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Commander Eahar R'Soll

Name Eahar R'Soll

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Date of Birth (Age) June 16, 2353 (38)
Place of Birth Cait

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 80 kg (175 lbs)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Physical Description Eahar is a Caitian with brown fur and of average height. His most distinctive facial feature is his sideburns, which are kept long but carefully trimmed and styled. He is not as physically fit as he used to be, and has gained a little weight since his days running freighters with his family.


Spouse Niwara M'Ress
Children Korra M'Ress
Father Rotuo Rriarr
Mother Sh’tale R’Soll (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Extended family and in-laws on and around Cait
Marital status Married

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eahar can be somewhat curmudgeonly and restrained, usually finding himself surrounded by young crewmen who are barely out of the academy. He thinks kids these days have it too easy, and often decries the gradual loss of talent in the craft. He likes to be able to run his department as he pleases; he believes that his engineering skill entitles him to make decisions as he pleases, and he gets very upset when people without an engineering background question his work, even if they are senior officers.

Though he sometimes

Eahar has an interesting relationship with humans. He spent four years on Earth while he was in Starfleet Academy and serves with many humans. He has not completely understood human culture and often mangles Earth sayings, but there are several pieces of human culture and cuisine that he has an intense appreciation for: swing dancing, sushi, white Russians, and Gilbert & Sullivan, to name a few.
Strengths Eahar is a talented engineer, with a long career maintaining both civilian and Starfleet vessels. He is always willing to teach younger crewmen the craft, provided they are willing to learn. Having joined Starfleet later in life than most, he has a certain well-roundedness that some Starfleet officers lack.
Weaknessess Being a Caitian, he sometimes has difficulty interacting with humans and the more human-like members of the Federaton. He also has a distaste for bureaucracy and paperwork, which is causing frustration in his new role as XO. Also, his curmudgeonly attitude sometimes causes a rift between him and his subordinates.
Ambitions To be able to make a career out of maintaining and repairing interesting ships and systems, and advance his knowledge of mechanical matters. At some point, he would also like to command his own starship or perhaps teach at the academy.
Hobbies & Interests Family is very important to Eahar, and he spends most of his spare time with his daughter. He often worries about her, hoping she has better opportunities than him as a space brat, and worrying about her being the only Caitian in her class on board.

He likes to listen to Caitian operas, though other crew members had often complained about his choice of music at work.

Eahar is also an excellent chef, and quite appreciative of the culinary arts.
Languages Federation Standard, Caitian

Personal History Eahar grew up in space. His parents ran a freighter, the Sh’tale, named after her mother. His father Rotuo would captain and pilot the ship, while his mother would be in charge of maintenance. During the school year, he would attend a boarding school on Cait. In summer, he’d travel the quadrant with his mother and father, learning the ropes of how to run a freighter.

After finishing primary school, he returned to the family business, serving as an engineer’s mate under his mother. With the profits from a particularly lucrative contract, he was planning to purchase a second ship which he would command along with his fiancee Niwara M’Ress and expand the family business.

Unfortunately for his family, a deal with some crooked Ferengi went south when the Ferengi tipped off some Orion pirates that the Sh’tale was carrying some valuable cargo. The Orion pirates attacked the Sh’tale, killing his mother and severely damaging the ship before the Orions were driven off by a Starfleet cruiser.

After that incident, Eahar decided to leave the freight business. He gave his father the money he had saved to buy his own ship and, after a wedding ceremony on Cait with Niwara, left for Earth. Owing Starfleet his life, he enrolled in the academy. It was also around this time that him and Niwara had a child, Korra.

With experience working on starships from his freighter days, Eahar did well in the academy and graduated with honours. For the next nine years, he bounced around the fleet, eventually rising through the ranks to Chief Engineering Officer of the USS Rhode Island. However, the small Nova class starship was not conducive to the family life, and when an opening on a larger Nebula class ship opened up, he immediately applied.
Medical Record Eahar has had no serious medical concerns. Aside from the odd burn or scrape as part of his duties, he has had no serious injuries so far.
Service Record Engineer’s Mate, SS Sh’tale, 2371-2378
Starfleet Academy, 2378-2382
Engineering Officer, USS Portland (Miranda Class), 2382-2386
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Republic (Ambassador Class), 2386-2389
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Rhode Island (Nova Class), 2389-2391
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Endeavour (Nebula Class), 2391-2392
Executive Officer, USS Endeavour (Nebula Class), 2392-present