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Lance Corporal Brian Zapata

Name Brian "The Reaper" Zapata

Position Rifleman

Rank Lance Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 35
Place of Birth Cheyenne, Wyoming, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 200 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Brian is very tall, with an athletic build. He keeps a full beard and has a tattoo on his right forearm. The tattoo is of celtic horse. The mixture of his dark hair and his blue eyes leaves an impression on all those who meet him.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Ceasar Zapata
Mother Priscilla Zapata
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Marital status Single
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brian is an ultra quiet person. He speaks when spoken to. He has a superstition of putting a notch into the but of his phase rifle for every confirmed kill. To the few friends that he has he is extremely loyal. Like his CO Patton he has a tenancy to evaluate every situation before arriving at a decision. Although quiet he is adaptable to any situation and is used very often as a face man. Brian's call sign "The Reaper" because like the of the unfeeling way he can clear a room on an op.
Strengths A genuine and blunt individual
Capable of adapting his speech and persona for any situation
Weaknessess Is perceived as a loner
Has a fear that he will one day have to kill a child
Ambitions He wants to pay his dues in the Corps but he dreams of going to Starfleet Academy and rising through the ranks of the fleet to Captain a Starship.
Hobbies & Interests Brian likes to paint and create various items from leather
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Cardassian