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Lieutenant JG Zavia Riis (Kerion)

Name Zavia Riis (Kerion)

Position Retired NPCs

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Unjoined)
Date of Birth (Age) 2368 (25)
Place of Birth Leran Manev, Trill

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6/163cm
Weight 125lbs/57kg
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Zavia does not present an imposing figure, but she looks athletic from years of Parrisses Squares. Her long hair is almost always pulled back into a ponytail. Her uniform is almost never immaculate because she loves crawling through the Jeffrey's Tubes and tinkering with the ship.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Xavio Kris 56 (joined) Symbiosis Commission
Mother Rela Kerion 55 (unjoined) Trill Science Ministry
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview By every definition of the word, Zavia is a tinkerer. She will pull all-nighters for .001% better efficiency in whatever system that she happens to be working on for the day. She's usually chipper and friendly. She is a natural explorer and enjoys every minute that she is in space and the ship is moving.
Strengths Zavia is an extremely gifted Engineer, almost savant level. In a way, she can almost talk to the ship to determine what is broken or if any small component is out of alignment, almost to the micron. She loves going on away missions and meeting new species. Her work ethic is second to none.
Weaknessess Zavia can develop tunnel vision while working and miss out on what is going on around her. A Borg cube could land in the middle of Main Engineering and she would hardly notice if she was in her work zone.
Ambitions Her only ambition is for the Endeavour to match the newer ships in efficiency and output. Sure, the new ships are better to look at, but they don't offer the same character that older ships have.
Hobbies & Interests Parrisses Squares, Programming, Tinkering with various scrap pieces of equipment. She is also known to go on adventures on the holodeck, choosing some of the more ambitious places in the galaxy to hike, climb, and explore.
Languages Federation Standard, Trill

Personal History Zavia was born to an influential family. Her parents were valued members of the Symbiosis Commission and the Trill Science Ministry. The main goal of her parents was to create and mold their only child into the perfect candidate for joining.

She was sent to the best schools in the capital area as well as taught by some of the most renowned Trill tutors. As the years went by, she excelled at learning but was never fulfilled with the Science subject. Zavia was always more interested in what made things work. She would tear down electronics to see what made them work, then try to reassemble them. After that, she would try to make her own out of scrap material.

Her parents tried to dismiss this as youthful curiosity, but it only drove her to dig deeper into Engineering. As soon as she was able, Zavia applied to Starfleet and was accepted to the Academy on her first attempt. In a step that would set pprecedent for her future, Zavia chose her first love of Engineering over her parent's love of Science.

After graduating, with honors, Zavia was offered a spot on the Yorktown. There, she made a name for herself among the crew and had a few published reports about Warp Theory. With that, she was offered the chance to meet with and be evaluated by a field docent, who gave her a glowing recommendation.

However, Zavia turned down the chance of a lifetime, her parent's dream, to make a path for herself. She chose to remain herself and to not become joined in an almost unprecedented move.
Medical Record Aside from a few bruises and sprains from Parrisses Squares, Zavia has had no major illness or injury.
Service Record USS Endeavour, Nebula-Class (2393-Present)

USS Yorktown, Excelsior-Class (2390-2392)
- Assistant Chief Engineer, Ensign
- Cited for creativity and bravery

Starfleet Academy, Earth (2386-2390)
- Engineering Path, Graduated with Honors
- Parrisses Squares Team
- Awarded for Excellence in Engineering all four years