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Ensign Theodora Diasakos

Name Theodora Juliana Diasakos

Position Anthropologist

Second Position Archeologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Date of Birth (Age) (28)
Place of Birth Sparta, Greece, Earth
Titles Master of Science

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Weight 59kg
Eye Color Light Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall, her body is toned and athletic.


Spouse Adele Falconer (wife)
Children Aurora Rydell-Diasakos
Father Stelios Nikolaos Diasakos, Civilian Engineer
Mother Dr. Carmela Adriana Diasakos (Nee' Lupo) MD, Civilian physician
Brother(s) Nikolaos Duilio Diasakos, Civilian
Marital status Married

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thea is a easy going and actively embraces other cultures, both Terran and alien.
Strengths + Easy going
+ Inquiring mind
+ Very knowledgeable on alien cultures.
Weaknessess - Can be overzealous when it comes to exploring a new site.
- Can be naive.
- Dislikes Starfleet protocol.
*Piecing together the past.
Hobbies & Interests *Mythology.

*Working out.

*Discovering new cultures.

*Piecing together the past.
Languages Fed. std. Greek (Ancient and Modern), Latin, Farsi.

Personal History Thea was born in Sparta, Earth. She has an older brother, Nikolaos. Her father is civilian engineer and her mother is a civilian MD. Her father wanted her to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer, even though she'd never shown any aptitude in the subject.

She instead attended the University of the Peloponnese in Kalamata, Greece, where she studied Archaeology and Anthropology, eventually receiving a Master of Science.

Entered Starfleet Academy and completed the Officer Cadet School.
Service Record 2390 - OCS
2390 - Graduated as an Ensign
2391 - Assigned to the USS MacArthur as Archaeology and anthropology Officer
2395 - Assigned to the USS Deimos as Archaeology and anthropology Officer