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2nd Lieutenant Russell Buchanan

Name Russell Buchanan

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 23rd February 2366
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington
Awards TBC

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin color White
Physical Description As a result of his service in the Starfleet Marine Corps, and his athletic career at high school and at the Academy, Russell is very physically fit. Possessing huge upper body strength, particularly in his arms and shoulders (due to his career as a quarterback), Russell has clearly defined muscles and next to no excess fat on his body. He demands the highest standards from himself, and as a result from those under his command.

Aesthetically Russell is not unappealing to look at; possessing a strong jawline, yet with a warm, genuine smile.


Father Colonel Jonathan Buchanan, SFMC (Deceased)
Mother Captain Emily Buchanan (nee Jones), SF (Deceased)
Sister(s) Katie Buchanan (12)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Russell is a man of contrasts. Professionally he demands nothing but the highest standards from himself, and others, and endorses competition in every regard, whether striving to beat a personal best or in sparring with a fellow Marine. Personally, he is a warm, genuine individual with a strong sense of honour, loyalty and duty. He is generally slow to anger, and quick to forgive, but never forgets a slight or an example of dishonesty, and once you lose his trust it is very difficult to regain; he might forgive you, but he’ll never forget that you have given him cause to doubt.

Being his younger sister's only caregiver Russell is particularly protective of her and, to the amusement of his Marines, is an incredibly light touch when it comes to her, allowing the young firecracker to get away with murder.

Being his younger sister's only caregiver Russell is particularly protective of her and, to the amusement of his Marines, is an incredibly light touch when it comes to her, allowing the young firecracker to get away with murder.
Strengths One of Russell’s strengths is his sense of competition; never being satisfied with his own performance, and viewing every challenge, in his life or career, or game, in his sporting career. Both his career as a Marine Officer, and his time as a football Quarterback, has reinforced this belief; the best way to get the best out of those under your command, or looking to you for leadership, is to stoke their own sense of competition; it is basic human nature that people like to win.

Russell’s key other strength is his sense of honour; he will always do what is right, regardless of the cost, and his integrity and morals are not for sale at any price. This has grown into a strong sense of duty to the United Federation of Planets, and the Starfleet Marine Corps, for whom he will accept any price.
Weaknessess Russell is a passionate man; and that passion can be his undoing as both of his key strengths can also prove to be weaknesses.

Emphasising competition in everything he does, Russell has a tendency to be overly-competitive, particularly in sports and other games, as well as viewing his peers as potential competitors for promotion or key assignments. Likewise, Russell has the capability to be very overly honourable; his integrity is second to none but everyone knows this and people have been known to try and take advantage of this as a result.

Another key weakness is his care and compassion for his sister, Katie. After losing both their parents Russell is the only family that she has left, and as such he not only has a blind-spot when it comes to the young girls behaviour, but also is fiercely protective of his younger sister; perhaps overly so.
Ambitions Coming from a Starfleet Family (his mother a (secret) Starfleet Intelligence officer, his father a Starfleet Marine), Russell was brought up to enter Starfleet and, like many Starfleet brats, harbours ambitions to reach the highest levels of the service. Although his career has faced stumbling blocks as a result of having to care for his sister, he still holds onto these dreams.

Being the only caregiver that Katie has, Russell is also deeply committed to ensuring that his sister does as well as possible, and has sacrificed in his own career to make sure that happens.

Having been given painfully few details surrounding the death of his parents, as a result of Starfleet Intelligence’s desire to keep the matter quiet, Russell is also eager to solve the mystery of his parent’s murder; although he would not sacrifice his duty to do so.
Hobbies & Interests American Football
Military History

Personal History Russell Buchanan was born in 2366 in Seattle, Washington, to Captain Johnathan Buchanan, Starfleet Marines, and Lieutenant Commander Emily Buchanan (nee Jones). A Starfleet brat from the get-go Russell was exposed to the lifestyle of moving between assignments from an early age, or being left with his grandparents in Seattle whilst his parents were away on assignment. His quiet early life was shattered however when his grandparents were killed in the Breen attack on Earth in 2375, which combined with the increased need for his parent’s services in the Fleet meant that Russell found himself being put into a boarding school outside of Seattle at the age of 9, where he would spend the bulk of his teenage years. Never the less, Russell excelled at the Paul Allen Institute, both academically and athletically, playing Gridiron (American) Football from the age of fourteen. His height and stature, combined with his sharp mind, made him an excellent quarterback and, as starting QB from his junior year, Russell gained valuable leadership skills that would serve him well in future life. Despite missing his parents for much of his life, Russell was eager to follow his parents into the service and joined Starfleet Academy.

At much the same time his parents both applied for, and received, desk jobs on Earth and the family was reunited and Russell was joined a sister, Katie, in 2384 during his first year at the Academy. At the Academy Russell decided to follow his father into the Starfleet Marines, splitting his time between following this goal and indulging in his passion of playing football. The Academy’s starting quarterback from his freshman year, Russell led the team to two championships in his junior and senior years, and strongly considering exploring the options to play professionally before deciding upon the Starfleet Marines. Graduating in the upper quarter of his class academically, and with numerous sporting honours, Russell was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 2388.

Russell was assigned to the U.S.S. Ticonderoga as a platoon leader in the company-sized detachment, and quickly ingratiated himself with his Platoon Sergeant; determined to learn the ropes of commanding a platoon from his experienced senior NCO. Already possessing significant leadership skills from his football career, Russell excelled aboard the Ticonderoga receiving stellar performance reports both years of his stay aboard the ship, seeing combat against pirates and criminals on the frontier. His posting was cut short in 2390 when news of tragedy reached the ship. Both his parents had been killed, murdered, in their Seattle home by a person, or persons, unknown, leaving his six year old sister without anyone else in the world. After receiving compassionate leave and returning to Earth, Russell discovered that, instead of being the Strategic Operations Officer he had believed his mother to be that she was in fact part of Starfleet Intelligence, and he began to belief that her murder, and that of his father who had died in her defence, was part of some intelligence operation gone wrong, and developed a lasting distrust of Starfleet Intelligence and spooks in general. Resolving to care for his young sister, Russell accepted a desk job at Starfleet Headquarters, passing up promotion to First Lieutenant, in order to care for her.

After two years in his role Russell was again denied promoted to First Lieutenant, as a combat officer he could not be promoted whilst serving in a administrative role, and his superiors were able to arrange a posting to Starbase 494 where his sister would be able to attend school with children her own age, in another desk job. After two more stellar years Russell was faced with the very real reality that, unless he accepted a fleet posting in a combat unit, his career would likely never recover. It was a difficult decision, but in 2394 Russell accepted a fleet posting to the USS Endeavour, as marine detachment XO, and he and Kate set off from Starbase 494 for a new adventure together.
Medical Record Several minor sporting injuries

Several minor combat injuries
Service Record 2384-2388: Officer Candidate, Starfleet Academy (Cadet)
2388-2390: Platoon Leader, U.S.S. Ticonderoga (2nd Lieutenant)
2390-2392: Administrative Officer, Starfleet Headquarters (2nd Lt.)
2392-2394: Adjutant, Starbase 494 (Second Lieutenant)
2394-Present: Marine Executive Officer, U.S.S. Endeavour (2nd Lt)