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Lieutenant JG Xynys Seltriss

Name Xynys Seltriss

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Gorn
Date of Birth (Age) 2366
Place of Birth Cestus III

Physical Appearance

Height 2.3 Meters (~7.5 ft)
Weight 240 Kgs (530lbs)
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color None
Skin color Forest Green Scales
Physical Description A great, hulking creature one would not assume the Gorn lumbering through the corridors of a starship or manipulating a control console served as an Engineer, Chief Engineer in fact. With penetrating emerald eyes and a hide of deep green, leathery scales Xynys appears more suited for combat than warp core management. Sharp claws, serrated teeth jutting out from her jaw, and powerful talons curling from her feet make for a dangerous appearance and a fierce fighter; however, this Gorn's talents lay elsewhere. While her great bulk may be a hindrance when it comes to cramped jeffries tubes, her strength proves an asset when moving equipment, removing panels, or pulling open doors through sheer force of will. Her size and weight appear balanced considering her sheer size.


Spouse Kastrix Yal'Ran (Former)
Children Thirteen (Five Boys, Eight Girls)

Daughters - Yalriss, Er'trix, Kasliss, Les'tix, Perix, Mal'ix, Xen'is, Endrix
Sons - Sal'Zhax, Zhass, Rex'iss, Sseljis, and Kesid
Brother(s) Seven
Sister(s) Four
Marital status "Divorced"
Relationship status Uncertain

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having grown up around humans, Xynys is well adjusted to Human and Federation social and cultural norms. Unlike many Gorn (or for that matter any non-Federation species), adapting to the intrusive (physically and emotional) and curious mannerisms of Terrans proved a challenge for the early generations of Gorn settlers on Cestus III. This proved likewise challenging for the Humans wholly unfamiliar with Gorn and the Hegemony at large. In this mixed society, Xynys participated in field trips and classroom exchanges with Terran students of similar physiological development. In this unique environment Xynys learned to speak Federation Basic fluently, tell Terran jokes, become familiar with Federation cuisine, and adopt a healthy affection for Federation culture while retaining a firm grasp of her Gorn roots.
Strengths Physical strength compared to many members of the Federation proves a valuable asset in hand-to-hand combat and when moving equipment. Gorn hides afford a great deal of protection against physical assault and energy weapons as well. Trained as a shipwright, Xynys has a keen understanding of Starship maintenance and modification far in excess of you typical starship engineer.
Weaknessess While her physiology may afford protection in combat or benefits when embarking on tests of physical strength, it also creates challenges in cold climates. Without her modified uniform designed to supplement her body temperature Xynys risks falling into shock in cold climates or even death in extreme cases. Her size also makes accessing smaller areas of the ship somewhat problematic. She has been described by a few colleagues as a bit of a "mother hen" given her training as a Hatchery Mother.
Ambitions Xynys wishes to serve at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau as a project engineer or even a drafting engineer. While she may not be keen on theoretical engineering, she has an exceptional understanding of starship construction and has even been cooking up a few new starship designs or enhancement proposals nearly ready for submission to the Starfleet Journal of Starship Engineering and Design. She just needs the time to finish them.
Hobbies & Interests Xynys, unlike many of her fellow Gorn mothers, has maintained contact with her children and their careers. She's often boastful about their accomplishments, perhaps in an attempt to emulate human mothers, to the point of annoyance. Outside of her children, Xynys enjoys Russian Literature, sun bathing, and tests of strength.
Languages Gorn, Federation Standard, and Russian (Conversational)
Xynys speech is punctuated with hisses and clicks of her teeth and has a deep, soothing tone.

Personal History “Mother, will I see you and Father again?” A small, hissing voice asked. Xynys Selriss looked down at the small, green scaled creature clutching at her earthy, brown robes that hung loosely on the adult Gorn’s frame. “Mother?” The little one repeated, tugging at Xynys’s robes more urgently.

The question drew the attention of the small heard of Gorn surrounding Xynys and her mate-partner Kastrix causing the small herd of fifteen reptiles to come to a halt. Xynys looked to Kastrix for guidance but received little more than a slight shrug from her partner of slighter stature. Xynys released a great hissing sigh as she looked down at the always questioning Yalriss still tugging at her robes.

“No, Yalriss. I do not think so,” Xynys answered, placing her great clawed hand on top of the dejected youth’s head. Barely a year old and already asking questions to give a mother pause. How Terrans did it for decades escaped the Gorn mother. “But the Hatchery Mothers will provide all the care you require. You will do them proud. Now come along, we can’t have you arriving late.” Xynys nudged the now silent little one forward and the herd began to move forward toward the Hatchery looming in the distance.

The city of New Jencho was home to a sizable population of Human and Gorn colonists. Flags of both the Federation and the Hegemony fluttered in the gentle breeze of the beautiful desert town. Wide boulevards lined with all manner of shops and decorated with local plants and Terran hybridizations made for an idyllic sight bolstered by the presence of Gorn and Federation colonists mingling and mixing as they went about their daily lives. Few things were exclusive among the colonists except education and medical care and even those saw crossover. Both Xynys and Kastrix could recall field trips to Federation schools, visits from Federation students, and joint class trips to different cities and museums that dotted the distant colony. Now Xynys and Kastrix approached the assemblage of Hatchery Mothers standing outside the school and prepared to hand off their children just as their parents had and the generation before them.

The Hatchery Mothers accepted the children with the same level of grace and enthusiasm as an adoptive parent. Only Yalriss cast her mother a worried glance before being ushered into building. For a moment, Xynys wondered if she was doing the right thing, yet already she felt herself growing distant and detached from her mate-partner. Even her children felt alien to her, but that longing stare from Yalriss left her with a pang somewhere deep inside.

Xynys stared at the stoic Vulcan sitting across from her. “Pardon me, T’Ran, but did I understand you properly when you said I was an ‘appropriate candidate?’” The Gorn’s scaled brow furrowed with her head cocking to one side in obvious confusion.

“Yes. You are the appropriate candidate. Both the Hegemony Navy and Starfleet feel you would make for an an ideal addition to the transfer program,” T’Ran answered flatly.

“Would I be required to attend the academy? I understand it’s a four-year program. Given my people’s lifespan, I’m not sure how much I would capable of contributing after the program completed,” Xynys said carefully, hands fidgeting in her lap. The large creature shifted uncomfortably in her chair that appeared far too small for a Gorn. Fortunately the room was warm enough.

“An accelerated version, yes. Given your certifications as a Hegemony Navy shipwright and desire to continue such a career certain extraneous courses will be omitted from your academy program; however, the certification requirements and coursework for Federation and Starfleet vessel maintenance and construction will remain in force,” The Vulcan glanced toward his desk computer. “You have one week to accept the offer. Contact me within that period of time if you wish to accept or reject admittance into the program.”

(Note these are the bullet points, will be properly written and developed later)

Born on joint Federation-Gorn colony of Cestus III

Well adjusted to human mannerisms and colloquialisms

Initially educated to be an Hatchery Mother before having her efforts directed elsewhere

Mothered over a dozen children

"Husband" a civil servant on Cestus III

Elected to remain in contact with her children in a Hegemony Social Services and Education Directorate pilot program designed to test the developmental impact on hatchlings that remain in contact with their children after the Hatchery Handover

Trained as a shipwright in the Gorn Hegemony Imperial Navy

Recruited by Starfleet with approval of Hegemony as part of Federation-Hegemony

Personnel Joint Recruitment and Exchange Programme under the Federation Office of Affiliated Powers and Prospective Members

Attended accelerated Starfleet Academy program designed for less-than-Terran lifespan species (2.5 years)
Medical Record Mother of thirteen children. No physical or mental deficiencies reported.
Service Record Attended accelerated academy program with certification transfers from Hegemony Imperial Shipwright Academy
• Assigned to Baikonur Cosmodrome as junior naval engineer
• Transferred to Utopia Planitia shipyards as senior naval engineer
• Requested transfer to starship duty, assigned to USS Gagarin
• Served as maintenance specialist and eventually promoted to assistant chief engineer
• Chief Engineer USS Daedalus (
• Transferred to USS Endeavour as Chief Engineer