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Silver Unit of Merit for June!

Posted on 16 Jul 2016 @ 7:16pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut

Good Afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone is adjusting to the new changes in the role play well. We will have some exciting changes coming this week with the official start of Star Trek Endeavour Season Three: Peaceful Coexistence. The season description itself will contain a primer and will be broken down into specific episodes.

Episode 1: The Signal will officially begin on Friday 22 July.

I have even better news to share. Despite all the changes and adjustments we went through in May and June, you folks did an excellent job with mission posts and character development. So well in fact the USS Endeavour received the Silver Unit of Merit award for Task Force 72. Exact statement reproduced below.

USS Endeavour, TF72
"The Endeavour had 35 posts last month, which is all the more impressive when you consider that they are undergoing a change in the command staff. The former CO has done a great job of bringing in the new CO and managing the transition, keeping the simm active while we change COs. The new CO has a lot of ideas, and I think will do very well in his new role. Best of luck to Capt. Byrne in his future endeavours, and I can’t wait to see what Lt. Cmdr. Farragut has in store!"

Again excellent work people!


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