federation. It is up to the Endeavour and her crew to hold back the tide. Can the Endeavour adapt in time to complete her mission?

Part of Season 2

Mission 4: Witch Hunt

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An alarming report from the ruins of Nova Europa could send shock waves throughout the Endeavour. The crew of the Endeavour has dealt with an outside enemy, how will they handle an enemy within?

Part of Season 2

Prelude: Getting to Know You

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With a new Captain and a few new crew members coming aboard, the Endeavour takes a shakedown cruise to allow everyone to get to know one another.

Part of Season 3 Peaceful Coexistence

The Signal 3X01

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Eight months after the events of Witch Hunt, the crew of the Endeavour is relegated to patrol duty on the border of the old Federation-Cardassian DMZ. Captain Marcus Byrne forced to resign at the conclusion of the misdirected trial turns over command to Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Farragut, an officer known for his transitory nature. The future of the Endeavour and her crew hang in the balance.

Part of Season 3 Peaceful Coexistence

Ash-Shirra 3X02

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Troubled by the destruction of the unidentified freighter, the crew of the Endeavour begins a thorough investigation of the debris field. Lt. Cmdr. Farragut’s tenure is extended in an unprecedented display of confidence from Starfleet command. The crew manages to recover data from the ship’s flight recorder, albeit severely corrupted, pointing to a civilian trading station near the Cardassian border known for illicit deals. Uncertain and unprepared for what lies ahead, Farragut orders the ship to the station.

Part of Season 3 Peaceful Coexistence

The Encounter 3X03

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Starships across the fleet find themselves ordered to bizarre patrol routes, instructed to ferry cargo like civilian haulers, and inundated with crew rotations far in excess of standard procedure. Meanwhile, the Endeavour continues her investigation of the Cardassian trading station – Naktor Kal. Initial scans indicate all environmental control operations have ceased. The station is a vacuum. While investigating, a lone Cardassian Galor-class vessel observes the ship’s activities at the far edge of the system unbeknownst to the Endeavour, her crew, or Starfleet.

Part of Season 3 Peaceful Coexistence

Crisis on the Frontier 4X01

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Two weeks after the dramatic conclusion at Terok Kal, the crew of the Endeavour enjoy a welcome and much needed respite at Langley Station. Rumors on the station suggest a treaty of alliance with the Cardassian Union is in the early stages of negotiation. As incentive for cooperation, the Federation increases development assistance shipments to Cardassia. While shoreleave winds down and the Endeavour’s long overdue resupply concludes, tragic news reaches the Starbase. A convoy has been destroyed and its Starfleet escort crippled. The Endeavour is ordered out of drydock and dispatched to the increasingly lawless frontier between Cardassia and the Federation.

Part of Season 4 The Barbary Corsairs