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Lieutenant JG Tina Ashingvale

Name Tina Ashingvale

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) Feb. 7 2364 (29)
Place of Birth Inverness, Scotland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 62kg
Eye Color blue-green
Hair Color red
Skin color creamy pale
Physical Description Broad-shouldered and athletic, Tina Ashingvale is more physically powerful than slender or shapely. She has the ginger hair and pale complexion of someone from Earth's Scotland region, and despite having taken care to eliminate her hometown accent through speech therapy she occasionally drops into hints of a brogue when excited. Her general physical posture is aggressive and forward, and is by no means a shrinking violet.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Frederick Ashingvale, Starfleet Marine
Mother Marguerite (Maggy) Ashingvale née Tremont, civilian EMT
Brother(s) Andrew Ashingvale (25), Artist
Marital status single
Relationship status single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tina is outgoing, direct, and has a mild self-deprecating and sarcastic sense of humor. She is a creature of hot passions, making friends and lovers easily, but also breaking down relationships due to anger or perceived insult. She is fiercely devoted to her work, although will do the right thing over rules and regulations every time.
Strengths + Friendly and easy-going
+ Physically imposing
+ Strong-willed
Weaknessess - Bit of a temper
- Direct personality
- Rules and regulations are a "suggestion" in the face of doing the "right thing"
Ambitions * To stay ahead of her rehabilitation and maintain her weight training schedule
* To get back into the swing of duty and life aboard the Endeavour
Hobbies & Interests * Weight training
* Starfleet martial arts
* Friendly athletic competition
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Tina is the older child of two, born in Inverness, Scotland, Earth. From a young age it was clear she was a natural at sports, and enjoyed following a variety of Terran and xeno sports leagues. Her original goal upon exiting high school was to enter an interstellar football (soccer) league, but became interested in the notion of Starfleet during her senior year. While not near the top of her class, Tina was able to meet the academic minimums and was accepted into the academy.

At the Academy, Tina participated in both the football league as well as the weightlifting team.

Tina's service in Starfleet has been on par with a security officer that has shown interest in tactical sciences. It's not the most glorious of billets, but it allows her to pursue her love of physical fitness.

During the attack on the Endeavour by the Borg, when Captain Kate Banninga was captured, Tina was bashed across the bridge by a Borg drone. Her subsequent spinal injury resulted in paralysis from the waist down. After being expertly treated by Dr. Vanth and hir staff, she spent six months in rehabilitation back home, followed by light assignment at the San Francisco campus. Now, back at her fighting weight, she returns to the Endeavour.
Medical Record Other than enduring scratches, cuts, and breaks associated with an aggressively competitive sports enthusiast, Tina is in excellent health. Her body weight is a few kilograms heavier than average, although her body fat percentage remains on level with someone who spends much of her time in physical training.

Her spinal injury sustained during the Borg attack where Captain Banninga was captured has been entirely healed, although a number of her vertebrae were replaced with synthetics. Initially she required cybernetic enhancement to re-learn motor skills, but she is entirely cybernetics free and fully healed.
Service Record 2383 - 2387: Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2390: Ensign, various Security and Tactical assignments in core systems fleets
2390 - 2391: Ensign, Tactical Officer, USS Endeavour
2391 - 2392: Rehabilitation, Earth
2392 - 2393: Light duties, San Francisco, Earth
2393: Promotion to Lieutenant JG and return to USS Endeavor as Tactical officer with a dual billet of Security.