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Niwara M'Ress

Name Niwara M'Ress

Position Retired NPCs

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian

Physical Appearance


Spouse Eahar R'Soll
Children Kora M'Ress
Marital status Married

Personality & Traits

Personal History Niwara was planning to go into the freighter business with Eahar, before the attack on the Sh'tale which killed Eahar's mother. Instead, Eahar joined Starfleet. At this time Niwara had a daughter, Korra. When Eahar graduated from the academy and was assigned to a ship with no family accommodations, Niwara returned to Cait and continued her relationship with Eahar on a long-distance basis. She devoted most of her time to taking care of Korra and assisting her brother Remlis with his salvage business. One of her ancestors, Shiboline M'Ress, was one of the first Caitians to join Starfleet and served on the USS Enterprise with Captain James T. Kirk.