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Ensign Charlemagne Champagne

Name Charlemagne Michel Champagne

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 07-07-2369 (22)
Place of Birth Champagne, France, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.80 meters
Weight 68 kilograms
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Skin color White
Physical Description Charlemagne Michel Champagne is very physically attractive, reasonably athletic and of average stature. He is not what one would expect to see in a military officer, however, his skills as a diplomat certainly make up for this misconception. Charlemagne has a very strong reputation as a womanizer, however, this reputation comes from stories that get more and more exaggerated each time they are retold.


Father Henri Champagne
Mother Melinda Rossi-Champagne
Other Family Cousin - Louis Champagne, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Operations Officer, USS Bunker Hill
Marital status Single
Relationship status Presently single but liable to change at the drop of a hat.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charlemagne has a very friendly personality but only socializes when he has too.. He tends to be very competitive and demonstrates a natural ability to master anything he chooses to become interested in, however, he is limited in his ability to retain the skills necessary. Further, Charlemagne is well known for the very high aptitude for diplomatic and negotiating skills that he showed during his time in the Academy.
Strengths A very skilled negotiator and a talented strategist, Charlemagne is well known for diplomatically maneuvering his opponents right into those corners in which their decision goes the way he wishes. With that said, Charlemagne was also well known for turning to debate to gain psychological insight into his opponents when it seemed as though negotiations were starting to break down. He is very skilled when it comes to psychology and strategy and tends to view negotiations and debates as being like a game of chess.
Weaknessess Charlemagne finds himself unable to commit to any relationship for the long term, probably a result of something in his childhood. He is also well known for being a bit of a loner, a habit which he has struggled for years to break free from. The reality is that while Charlemagne loves to use psychology to achieve his objectives, he absolutely loathes the usage of psychology with regards to him. He suffers from family issues that are rooted so deeply that he has never managed to move beyond them. Anyone familiar enough with his family would know these facts and could potentially use them in very damaging manners. Charlemagne is also very well aware of the fact that his weapons skills are extremely lacking and that even hitting a target, specifically grazing a target, is sheer dumb luck for him.
Ambitions Charlemagne hopes to eventually become the Federation Ambassador to some small backwater world where he can help to improve the life of the people while improving the economy and the government of the world.
Hobbies & Interests Charlemagne's only hobbies are sewing, negotiating, and music.
Languages English, Spanish, and French. He is capable of picking up languages quickly but only for short times and thanks his lucky stars that he has his Universal Translator during negotiations.

Personal History Charlemagne graduated from Starfleet Academy with very high grades. His father was pretty much absent from his life growing up, merely coming and going, in order to enjoy food and pay bills. Upon graduating Starfleet Academy, Charlemagne awaited his first assignment. Now he has found it on the USS Endeavour where he hopes that his talents will be quite highly utilized.

Coming from the Champagne family as he did, Charlemagne was taught how to make wine at a very early age. Unlike his cousin's family, however, his family didn't try to force or push wine making. They themselves had rebelled against family tradition just as his cousin Louis was now doing. Thus, wine making, for he and his parents, remained a hobby, a past time, something enjoyable on occasion. Learning how to make wine is about the only memory of his father that Charlemagne actually has.

Most of Charlemagne's time was spent with his mother, aunts, and grandmother. The support of his aunts and grandmother is what allowed and pushed him to follow his dreams rather than being tied down by reality, criticism, and family. He believes that his observation of his family interactions is what helped him to gain a practically expert knowledge of psychology while leaving his social skills practically crippled.

Those who truly get to know Charlemagne are very lucky to get past his defenses and walls. Most people can't see past the mask he shows them. It is indeed such a deeply rooted skill that Charlemagne was tempted to go into Intelligence, however, he felt that his diplomatic skills were where he needed the most improvement. That said, during his years at the Academy he minored in Intelligence and would make a great contribution to any intelligence operation due to his added diplomatic status. With his lack of accuracy regarding weapons, however, he would potentially be more of a liability in such operations.
Medical Record Charlemagne is allergic to synthetic alcohols but enjoys real alcohol. He additionally is allergic to certain medications although as of yet the specific allergies haven't been identified. As specific allergies to medications come to light, they will be added.
Service Record 2387-2391: Starfleet Academy Diplomatic Officers courses. Graduated with honors. Presently awaiting first assignment as Chief Diplomatic Officer in accordance with graduation recommendations from the Dean of Starfleet Academy.