Livingston Kyon

Name Livingston Lothian Kyon

Position Civilian

Second Position Botanist

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Alien (Human Disguised)
Date of Birth (Age) Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 6-0
Weight 170
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black, Graying at the temples
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Tall and warmly friendly looking with dark hair and eyes, a touch of gray at the temples, Livingston appears mild and unassuming. His style of dress is somewhat antiquated and formal in a quirky sort of way. He does not go anywhere without carrying his cane, an affectation that he does not appear to actually require for walking. He prefers dress tunics from the styles of the 23rd century


Spouse none
Father deceased
Mother unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Warm, pleasant and friendly, he will engage in polite conversation with any and all who frequent his local haunts. He appears to be genuinely interested in the life details of the people he engages and will offer anecdotes of his own, often light on specific details. Almost nothing escapes his notice and he seems to possess functional knowledge on almost any topic imaginable. He speaks in a refined British accent and has indeed lived in the country and on earth for a significant time.
Strengths Breadth of Knowlege
Jack of all trades
Unarmed Combat, multiple styles
Well connected with a wealth of personal contacts in many areas of expertise
Exceptional lifespan
Weaknessess Normal Human strength and endurance
Over curiosity
Ambitions Seemingly none, Livingston seems to be quite content with his place in the cosmos and has found his way to the Endeavour through a recent association with T'Loa Taylor.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Botany, Green Tea, and polite conversation

Interests: seemingly everything else.
Languages Earth Standard

Personal History Livingston and his family came as refugees to rural England, settling in a small village with a few hundred fellow refugees they integrated smoothly with their human hosts and co-existed for a little over a hundred years before the conditions of their refugee status eased and the majority returned to their homeworld. Having been an adolescent when he arrived Livingston grew to accept England and indeed earth as his home. When the others returned, he and a few others like him, remained. He does not seem interested in returning even now and claims to not even know the identity of his people's homeworld.

When they arrived his people took human form to blend in with the locals. His genetic code betrays his alien origin but does not match any lifeform on Federation record. Despite a disparate genetic heritage, the only seeming difference between Livingston's people and humans is an extensively prolonged lifespan.
Medical Record Alien of unknown origin. Appearance is that of a normal human with an unusually extended lifespan.
Service Record No significant historical record. Has kept a low profile out of habit.