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Vice Admiral James Washington

Name James Washington

Position Commanding Officer Deep Space 9

Rank Vice Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Place of Birth Earth

Physical Appearance


Spouse Hanna Washington [DECEASED]
Children Frederick Washington (Commanding Officer, USS Dresden)
Jackson Washington (JAG Officer, San Francisco)
Ellen Washington (Nurse, USS Portland)
Marital status Widowed

Personality & Traits

Personal History After the dead of his wife in 2375 he accepted a position as CO of Deep Space 9. His sons had both just started Starfleet Academy and he took his daughter with him and hasn't returned to Earth since.

Now 15 years later he is said by other to be stuck behind his desk, and will probably die at his post.
Medical Record Had a heartattack a few years back and attempts to take it more slow. But that's not really working jet.