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Lieutenant JG Dawn Solaris

Name Dawn Michelle Solaris

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 34
Place of Birth Theta Cygni XII

Physical Appearance

Height 1.66m or 5'5"
Weight 110lbs
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Skin color Light
Physical Description Dawn worked mostly outdoors since her graduation from Starfleet Academy. Her work in cultural studies were mostly physical in nature. As such she tried her best to keep in shape and watch what she eats carefully. She keeps her body in shape by doing a lot of hiking and yoga exercises.


Father Tim Solaris
Mother Jodi Solaris

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dawn is an assertive individual, very inquisitive and always thirsts for knowledge. She is always into new experiences and also getting into situations where she is most needed.
Strengths Dawn is an observant and active listener. She is polite and not easily offended.
Weaknessess Dawn grew up in a sheltered environment she has never really seen war. Granted she has experience in dealing with traumatic patients but Dawn has never been in a situation like that herself. Also even though she was trained in Starfleet security practices, using a phraser isn’t something she is comfortable with.
Ambitions To serve Starfleet as best as she can.
Hobbies & Interests - Language and Cultural Studies
- Swimming & water related activities
- Foodie
- Yoga
Languages Federation Standard, Bajoran, Others

Personal History As scientists Tim and Jodie Solaris had always wanted to start their family in a small agricultural colony. They eventually settled on Theta Cygni XII, a newly developed Federation site. Like other colonists the two of them were excited by the prospect and hoped to assist in the development of the colony.

Since it was a new agricultural colony the Daystrom Institute had a presence on the planet. While Tim and Jodie continue to work for the organization it also allowed them to start a family.

It wasn’t long before Jodie gave birth to Michael, Emily and lastly Dawn. With both of her parents' backgrounds in botany and biology the family were always travelling from site to site on the planet. Typically during the day after Dawn finished school and with her homework she would be assisting her mother in gathering herbs. In the evening she would be assisting her father in feeding insects or animals gathered. Because of this Dawn really never got to develop close relationships with other children her age due to living mostly in a very sheltered environment and mostly spending time with her family. She never thought anything of it since this lifestyle was all she knew.

A career path came into Dawn’s mind as she reached the later years in high school. Even though she had extensive exposure to botany and biology it was courses related to psychology that captured her passion and imagination. Every night she would stay up late brushing through medical journals, diagrams and texts immersing in the latest news in the subject. Dawn was uncertain where she would like to study psychology but with her older sister Emily attending Starfleet Academy it gave her an insight into other options.

Dawn decided she would attend university first before applying to Starfleet Medical Academy. She chooses University of British Columbia since that is where her parents attended. Dawn’s parents were rather comfortable with the decision because some of their extend relatives still lives in Vancouver. She got to know her cousins very well during her studies there as they assist her settle in an urban city. Also being surrounded with people her own age at home and at the University really helped her with the change. During Dawn’s years at the university she managed to make a few lifelong friends who share the same career path as her. Upon her graduation she was accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy.

From a technology standpoint Dawn thought Starfleet Medical Academy was the best in comparison to anything she had ever seen. Besides taking courses in psychology Dawn was also allowed to take non-counselling courses to assist her in becoming a well-rounded officer. To that end she decided taking classes in First Contact and Flight Control. One of the professors whom Dawn studied under was so pleased with her progress that he recommended her to take part in a planeside assignment upon graduation. With her never ending thirst for knowledge Dawn accepted the assignment and was stationed on Vacca VI after she completed the Academy.

Dawn’s studies at Vacca VI were certainly an eye opener for her. As a student studying First Contact and Cultural Studies she was surprised at how much she took technology for granted. Each day the classes would be held in a base hidden by a holographic projection. Thought out the week in between classes Dawn would be allowed to leave the base for an amount of time. Under disguise she was able to make daily contact and observations on the locals. Dawn came to enjoy the music and art scene on Vacca VI since the performers were usually very emotional in delivery. She also was a constant visitor to the planet’s space station where the first warp capable craft is being built. Dawn was surprised at how opened the planetary government with its own citizens since everyone is invited to visit and look at the progress being made. Upon the success of the launch she was part of the group that made contact with the planet’s science ministry. The leaders were very receptive to the visitor from the Federation and an official diplomatic team from Earth were quickly dispatched to the planet. The experience was something she would not soon forget.

At the dying days of her study on Vacca VI it is now important for her to decide where she wanted to work. At the end she decided to head back into service with Starfleet.
Service Record 2378-2384: Psychology studies at the University of British Columbia

2384-2386: Starfleet Medical Academy, Enrolled in Counselling & Flight Controller Extension Courses

2387- 2388: First Contact & Cultural Studies Training on Vacca VI