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Obsidian Fleet Year End Awards! (Due Jan 19th)

Posted on 15 Jan 2016 @ 8:10pm by Captain Marcus Byrne

I should've announced this much sooner, but there is still time for nominations.

Hello, everyone!

A new year is approaching, and this means that it's time for Obsidian Fleet's annual End of Year awards. There are three awards: Character of the Year, William Riker XO of the Year, and James T. Kirk CO of the Year.

Character of the Year:

The rules state that only one character from each simm may be nominated, and that nominations must be approved by a sim's CO. Please let Eahar and myself know who you think deserves this!

William Riker XO of the Year

Similar to Character of the Year, if you would like to nominate Cmdr. Eahar for XO of the Year.

James T. Kirk CO of the Year

This one is a little different. The James T. Kirk CO of the Year is nominated by TGCOs and TFCOs. However, they can approve nominations made to them by individuals or crews. Hence, if you would like to nominate someone (ME!) for this award, contact your TGCO and TFCO at and

Sim of the Year

Sim of the Year is chosen from the sims that won each of the preceding 12 months' Gold Unit of Merit awards. The USS Portland, having not yet won a Gold Unit of Merit, is thus ineligible, however two of our sister ships (the USS Portland and the USS Nightingale) are eligible.

So, start thinking about nominations, and if you would like to nominate someone, please write a short statement explaining who you are nominating and why.


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