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Ensign Mercutio Rawlins

Name Mercutio David Rawlins

Position Communications Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 21
Place of Birth New York City, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 175.26 cm (5'9")
Weight 71.2 kg (157 lbs)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Skin color Light Brown
Physical Description Mercutio is of average height, with an athletic build. He is of mixed heritage, and his green eyes, and light brown skin are dead giveaways of that. He keeps himself clean, and presentable at all times, visiting the barber regularly, and using an old style safety razor for a wet shave to keep his mustache and goatee well formed.

When not on duty his style is best described as eclectic, and it can vary wildly depending on his mood. He is a fan of a more bohemian appearance, and loves hats, and other style accessories.


Father Albert Rawlins
Mother Jane Rawlins
Brother(s) Romeo Rawlins
Sister(s) Ophelia Rawlins
Other Family David Rawlins, Amanda Rawlins, Charles Tolliver, Rose Tolliver
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview One of the most oft used words to describe Mercutio is quirky. He has an easy smile, loves to laugh, and approaches life with an almost childlike amiability, and an indomitable curiosity.

Never one to meet a stranger he tends to find the good in everyone, and makes friends very easily. This innate trust has burned him in the past, but on the whole he tends to believe the gains far outweigh the risks.
Strengths Open-minded
Open to criticism, and growth
Weaknessess Too trusting
Can be absent-minded
Ambitions Mercutio is a born explorer, and enjoys social situations, even if he has to take it upon himself to keep the ball rolling. He draws on his years of acting, and the skills it taught him to help him take control of the situations he finds himself in, inspire those around him, and guide them to where they need to be. Because of this he feels he would be a good commanding officer, and so that is his ultimate goal, career-wise.
Hobbies & Interests Mercutio has been an avid fan of the outdoors for as long as he can remember. Growing up in a big city he reveled in the wildness of the cabin his family had at the lake in upstate New York, leaving the house every morning before anyone else was even up, spending the day swimming, hiking, and just generally being outside as much as possible.

He also has a great love of sports, specifically soccer, which he participated in from elementary school onward.

Unlike his mother, who was an avid reader, and a Shakespearean scholar, Mercutio only reads when he has to, finding it difficult to focus his attention for the long periods required to get lost in a story. Instead he found a way to connect to her by developing a passion for the theater, where he performed multiple times throughout school, including in several plays she herself directed at the community playhouse.

One rather interesting thing he has developed an interest in is an old show his father introduced him to as a small child, the British classic Dr. Who. He had seen every episode by the time he was ten, and still has them all, on an isolinear chip he carries with him wherever he goes.

Languages Standard, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, Betazoid, Cardassian, Ferengi, Tzenkethi

Personal History Mercutio, his older brother Romeo, and their younger sister Ophelia, were all born in New York City, to a British expat, named Albert Rawlins, and a vibrant New York native, named Jane Tolliver, who had been married for less than a year by the time they'd begun building their little family. Albert was a reporter, for the Federation News Network, and Jane was a Shakespearean scholar, and literature professor at a small private art school in Manhattan.

Unlike most people who find themselves the middle child Mercutio didn't suffer the feelings of neglect, and desires to rebel that are so common in that group of children. With a diverse set of interests, and an abundance of familial support, and love, he was happy to do things on his own when the others were busy.

At a young age he fell in love with soccer, and quickly found himself playing for the school team. At the same time he also began a budding career as a thespian, much to the excitement of his mother, who fostered that interest, while never pushing him further than he seemed to want to go. Both of these interests would continue with him throughout his educational career, and even beyond.

At the age of twelve Mercutio began to realize that unlike his brother Romeo, he had no interest in the fairer sex, and reached out to a counselor at school who helped him come to terms with, and understand his sexuality. His family took the news well, considering it to simply be a part of him that was to be loved just like any other. Dating was never really something he considered, however, with his main focus being on school, soccer, and the theater work he did. So, much to his surprise, he never noticed the budding romantic feelings that developed between him and a boy named Jacob, who was also a part of the schools theater group. It wasn't until the other boy finally gave up trying to break through his complete cluelessness, and kissed him, that he even realized what had been going on for the past several months.

That relationship would continue until they were both sophomores in high school, when Jason would announce that he was going to be leaving Earth at the end of the year, moving to Vulcan. His father, a member of the diplomatic corps, had taken a position at the Federation's diplomatic office there. Both of them were crushed, but accepted the end of their relationship graciously, remaining friends for years after.

After graduation Mercutio would surprise his parents by applying to sit the entrance exam for Starfleet. He passed, though in some ways just barely, and was accepted nearly a month later. Never one who was especially strong in the sciences his choices for a career path were limited. Of the few options open to him he felt that ops, with a focus on communications, would be his best option, and so that is what he chose.

He would acquit himself well in his school work, showing a genuine knack for both communications, and for ops. He found that he genuinely enjoyed the work, and it had a great opportunity for advancement, and so he was happy. When the time came for graduation he was elated, and his family came to San Francisco for the ceremony, taking him out that night for a celebratory family dinner. They were thus with him when his first orders came in to suit up and ship out the next morning.
Service Record Starfleet Academy:
Cadet I-IV

USS Endeavour: Chief Communications Officer, Ensign