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Lieutenant JG William Hendrix

Name William "Bill" Hendrix

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 22-1-2366 (27)
Place of Birth USS Arumis

Physical Appearance

Height 6"
Weight 162 lbs
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Bill is a man of average height with a lean build. He tends to take a little more pride in his appearance than he should, something which he often gets teased for by his sister, given his profession as a 'grease monkey.' His hair is usually neatly coiffed, with a trimmed stubble he tends to keep around the same length at all times.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Kenneth Hendrix (53)
Mother Jennifer Hendrix (33, Commander, Deceased)
Brother(s) Quentin Hendrix (Half-Brother, 14)
Sister(s) Zara Matthias (27)
Other Family Kelly Hendrix (Step-Mother, 46), Ricardo Matthias (28, Brother-In-Law), Jonathan Matthias (Nephew, 3)
Marital status Single
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bill is a bit of a joker, tending to have puns ready most of the time. He has something of an excitable nature, tending to start rambling at times when he is over excited. Despite this, he is well aware of his abilities, his ego sometimes bordering on narcissism. However, at heart, he's a nice guy, if a little vain. He does, however, suffer from a degree of emotional stunting in regards to his relationships, due to his refusal to become attached after his Mother's Death
Strengths +Intelligent
+Fair Athletic Ability
Weaknessess -Excitable
-Aware of Abilities
-Ego, Bordering on Narcissism
-Emotionally Stunted Mentality
Ambitions Bill wants to, long term, get one of his starship designs put into production. However, in the meantime, he's content taking apart and putting back together various parts of ships.
Hobbies & Interests Bill is a tinkerer. He likes to play with various pieces of technology, often removing components to take them apart and put back together. He also enjoys spy novels, both literary and holographic. This complements his interest in martial arts, specifically Taekwondo and Jujitsu.
Languages Federation Basic

Personal History Bill was born in 2366 onboard the USS Arumis, an Excelsior Class Starship where his Mother was serving as Chief Engineer. Bill was the elder of his parents' twin children, his sister Zara being born six minutes after he was. In spite of this, Bill tended to be the more immature of the pair.

Bill and his family spent the first five years of his life onboard the Arumis, during which time his Mother rose to the position of Executive Officer. However, in 2372, his Father took the twins to Earth to live on their family's farm in South-West England. Later, in 2374, the family would receive word that the twins' Mother had been severely injured during operation Return. Shortly after her return to Earth, his mother passed away in Starfleet Medical.

Following this, Bill threw himself into his hobbies at home. By the time he was 10, when his Father re-married, he'd taken apart and put back together his Grandfather's old 20th century Mustang more than once. By the time he was 13 and his younger brother was born, he'd moved onto model starships, having a collection of various Starfleet vessels.

When he was 15, his sister teased him over his crush on a girl in their class, Danielle. Bill's response was, as his Step-Mother put it, maladjusted. His Father took him to see a therapist, not for the first time since his Mother's death, and he was described as being emotionally stunted, and almost incapable of developing any meaningful attachments. While he cared for his family and friends, he seemed incapable of anything deeper.

In 2382, at age 16, Bill and his sister graduated High School. At this time, he took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. He passed the entrance examination, but failed his psychological evaluation. A year later, in 2383, he took the exam and evaluation again. He passed the exam, and scraped a pass on his evaluation, though he was ordered to undergo quarterly re-evaluations.

In 2387, Bill graduated Starfleet Academy in the 89th Percentile. After 2 months leave, he was assigned to the Antares Shipyards in the Bajor sector, as a junior warp technician. Later, in 2389, He was promoted to Lieutenant Jg. He continued working as a warp technician for another year, before transferring to the Excelsior Class USS Repulse as Assistant Chief Engineer.

He found serving on a Starship long term, rather than occasional shakedowns as he had for the first three years after the Academy, to be a challenging experience. In 2391, he was sent as part of a repair crew to a Federation Communication relay, during which a storage unit collapsed, falling and breaking his left shoulder and arm. After regeneration of the broken bones and some physio therapy, Bill was allowed to return to normal duty, four weeks later.

In 2393, after a 16 month stint overseeing the refit of the Repulse, Bill was transferred to the USS Endeavour, as her new Chief Engineer
Medical Record 2369 - Broke right Leg.
2391 - Broke Left Arm and Left Shoulder while on duty
Service Record 2382 - Applied for Starfleet Academy. Application Rejected due to Failed Psych Eval.
2383 - Applied for Starfleet Academy. Application Approved. Entered Operations Division.
2387 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, 89th Percentile. Assigned Antares Shipyards, Junior Warp Technician
2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant Jg.
2390 - Transferred to USS Repulse, Assistant Chief Engineer
2391 - Assigned Refit Supervisor, USS Repulse
2393 - Transferred to USS Endeavour, Chief Engineer