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A couple things...

Posted on 19 Nov 2015 @ 5:42pm by Commander Eahar R'Soll

Hello everyone,

I have a couple things to announce. First, grumpy cat is going to be a little busy over the next few weeks, so I may need to go on LOA from time to time. I have a big deadline on the 26th and another on the 3rd, so that will likely affect my simming activity.

Second, putting on my TGCO hat, I have some good news. I am hereby announcing the promotion of Sean, aka Cmdr. Marcus Byrne of the USS Endeavour, to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges that that entails.

Captain Byrne has been successful with his takeover of the Endeavour. He’s been a diligent CO, and has brought Endeavour back from the brink to a solid level of activity. He’s also done a great job of keeping the crew of the Endeavour busy while they sync up with the Portland for a joint mission, and in recent days he’s been gathering feedback, working hard on recruiting, and opening up a partnership with another simm, which are hallmarks of a good CO.

Since he first joined my simm about a year ago as a lowly Ensign, I saw a lot of potential in the player behind Captain Byrne. Not only am I proud that he is a successful CO, but I am also very appreciative of what he's done with the Endeavour. When Captain Banninga resigned due to personal reasons about six or seven months ago, Sean really stepped up and saved the Endeavour, and for that, I'm grateful.

Congratulations, Captain Byrne!

-Brian (Eahar)


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