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Unto the Breach, What is Next?

Posted on 24 Jul 2015 @ 4:03pm by Captain Marcus Byrne

The mission has been going great so far. Everyone has found a way to get involved in what has been a busy mission so far. I wanted part one of the mission to be a good send off for Kate and wanted the to let her go out in charge. Now that the first part of the mission is almost finished, we will begin a transition period.

What does this mean? Once the current post is completed, the ship will start back towards the Starbase. In-story, the new CO won't be determined until we get to the base, so I want to encourage everyone to either make a solo post or JP about how they are reacting to how the escape went. There will be a "main" post that will tag everyone that sets the stage for where everyone's characters will be prior to getting to the station, then I'll let everyone have time for JPs.

After a bit of time, we will arrive at the station. We will have shore leave on the station, so there is freedom to do new posts there and the ship will get it's CO and make a few changes. After that, we will be joining our TGCO along with her ship, the USS Portland, for the rest of the mission.


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