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Lieutenant JG Ella Morrow

Name Ella Laren Morrow

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) August 4, 2369 (22)
Place of Birth Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 1.67 m (5'6'')
Weight 56 kg (125 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Skin color Fair
Physical Description Ella keeps her curly brown hair in a messy ponytail or braid. Her wide-set eyes are a warm brown, like melted chocolate. She has a sprinkling of freckles across her long, slim nose.


Father Gerald "Gerry" Morrow
Mother Lana Morrow (née O'Callaghan)
Brother(s) Lyle Morrow (age 21)
Other Family Paternal grandfather Grigori Andreievich (died when Gerry was young), paternal grandmother Diana Morrow (kept her own name; raised Gerry), maternal grandfather Michael O'Callaghan, maternal grandmother Lael O'Callaghan (half Bajoran, half human), a bachelor uncle living on Mars, Uncle James (Gerry's brother) and Aunt Alyona and three cousins residing in Russia.
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ella is an innocent young woman with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. She genuinely cares about people, but values her time alone. Kind, perceptive, naive, creative, sensitive, introverted, and very intuitive.
Strengths enjoys learning new things, good listener, sees the positive in everyone, can empathize with everyone, sticks to her moral code at all costs, eager to please, idealistic
Weaknessess naive, overly sensitive to criticism, becomes obsessive under stress, illogical in a heated debate, doesn't like to rock the boat, very stubborn
Ambitions She mainly wants to help others. Her major goals for herself are to find "the right guy," to learn as much about starships as her head can hold, and to stay out of any and all trouble.
Hobbies & Interests singing, holonovels (esp. fantasy), nature walks, listening to 1920s-40s swing music, gardening, cooking, reading and writing stories
Languages Standard, some Vulcan, a little Russian, a little Bajoran

Personal History Born and raised in what used to be Kentucky on Earth, her family was very close-knit until her teenage years. Ella made good grades during school, and rarely got into trouble. She was quiet at first, but performing in musicals at her high school and local theatre and working at a mechanics shop brought her out of her shell. Near the end of her studies, Starfleet was recruiting at her school. Ella's interest was piqued, so she applied that fall and was accepted.

During her time at the Academy, she spent most of her time studying to keep up with the quick pace. She originally aspired to be a diplomat, but after failing her first xenoculture class, she switched to engineering. Inspired by having a Vulcan roommate, she took Vulcan language classes as an elective. While in the Academy, Ella had a romance with an energetic young man named Mahir Darzi, an aspiring stellar cartographer. They dated for nearly a year before an emotional breakup. As they were very close, she didn't completely get over him until her last year at the Academy. She graduated and was almost immediately assigned to the Endeavour.
Service Record • Starfleet Academy (2387-2391)
- Engineering major
- Diplomacy minor
- Vulcan language electives
• Distinguished Community Service Record Award, Starfleet Academy
- 200 hours or more of community service per year, every year
• USS Endeavour
- Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (2391-present)