Crewman Jordan Fleaborn

Name Jordan Fleaborn

Position Cadet

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Date of Birth (Age) 06/07/2373
Place of Birth SS Rememberance, Raven Class Science Vessel

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 163
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Toned and athletic, Jordan is a man who obviously looks after himself and is a gifted gymnast as well as being exceptionally talented in multiple martial arts, being the holder of several black-belts by the age of 15.

Jordan also has a very careful diet and watches what he eats and his health generally. this obsessiveness has led to a individual who could be considered in the top 2% of fitness.


Father Tolian Fleaborn, 399, El-Aurian, Exobiologist, Currently studying pre-warp civilisations on the edge of the Delta Quadrant.
Mother Julia Fleaborn, 55, Human, CSTO, USS Earle, Defiant Class
Other Family Many El-Aurian members, all assimilated by the Borg.
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan is an intelligent, well-kept young officer with potential. This at least is the image that Jordan projects, however, he is at times, exceptionally blunt and does not quite know how to handle some social situations as a result of living on a small ship with his parents for the first 14 years of his life, before moving to the Pre-Academy program in Cambridge, England.

To those who are willing to work and get to know him, Jordan is smart, funny, kind, generous with a dark sense of humour often used at the darkest of times. to others Jordan is polite, officious and aloof which can at times cause friction.

[more to be added as the character is fleshed out further]
Strengths + Focused
+ Hard-working
+ Extremely Intelligent
Weaknessess - Obsessive
- Over-stretches himself
- Inexperienced
Ambitions Jordan has many ambitions both personal and professional. In the short term his ambitions are to graduate from the academy and gain the rank of Ensign and further his career.

Long term Jordan wants to rise through the ranks and hold the rank of Captain, preferably of a Explorer vessel and go to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy.

In his personal life, Jordan has no real aims, although would like a Boyfriend and maybe would reassess these goals should he get one.
Hobbies & Interests Jordan has many and varied interests and Jordan is very accomplished in all of them. This is due to growing up on a Small Science Vessel.

Jordan's hobbies and interests include but are not limited to:
Acrobatics/Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Weapon Design and Usage, Marksman Training, Escapology, Strength Training, Military History and Tactics
Languages Federation Standard, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, Swahili, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamarian

Personal History Jordan was born on July 6th, 2373 to two researchers who specialism is Pre-Warp civilizations. Jordan was born on their Raven-Class ship, a ship that would become his home for 14 years.

During these early years, besides some basic education from his parents, the computer was mostly left to raise Jordan using a preset curriculum. With nothing else to do in his formative years however Jordan began to expand his learning to physical exercise and dietary design as well as military history and weapons design and soon excelled in these areas and swiftly informed his parents that he wanted to join Starfleet as a security officer. His parents, both proud of his for wanting to join Starfleet and disappointed that he didn't want to become a scientist, agreed and allowed him to began studying towards the entrance exam for the pre-academy program.

On their next refit and resupply, Jordan was able to Leave his family's ship, the ship that had been his home for 14 years and swiftly boarded the nearest transport bound for Earth. After 5 days at maximum warp, Jordan set foot on earth and went to his barracks.

It was here during the standard screening processes for medical conditions that it was discovered that Jordan is half El-Aurian on his father's side, a fact that his father had sought to hide from him, and his mother. as a result of this, Jordan was told that he would age slower, if at all, as well as having a heightened immune system. as a result of this Jordan had a small identity crisis for a while that caused his grades to dip, however with help from the counselling department at the program, Jordan was cleared for duty and was able to get his grades back up.

Due to his background and grades, Jordan was cleared by the academy to be able to complete his cadet cruise at the beginning of his academy tenure rather than at the end.

As a result of this he was posted to the USS Endeavour as a Security Cadet.
Medical Record July 6, 2373: Jordan is born on SS Remembrance with no complications beyond minor breathing difficulties.

August 2379: Jordan falls in a field while on an away mission to a Pre-Warp planet and breaks his ankle. This is fixed with no lasting damage

November 2381: After an EPS Conduit explodes, Jordan is badly burnt and receives a concussion. After Medical attention from his Parents and follow-up care from a passing Science Vessel, Jordan makes a full recovery with a small scar on his hand.

September 2387: Upon entry to Starfleet Academy's Pre-Academy Programme, It is discovered that Jordan has a dramatically reduced ageing process and metabolism compared to a Human. It is revealed to him that he is half El-Aurian.
Service Record 2387: Jordan Is accepted to Starfleet Academy's Pre-Entrance Programme.
2391: Due to his Prodigious results in the pre-entrance programme, Jordan is allowed to complete his Cadet Cruise at the beginning of his tenure at the academy.