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Stories and Characters

Posted on 15 Sep 2015 @ 3:51pm by Captain Marcus Byrne

Greetings all,

Given how the current mission is heading toward it's conclusion, I want to say thank you to all of you. You've really made this transition of command fun and interesting. We have had a couple of months in a row of 30+ posts and this month is on pace to keep that level of posting. That is incredible given that many sims don't achieve half of that.

I know that because of how things played out, this is a more combat oriented mission and some of the departments didn't have a real chance to shine. This will change as we end this mission and begin our next phase.

My plan is to give us a short mission when this one ends, then our next big mission (my true Mission 1) shouldn't involve very much combat unless things change in the story. After that, my plan is to do character centric stories to help develop our characters. Everyone will have a chance for their department to be the heros or to really develop backstories. I want this ship to function much like the televised Star Trek and have the same kind of feel. That's why I'm not going to apply for a ratings change, I feel that Star Trek is meant to be at our current rating.

With all of that said, this mission presents the perfect chance to change characters. If any of you wish to create a new character for yourself to replace your current character, let me know. We can plan a way for the transition to occur as smoothly as we can, and it'll give us a chance to have our own moments like DS9's Dax and TNG's Tasha Yar. I'm not asking anyone to do this, it is only available if you want a change. Also, I'm always open to ideas and will try to implement when it is possible.

- Marcus Byrne


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