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Lieutenant JG Serenity Jane

Name Serenity Amelia Jane

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Angosian(1/2)/Betazoid(1/4)/Human(1/4) hybrid
Date of Birth (Age) 10/12/2370 (25)
Place of Birth Angosia III

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Weight 55kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Skin color Pale with rosie cheeks and freckles
Physical Description Serenity is average in height and weight for her build. She isn't overly muscular for her position choosing to use her opponent brute force against them in a fight.

Serenity has striking features set off by her dark hair. Her hair is black but not naturally that way.


Father Thomas Jayne
Mother Lwussami Uha
Marital status Single
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serenity does not live up to the name her parents gave her. The daughter of a Starfleet Admiral she rebelled as a teen and while she has settled down as she ages, she is till a bit of a wild child. She tends to be chatty and flirty around most men, despite typically being harmless she has been known to pursue those she is attracted too.

Serenity is loyal to those that earn her respect, which is not easily won. She follows her convictions when she believes that she is right, but she is not easy to dissuade.

Serenity was raised on Angosia III with her father and mother. Her father is eighteen years older than her mother which lead to Serenity being an only child. Despite the circumstances of her family she was raised in a happy home
Strengths + Loyal
+ Devoted to her convictions
+ Advanced hand to hand combat training
+ Strategic mind
+ Flirty and outgoing
Weaknessess - Stubborn
- Flirty and chatty
- Respect of others much be earned
Ambitions Professional: Serenity did not set out to be in Starfleet, however she does have an underlying desire to make her father proud.

Personal: Serenity declares that she is too young to think about starting a family but she is open to the idea and hopes to one day be a wife and mother.
Hobbies & Interests Serenity is an avid soccer player and boxer. She loves physical activities of any sort and is always willing to try new things. She liked to relax with a glass of bourbon and a good book especially after a meal that she cooked herself.

Personal History Serenity was born on Angosia III to Thomas Jayne and Lwussami Uha. She didn't meet her father until she was four. It wasn't until then that Thomas was made aware she existed.

Lwussami had been eighteen when she met Admiral Thomas Jayne the Commanding Officer of the USS Merlin. Despite the large age gap the two spent the following week together. It wasn't until three weeks later when she realized that she was pregnant. Not wanting change her life of that of Thomas she kept the baby but did not tell him until the two randomly ran into one another when Jayne was back on Angosia III.

When Thomas met Serenity, he was smitten. Lwussami and Serenity joined Thomas on board the USS Merlin but the two females missed their home. Deciding that he had had his career he could give his family what they needed and the family return to Angosia III.

Having a strict father who was significantly older than her didn't help the stubborn young girl as Thomas did his best to keep in line. As expected by all people, not Thomas, the more he reigned her in the more uncontrolled she became. It didn't help that her mother Lwussami was very freeform with the young girl.

When she was sixteen Thomas had had enough and send Serenity to San Fransisco to stay with a family friend who ran a military style compound for difficult children. To everyone's surprise, Serenity thrived in the new environment. She surprised everyone when she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

The closest she had ever come to hearing her father tell her that he was proud of the women she had become came the day she graduated and was stationed on the USS Archimedes. To this day she could swear there was a tear in his eye as he pulled her in for a hug.

Serenity served on the USS Artimis until the ship was decommissioned in 2394 at which time she was posted on the USS Endeavour as the Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

Medical Record 2378 - Broken arm - Self defense training SF Academy
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Cadet - Security
USS Artimis - Ensign - Security Officer
USS Endeavour - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Chief Security/Tactical Officer