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Lieutenant JG Rukal

Name Rukal

Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian/Bajoran
Date of Birth (Age) 2362
Place of Birth Bajor

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 180 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Physical Description Rukal looks like Cardassian who isn't quiet Cardassian. He has the traditional Cardassian frame and black hair, but his eye color and nose ridges come from his Bajoran half. His Cardassian features such as the neck ridges and his forehead are a bit subdued.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Unknown Cardassian Soldier, perhaps a Gul
Mother Unknown Bajoran
Other Family The orphans that he grew up with on Bajor.
Marital status N/A
Relationship status N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is extremely calm and collected, which comes from a lifetime of disappointment and religious study. He is usually friendly, though quiet. In Diplomatic settings, he has began to make a name for himself as a rather talented negotiator.
Strengths + Very difficult to rattle
+ Calm
+ Can be an imposing figure
Weaknessess - A bit inexperienced
Hobbies & Interests Springball, reading history, and learning about cultures
Languages Fluent: Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, Klingon
Conversational: Romulan, Vulcan

Personal History Not much is known about Rukal's early life. He was left behind on Bajor when the Cardassian Occupation ended in 2369. Along with the other "war orphans," he grew up in an orphanage. The Bajorans treated him rather well and gave the orphans a well rounded education. However, the famines that took place during Bajor's rebuilding phase took their toll on the food stores of the orphanage.

As soon as he turned 18, Rukal took the Starfleet Entrance Exam on Deep Space 9. He granted admission and travelled to San Francisco with dreams of making the galaxy a better place. While at the Academy, he tried to stay in the background though he joined a Springball club.

After graduating with honors, Rukal went to his first posting as a Media Relations Officer aboard Starbase 001.
Service Record USS Endeavour 2392 - Present
- Acting Chief Diplomat, (2392)
- Diplomatic Officer, (2392)

Nova Europa, (2388 - 2392)
- Assistant Chief Diplomat, Lieutenant JG

USS Sovereign, (2385-2388)
- Diplomatic Officer, Ensign
- Ship was stationed near the Romulan Neutral Zone

Starbase 001, (2384 - 2385)
- Media Relations Officer, Ensign

Starfleet Academy, (2380 - 2384)
- Double Major in Galactic History and Galactic Cultures with Minors in Liguistics
- Graduated with Honors