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Warrant Officer Ilin Malon

Name Ilin Malon

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kyin
Date of Birth (Age) 29
Place of Birth Kyin Kayen

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 70Kg
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color White
Skin color Pale
Physical Description Pale skin, pure white hair and color eyes standing in contrast. Those alone are not enough for most to truly define the species, but once they starts to move with the speed, grace and precision of the Kyin it becomes clear to those whom met the species before. Cat like reflexes and movements is how humans describe the Kyin, their ability to seemingly defy gravity is unique. Yet it hides a complex system of muscle and bone with while flexible remains fragile and fractures happen when a Kyin looses focus as they depend on their muscles to control force in all directions.

Anything that hinders the free movement of a Kyin is bad and possibly dangerous for those reason. Hence the few who found their way in starfleet stick by permission to their own clothing which is extremely tin, loose and yet close so it will not get stuck. While at home their wear of ten 1 or 2 vibrant colours, when they serve they stick to black and white, a white tank top shirt and black pants alongside with black thin soled shoes to offer protection without loosing feeling.

Ilin has deep dark blue eyes which stand out against all the light and pale features of the Kyin. Her body is normal for the Kyin and slightly on the slender side by human standards. The Kyin carry little in the form of chest and it is no different store for Ilin which again is needed for their freedom of movement. Her voice is quite deep in tone, but cut sharp and to the point. She is also an amazing singer by human standards, though baseline average to Kyin standards.


Father Gean Malon
Mother Ilin Luat
Brother(s) Gean Luat

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mentally the Kyin are a calm species they take things as they come and tend to desire enjoying life as it is in the moment. However physically they are tense, hence it is ill advised to touch an Kyin without them knowing, however generally they are quite well aware of their surroundings.

Ilin herself is of the more cheerful sort and seemingly a bit careless and certainly free of worry and concerns. She joined starfleet out of curiosity and that kept her in alongside the fact that she enjoys working with species from all over the universe.
Strengths +Speed, precision and agility in movement
+She has a deep knowledge of weapons systems from hand held to ship based.
Weaknessess -Dependent on muscles to absorb impacts thoughtfully or risking fractures due a thin, flexible skeleton.
-Does come over quite unprofessional at times.
Ambitions She hopes to run her own civilian ship after her starfleet carreer.
Hobbies & Interests She is an avid free runner in her spare time and spends hence as much time as she can on the holodeck. When out of holodeck time she tends to build all sorts of gizmos from toys to serious stuff to be used in the field.

Personal History The Kyin:
The Kyin come from a Earth like planet on the edge of the alpha and beta quadrants. A Federation member for 57 years they are mainly known for their art and fine electronics. While quite a few Kyin have found their way within starfleet most stick to R&D roles and some into the medical field.

With just about 2 billion people the Kyin are not widely spread and feel little need for doing so. Most families end up with 2 to a max of 3 children, unique here is only how the second child of the same gender will get a new name, the first one say a woman will get the first name of her mother and the last name of her father.

The Kyin have warp technology and about a dozens ships, the majority of the ships they build and use are sail ships used on the wide open oceans and rivers of their home world which has an 81% water coverage.

The youngest of 2 Ilin had to deal with her 3 year older brother most of her childhood. Naturally carefree she often took him on in whatever challenge either of them could think off with all the consequences imaginable. With both their parents working as customs officers they tried to instill some law and order in the family, but long hours at work meant that Ilin and her brother Gean could roam free. However as her brother approached his 15th birthday he calmed down as he joined medical school. Ilin however continued to be an annoyance to quite a few people until her parents decided enough was enough and send her to sea 6 months later where she would join one of the many sail ships which carried out the trade on the planet out of tradition.

At sea there was time for fun, but more time for work and the captain and crew quickly made those facts clear to Ilin. Ilin took it in her stride however and went to work and kept up with her studies with just 2.5 years to go before she came of age and had to decide her own path in life. Life at sea onboard the state of the art sail ships turned out to be quite a pleasant experience in the end, of course a storm could be quite annoying and the weather temperatures where all over the place, in general it was nice and calm. It was also during this time that she learned to appreciate engineering from the large sail ships to the fine tuned navigation equipment and it was this spark that made her apply within starfleet as an engineer.

Going along the enlisted path she was assigned after her training to the USS Valiant as a weapons systems engineer. The USS Valiant was an fresh from the yard Intrepid class cruiser under the command of Commander Kremon Amour. As a weapons engineer Ilin daily job was simply to maintain the ships weapons systems, of course with a brand new ship that meant she had little to do in that field and hence she was helping out where she could including within the ships armoury, because weapons are weapons no matter the size and she was curious. While many people boast about the wild adventures within starfleet Ilin had a rather quiet time, in the span of 8 years the ship only saw combat 4 times against pirates and 1 time against a rogue Romulan vessel. Beside this most of the time was taken up with long range patrols and colony support missions. Despite the more mundane job Ilin proved herself to be quite the asset by working hard and showing an eagerness to learn and helping others. This led to a quick and steady move through the ranks making it to Chief Petty Officer.

8 Years in however and she was informed that she would be transferred to an other fresh from the docs ship, this time it was the USS Valiant-C. The third ship with the name within starfleet the Akira class cruiser had just undergone a major refit and was tasked with anti piracy operations. Because combat was expected and the ship was lacking experienced staff in the weapons engineering department Ilin was brought onboard. The weapons systems between the Akira and Intrepid have a lot in common and Ilin swiftly found herself at home on both the ship and within the crew. This was a good thing as the Valiant had always been known as a ship that attracted action and pirates never where to happy to be arrested or kicked out of their hide outs. Of course battle actions meant more medals and ribbons, but that was not really the item Ilin was after beside her clothing didn't show such matters anyway despite the long lists she had achieved. The other downside of plenty of action was that even with the best in space maintenance the toll was heavy of the ship and 5 years she was recalled for an other major refit.

Ilin took the time and chance to go for her commission and went to Earth for a year to go to officer school in order to become a warrant officer. Starfleet had been good to her and it felt right to make the next step up. So a year later a fresh Warrant Officer joined the transfer pool and swiftly was send of to the USS Endeavour a nebula class vessel that had seen more combat action than she should have.
Service Record 2377-2385 “Crewmen to Chief Petty Officer” USS Valiant-C
2385-2390 “Chief Petty Officer to Senior Chief Petty Officer” USS Mirage
2390-2391 “Senior Chief Petty Officer” Commissioned Officer course
2391-current “Warrant Officer” USS Endeavour