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Ensign Wolk Kiri

Name Wolk Kiri

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Date of Birth (Age) 6/28/2362 - 34 years old
Place of Birth Lonar Province - Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 180
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Physical Description Wolk has 5 ridges on his nose, wears a d'ja pagh on his right ear.


Father Carju
Mother Aktin
Sister(s) Caho

Personality & Traits

General Overview A deeply spiritual man, Wolk desires peace and harmony above anything else, both in his own life and in the lives of others.
Strengths Strong ability to evaluate all sides of a situation and help arrive at solutions

Able to gain others trust and confidence
Weaknessess Struggles when peaceful solutions cannot be found

Tends to see the best in everyone which can at times cloud his judgement
Ambitions Expanding his own spiritual growth and helping others find their spiritual path
Hobbies & Interests Reading, music, meditation
Languages Federation Standard, Cardassian

Personal History Wolk was born in 2362 in the Lonar Provience. His parents were active members of the Resistance which meant that Wolk grew up in less than ideal surroundings as the family would have to relocate frequently and had meager belongings. He was only seven when the Occupation finally ended but he could still vividly remember seeing so many people dying, sustaining serious injuries, and the constant feeling of a mixture of fear and hope that pervaded the group.

After the Cardassians finally left Bajor in 2369 Wolk’s parents and their group turned their attention towards uniting their planet. This task proved almost as difficult as fighting the Cardiassian’s themselves, as there were too many people trying to gain political power in what was an extremely unstable society.

Eventually his father was able to garner enough support to become part of the Provisional Government as a member of the Bajoran Council. The family, which now included his sister Caho, moved to the capital. For the first time that Wolk could recall life started to resemble something close to normal. He began taking classes and the family became active in their local Temple.

As he grew older Wolk was drawn deeper and deeper into the spiritual aspect of being Bajoran. Upon turning 16 he dedicated himself to the Prophets and entered into training to become a prylar. The four years he spent in training were extremely impactful on his life. It was here that his most prominent beliefs and morales would be established.

Wolk spent the next five years serving as a prylar. His focus was primarily on helping the poor, which unfortunately were everywhere on Bajor as the planet continued its efforts to rebuild after the occupation. He also found himself involved in several negotiations between different factions that were fighting each other and discovered that he had a knack for bringing people together towards a common goal.

At some point, and even Wolk couldn’t pinpoint exactly when, he started to think about life beyond Bajor. Perhaps this was the result of the relationships he had built with some of the people from Deep Space 9, mixed with his natural desire to learn. Whatever the root may have been it slowly took hold until he felt drawn, called if you will, to a different life. After much thought, meditation and prayer Wolk decided to join Starfleet.

His years at the academy proved to be a challenge. Many of the subjects that were taught were very foreign, and he constantly felt like he was behind many of his fellow cadets. He worked as hard as he could to catch up and managed to pull decent if not spectacular marks. When the time came to decide on a primary field for his final year of training it was really an easy decision - Wolk knew he wanted to be part of the Diplomatic division. In his limited experience he felt that even in Starfleet there was too much emphasis placed on power and battle planning. Having seen first hand what that kind of thinking could do to a world Wolk was much more interested in helping to bring peace and mutual understanding whenever possible.

Upon graduating Wolk was assigned as a Diplomatic Officer on the USS Wolf. He was fortunate to serve under Commander Blanton. Blanton was an experienced diplomat who also excelled in working closely with the rest of the senior staff. He was also very eager to teach his subordinates the fine art of diplomacy. He became a mentor to Wolk and the young Bajoran was heavily involved in several negotiations ranging from admittance into the Federation to resolving disputes between various groups. That experience, he hopes, has prepared him for his next assignment as the Chief Diplomatic Officer on the USS Endeavor.
Service Record 2387 - 2391 - Starfleet Academy
2391 - 2394 - Diplomatic Officer - USS Wolf