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Mission transition

Posted on 24 Nov 2014 @ 8:16am by Captain Kate Banninga

As you may have noticed is mission 2 Trouble in Paradise now open for posting. For now you are free to post on MD1 through MD6.

Mission 1 is mostly complete, but MD 3 and MD4 will stay open to the end of the month. If you have any posts you want to write, please finish them before that date. And contact me if you for some reason can't make that deadline.

Mission 2 is a short mission, a way for the ship to be repaired and the crew to take a breath. IC it will only be a little more then 3 weeks. In real time it will be 6 weeks. I'm aware that that will be a lot shorter then we are used to so far. But I think you all agree with me that 6 months for a mission is very long. Our goal is that an avarage mission will take around 3 months in real time. For reasons that are partly a secret for now, we need to start mission 3 in the second half of January. That's why this mission will contain stricter deadlines than before.

The second part of mission 2 will start on December 7. More information on that will follow before that.

I really encourage you to start JPs with each other. Get to know the other writers and characters. We have a bunch of new characters. JP with them. There are also a lot of NPCs availible. Most of them are linked to a PC, so you can still JP. If you want to add a NPC, please do so, and PM me so I can link him/her. In the next weeks I will finish a guideline about NPC, that will contain more information about the NPC policy on the Endeavour.

If you have any questions, or there is something you want to talk about. Feel free to PM or mail me.


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